Gastrointestinal Cleanse: A Complete Guide To Flush Out Pounds Of Old Fecal Encrustrations

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A gastrointestinal cleanse is beneficial for anybody. After doing this program, you can expect speedier healing, reverse chronic diseases, inflammation and feel your energy soar!

gastrointestinal cleanse

Signs That You Need A Gastrointestinal Cleanse

Human nature is such that we love to eat. Many of us eat without thinking about the consequences. And even when a disease has developed, most people cannot associate their health problems with what they have been eating or the way they have been eating.

One of the first signs that there are intestinal issues is when bowel movements become irregular and difficult. There are many other symptoms and conditions when the gastrointestines are intoxicated.

If you have any symptoms and conditions as listed on this page, a gastrointestinal cleanse will be beneficial for you.

The gastrointestinal, or digestive system cleanse that I’m going to show you on this page below, when done diligently, will yield fantastic results, giving your body a new lease of vitality.

How Does Poor Intestinal Health Affect Your Overall Being?

To understand how poor intestinal health can affect your overall being, it is important to understand the functions of the intestines:

  • As first line of defence against disease-causing organisms that enter the body through your food and water
  • Absorption of water, nutrients and minerals
  • Synthesize vitamins to be distributed throughout the body
  • Breakdown of food eaten via the beneficial bacteria
  • Formation of feces for elimination of toxins and waste products

The health of the entire body depends on how efficiently the intestinal tract is able to carry out all the above functions. Poor eating habits through the years, slowly but surely contribute to the sluggishness of the intestinal functions, thus causing poor bowel movements.

When bowel movements are irregular and compacted, toxins and wastes in the tract are constantly in contact with the intestinal walls, exposing them to higher risks of colon diseases and leaky gut.

Not to mention also that harmful bacteria are on a feeding frenzy and multiplying by the millions, soon overtaking the number of beneficial bacteria, causing many other diseases while at the same time, weakening the immune system.

colon cleanse

Bacterial, Yeast And Parasite Overgrowth

The above condition is more recently known as SIBO (small intestines bacterial overgrowth). It’s a condition resulting from the imbalance of the microbes in our gut, referred to as dysbiosis.

When you include foods that are rich in fiber, nutrients and enzymes, your bowel movements will be regular and complete. In which case, bacteria, yeast and parasites will not cause any issues in your system. But, when your intestines are clogged up, the harmful microbes love that kind of environment. They stay and cause havoc to your health.

Important read: Enzymes are the basic foundation of our lives.

Full Digestive System Cleanse

Many people want to know how to clean out intestines fast but there is no fast way of doing it. Your intestines is about 23 feet long and it will take time to do a proper and thorough job.

There are two recommended ways of doing an effective digestive system cleanse. You can go on an extended juice fast, or perform the psyllium husk and apple cider vinegar colon cleanse fiber drink that I will discuss below, or a combination of both methods will work excellently.

Option 1: Extended Juice Fasting

In earlier days when I started this juicing site, juice fasting was commonly used to have a total clean-up of the gastrointestines. Don’t get me wrong, it still works very well, except one has to be diligent in drinking many glasses of juices every day and not eat any solid food.

A 21 to 28-day juice fast is very good for this purpose. Juice fasting allows all the detox organs in the body to rest and detoxify. This ensures that no more artificial food additives and the wrong types of food are allowed to intoxicate the body. At the same time, juices can reach the cells almost immediately to repair damage, heal and nourish them back to health.

During an extended fast, old fecal matters are softened and broken up, ready to be swept out at the time of breaking fast when solid foods are gradually reintroduced.

Extended juice fasting is a very safe and effective method for gastrointestinal cleanse, and you will really see old wastes and encrustrations being eliminated. Many have reported healing, diseases reversed and boosted energy after an extended juice fast.

gastrointestinal cleansing

Option 2: With Fiber Drink

There are many “colon cleanse formula” out there claiming to flush out pounds of waste matter. Some may work, some not. Some even claim to be able to clean out bowels in a day, please don’t fall for it. Below, I share my favorite formula that works very well to set the foundation for further full body detox, effectively and efficiently.

Please read all the instructions before you start the program. It is not difficult to do. You can use only 3 items, or you can use all of the recommended items. It all depends on the state of your health and how much you want to clean up. The more diligent you are, the better result you will see.

I have had very successful results using this program for all my clients, and it is the first thing I do with them before we can talk about more healing. Some amazing results were with my clients who have eczema, acid reflux, diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight. But, I believe anybody will benefit from it as our health begins in the gut.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below, and I will try to respond the best I can.

There is more information that you can read here, about complete detoxification.

Gastrointestinal Cleanse Fiber Drink

When And How Long To Take

I recommend taking this drink for at least 28 days to see real results. For more serious health issues, you can safely take it for up to 3 months. For some of my clients, I even recommend to continue having the drink at least 1x a day beyond the three months for maintenance of healthy fiber. There is no harm to it.

Drink it at least 10-15 minutes before meal.

  • Day 1: Drink 1x a day
  • Day 2: Drink 2x a day
  • Day 3 onwards: Drink 3x a day
  • If you are having good bowel movements as a result from taking this drink (at least 2-3 times every day), you may increase to take the drink up to 4x a day. This is especially beneficial if you’re big in body size, otherwise stay at 3x a day.

When doing any detox program, it is very IMPORTANT to drink plenty of water. Please go to this page and understand how much water you need to drink daily according to your body weight. During your gastrointestinal cleanse days, drink at least 1½ times of your basic daily water requirement.

Fiber Drink Formula

  • In a glass of 250 ml (about 8 oz) room temperature water, add: 1 teaspoon of raw honey + 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar + 1 teaspoon of good quality psyllium husk powder. Stir well till all ingredients dissolve. The drink would have thickened, as psyllium husk powder expands. Drink immediately but making sure not to choke yourself.
  • Immediately follow by another glass of 250 ml (about 8 oz) room temperature water, add: 1 teaspoon of raw honey + 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • I can’t emphasize enough, it is very important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you cannot drink plenty of water, it is better not to do this program.

The Ingredients

  • Psyllium husk powder: Buy only high quality organic psyllium husk. You can find it at your local health foodstore. If not, you could also buy it from—I have a link below where you can buy it. Psyllium husk will expand up to 20x its weight when you take it in a drink. It moves like a broom to sweep your intestines as it goes down.

If you have a Candida infection, please also read the Candida protocol.

Related reading: Why you must never buy your supplements from Walmart or Walgreens.

Supplements To Take During The Cleanse

These supplements are optional but if you chose to take them, they will give you far more excellent results in a shorter time. Take your supplements 15 minutes after the fiber drink.

1. Oregano oil

To have a complete cleanse, I suggest that you add 2 or 3 drops of oregano oil (not more!) in your second drink (honey and apple cider vinegar water) after the fiber. You can take this as many times as the number of your fiber drinks, starting from the day you start this cleanse.

When taking this fiber drink, there will be a lot of microbial activities going on in your intestines. While stirring up old fecal matters to be eliminated, it will also stir up the habitats of the harmful microbes.

Taking a few drops of oregano oil is helpful for killing yeast, parasites and other harmful micro-organisms. Oregano oil may sting your mouth a little but it is not harmful. You may also opt for oregano in capsule form. See my recommendations below.

2. Vitamin C complex

Drink at least one glass of freshly-extracted juice every day that is high in antioxidants. There are many suggestions of juices on this page. Antioxidants help to neutralize the effects of toxins that are being eliminated during the cleanse, and prevent any damages done to your cells.

An easier alternative is to take a 1000mg vitamin C complex, the same number of times that you’re taking the drink. If you have acid reflux or stomach ulcer, drink this juice twice a day. It is very soothing while healing the ulcers.

3. High quality probiotics

Probiotics is one of the most important supplements when doing any kind of detox, and even when not doing a detox. Here’s a guide on how to pick a probiotic supplement for your specific needs, or eat any kind of fermented foods.

4. Food-grade diatomaceous earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is very helpful for killing parasites and yeast. Add 1 teaspoon to your fiber drink, especially if you want to eliminate yeast infection (Candida). Go to this page to learn how to use diatomaceous earth. DE is very safe to be taken for long term.

Bacterial And Parasitical Cleanse

Some of the common, stubborn parasites that affect human are helicobactor pylori (h.pylori), blastocystis hominis and dientamoeba fragilis (d.fragilis). These parasites cling on to the wall lining of your gastrointestinal tract and lay eggs and multiply.

Once you get your bowel movements regulated (at least once or twice daily), and have your gastrointestinal wall cleansed, you can introduce a parasite cleanse on the second week. The herbs used in parasite cleanse can now be in contact with the parasites to strip them off the wall lining and gradually kill them.

Prescription antibiotics can only kill the parasites generally but not get all of them. There are some recommended herbs here that will get at the parasites at every stage—eggs, larvae and adults. This is important to prevent the parasites to continue multiplying.

What To Expect When Taking The Gastrointestinal Cleanse Fiber Drink

  • Some people may encounter bloating and a little discomfort during the first week of taking this drink. This is because your diet has been very low in fiber. This drink does a good gentle scrub in your intestines and while doing this, it is also releasing little air-pockets in the very long intestinal tract, accumulating the gas and causing bloating. There will be bloating, belching and passing out gas in the rear end—all good signs that the drink is working for you.  By the second week, these symptoms should be gone.
  • If you develop a low-grade or mild fever, it is a healing reaction. Nothing to worry about. Reduce the number of times that you drink the psyllium husk drink and drink more water instead. As soon as the fever subsides, you can gradually increase the drink again. Remember to drink more water! If you develop a high fever though, it is not because of the fiber drink—it is something else. Seek help.
  • On the second or third day, you will feel that bowel movement comes easily. You should be able to feel that your stool comes out in a “long form” (see image above). The more days into the cleanse, you will find that the stools may be black and very smelly—that is your old fecal encrustation from deeper in your intestines that are being eliminated. They have been in your gut for many years!! You don’t want them. These are all good signs. BUT, if you still don’t have a bowel movement by the third day, something is very wrong in your system, stop the drink immediately and drink only juices with no solid food until you have relief. Try this one.

Related reading: Doing a colonics prior to a digestive system cleanse can be extremely helpful if you suffer from chronic constipation.

Here’s another colon-cleansing mixture that works too. You may choose to use either mixture to achieve excellent result.

Buying The Ingredients

I can’t stress enough, that when doing a cleanse, it is always advisable to invest in high quality products. You may be able to buy these from your local health foodstore. I have some recommendations here, for your convenience to buy them online. They are also somewhat cheaper if you can get them with free delivery.

These are what you may need (click on the links to buy):

A proper and complete gastrointestinal cleanse (GI cleanse) program will help to clean out not only the colon, but the entire digestive tract that is about 21 feet long.  Once your digestive tract is cleansed out, absorption of nutrients is optimized. With a clean digestive tract, healing takes place more rapidly as you continue to drink healthy fresh juices. You will soon see your energy soar! Really, it’s that effective and efficient!

If you want an easy way out, you can also get easy colon cleansing packs. I find Dr Natura’s colonix range to be very gentle, safe and effective to do. For best results, you may want to get the entire range, although a bit pricey and the result may be a little slower than the formula above. These work if you follow through.



Some of the links I post on this site are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you). However, note that I’m recommending these products because of their quality and that I have good experience using them, not because of the commission to be made.

About Sara Ding

Sara Ding is the founder of She is a certified Wellness Health Coach, Nutritional Consultant and a Detox Specialist. She helps busy men and women identify their health issues at the root cause, in order to eliminate the problems for optimum physical/mental health and wellbeing.

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  1. Can you please tell me what I can eat on this cleanse fibre drink diet? I’m not sure whether to eat my normal diet during the cleanse or just stick to Veges and juices? Or doesn’t it matter?

    1. Hi Maria, while it doesn’t really matter what you eat, you would certainly see a much better result if you ate mostly plant-based foods during the cleanse and reduce on animal meat products and processed foods. All the best!

  2. Hi do you just juice during these days or should you eat along with the psyllium drink? I really am interested in this.. the key to the cleanse is the fiber drink??!

    1. Sara Ding

      You can eat, light and healthy. Add more plant-based foods during your cleanse to lessen the burden on your digestive system and liver. Yes, the fiber drink is really beneficial for cleaning out old stubborn fecal matters from your gastrointestines.

  3. Do you have to use the honey in the fiber drink?? I’m a diabetic was wondering if the honey is necessary ???

    1. Sara Ding

      Raw honey is what we use in this recipe and they are beneficial as a natural antibiotic that will kill the harmful bacteria. During this cleanse, there are high bacterial activities going on. 1-2 teaspoons of raw honey is totally safe for diabetics. If you want to omit honey, add 1 teaspoon of ACV in every glass of water you drink throughout the day, as a natural antibacterial aid.

  4. Hello Sara,
    I love browsing your website and started a Gastro cleanse about 10 days ago. Can I also do a 3 to 4 days juice cleanse on top of the drink?

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Peisia, yes, a juice cleanse is always beneficial especially after a good gastrointestinal cleanse!

  5. Hi Sara,
    It’s my 4th day today, but since yesterday I feel really bloated, how long should that last. It’s really uncomfortable! I have never experienced anything like that, shouldn’t fibre drink help me to go to the toilet? Should I go back to using spirulina ? Which is working wonders for me , but I didn’t wanted to mix both. Also first couple of days I had a pink/ reddish colour urine, is that normal?
    Many thanks xx

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Ania, per the instructions on the article, you will feel bloated during the first week as the cleansing is releasing air pockets in your gastrointestinal tract, and this is necessary for long-term healing. Should it become uncomfortable, cut back on the fiber drink and drink plenty of water to help move the bowels. Taking a probiotics supplement at this time will also help tremendously.

  6. Is it safe to do these detoxes if you are Mercury toxic ? I am in the process of having my amalgams removed and I would like to do this but not sure if it is a good idea.

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Barb, this colon cleanse is actually good to do when you’re having your amalgams removed. Take this fiber drink for two full days after having your amalgams removed, and drink plenty of water in between.

    1. Sara Ding

      When doing the cleanse, it will always be in between meals. I recommend taking the fiber drink 30 minutes before a meal or at least two hours after a meal, never on a full stomach.

  7. Hi Sara,
    On my first day I experienced some symptoms as expected – fever/bloating/ gas release. Is it okay to take medication for the fever which is quite high ? How long should the fever last ? I did not take any probiotics yet because I thought of making fresh juice. Thanks x

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Ipo, if there was fever, it should be a low-grade fever, not a high fever. A high fever may signify something else. In any case, stop the fiber drink and drink PLENTY of water. Do take a probiotics supplement even if you’re drinking fresh juices. The probiotics will help tremendously, with the entire detox process.

  8. Is it ok to just take fiber drink two times a day? I work during the day.

    1. Sara Ding

      Yes, it’s fine to take the fiber drink twice a day instead of three. You just won’t get the same result and may have to take the drink for a little longer than the recommended number of days.

  9. Hi. Would I get the same. results taking the capsules as apposed to the powder. Thanks.

    1. Hi Pat, the short answer is NO, you will not get the same results with taking the capsules as opposed to doing the full cleanse as discussed in this article. The capsules may be helpful, though, to add bulk and is useful for maintenance AFTER doing this full cleanse.

      1. When do you know your colon is clean? I have been my cleanse for almost two weeks -mostly just juices- and I still have some small size, black fecal matter. I have never had any long strands. At what point should I quit cleansing? I want to move I. To the liver cleanse. And What should I look for as good signs my colon was cleansed? Thanks for your website! I love it!

  10. Hi Sara,
    Very happy to read this and I really want to try it out. I have colitis. Can I use this detox plan? I lose lots of blood from my colon, the doctor gave me medicine. I often bloating and still lose some blood, what do you think? Is it safe for me to try it out?

    1. Hi Saida, you can try the colon cleanse, starting with drinking the fiber drink once a day and see if you have any reactions. Do this for a few days and if there is no severe reaction, then increase the drink to two times and so forth. Please also check out this page for complete detox:

  11. Alvie Bautista

    Hi! Can I go on this cleansing even if I’m taking meds for BP, Diabetes and Cholesterol. Thanks..

    1. Yes, the ingredients for the fiber drink are as safe as any food you eat. Just be sure to take your medications 2 hours apart from the fiber drinks.

  12. Gonna try this…I suffer from stomach issues due to a past case of H. Pylori and have small ulcer and acid reflux. So I will start this tomorrow. Will be in touch soon to let you know how it works for me. Thank you

  13. Hi Sara,
    I would like to know if juicing will help heal a long standing issue of low stomach acid which has culminated in some autoimmune disease due to h pylori infection and also starvation, nervous system problems, hormonal imbalances etc.
    I cant get to consult with a functional medical practitioner cause there is none in my country
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Taiba, there are a number of things you can do to reverse acid reflux and the other issues you mentioned. Doing a gastrointestinal cleanse as discussed on this page is the first step towards healing. You can read more about what you can do to stop heartburn here: You may also like to check out my health coaching one-on-one service. I have had good success with clients who have similar issues such as yours:

  14. I have lupus and take some medication, can I still take my meds and do this cleanse?

    1. Hi Tesha, yes you can do this cleanse, but be sure to take the medication 2 hours apart from the fiber drink.

  15. Hi Sara,
    I am going to start the detox, since I live out of the country I need to order the good quality ingredients, do you think it is a good idea to do colonics while my supplies arrive ???

  16. Hi Sara,
    I have severe case of psoriasis and have had this condition for 10 years approx of and on without fully getting rid of it.
    I have been having the detox drink (pure le’ natural psyllium husks powder 100% pure, raw organic honey & Bragg’s ACV with mother ) for now close to 20 days approx and since the past 3 days now I have stopped solids foods and just consuming juices. I am thinking of continuing the husk drink until my husk bag is finished in about another 15 days or so , is that ok ?
    Because I do not have a juicer I am using V8 low sodium vegetable cocktail 3 times a day. I am also using my blender to mix 1 green apple, 100ml of 100% pure Just juice not from concentrate organic beet root juice, 8 drops of lemon juice, 1 green/orange capsicum. I drink this drink from my blender twice a day
    Could you please comment on the above if I am on the right track so far or if I need to revise anything in my diet plan so far. Also while I am continuing on consuming juices could you let me know approx. how long do I need to continue on consuming juices until I see some small results on my skin ?

      1. Hi Sara
        Thank you very much for your help and your informative website. I am seeing amazingly significant improvement and skin has cleared up greatly since I began this diet beginning with the psyllium husk drink about 2 months ago.
        Quite frankly its almost unbelievable when I was fed nonsense by dermatologists and doctors with high levels of education telling me I will always have these spots on my body forever unless I either buy their prescribed steroid ointments or start invasive treatments such as Cyclosporen, Methotrexate etc to name a few. I have begun eating solid foods but I will probably never touch meat again. I do sometimes consume dairy but very very rarely and that too only really plain yogurt.
        I am wondering though about differences between almond milk and soy milk ? in your opinion which one is better and does soy milk truly have oestrogen damaging effects for males as people say ?
        Once again thank you for your informative website , it was truly spot on accurate.

        1. Hi Malcolm, thank you for sharing how the gastrointestinal cleanse has worked so well for you! Yes, I’m amazed myself, with the many positive feedback I received from those who took time to do the cleanse. Regarding your question about almond and soy milk. Almond milk is a better choice, provided that it is homemade. Store-bought almond milk contains very little real almond but with plenty artificial food additives. Please avoid store-bought almond and soy milk!

  17. Gary Keller

    Hi Sara,
    Thank you for your website. It is very helpful. My psoriasis has been diagnosed for five years and I may have had it much longer. Therefore my stomach may have had these issues for a long time due to my ignorance of the subject. Now I intend to work diligently to correct it. I will use your 28-day juice fast with no solid food. I will use the supplements you suggested. Currently I am doing Crossfit three to four times a week. May I use a protein such as bone broth with the vegetable smoothie? Should I plan for reducing my work load as my diet changes? Also after I come off the only vegetable fast, what should I eat and when? I would assume I will have created cravings when on the diet. Can I have any food right away or is it a slow readjustment process?
    Thanks again for this. Psoriasis is terrible and can cause bad diseases. Thanks for offering a proactive approach to help people avoid other issues!
    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Gary, thank you! I’m glad you’ve found the information helpful. You’re on the right track by starting with a gastrointestinal cleanse, go on a juice fast, and take targeted supplements! Yes, bone broth is a great option to support your healing. Most of what you juice already have some protein in it that would be sufficient to sustain you. Kale, spinach, carrots, etc have small amounts of protein during this time when you’re detoxifying. Here are more information that may answer your questions:
      There is also a whole section on juice fasting that explains everything:
      And as for working out, light stretches are more beneficial as they help to release toxins and reduce stress to the body when your body is conserving energy during this healing time.
      I hope these answered your questions. Feel free to ask if you have any more!

  18. Hi Sara,
    This is Gary. Thank you for the reply. It was very helpful. I am about to begin my juice cleanse this week. If I am about to make big changes in my diet for 28 days, I would like to make sure to get it right. In your article you mention there are two options and that is the juice diet or the fiber drink. Again forgive me for a simple question but it sound like there is a choice to do one or the other. Am I reading that correctly or are you suggesting to do both over the 28 days? I purchased the items you suggested so I am prepared for the fiber mix that you recommended. Should I use the juice fasting at the same time? If so what vegetables should I use? I read through many articles and you will have to forgive me but I did not see the vegetable list. I am sure I overlooked it. Thanks again for your help. Best Regards, Gary

    1. Hi Gary, sorry if I wasn’t clear in the article. I mentioned there are two options. It means you either do a full juice fast, OR take the fiber drink and eat light healthy meals. However, you can also take the fiber drink and do a juice feast, meaning drinking more juices. You can get some green juice recipes here: Any juice works. This is my favorite one: Also incorporate broths in your diet. You may try bone broth: Hope this helps!

  19. Hello Sara first off thank you for sharing all these awesome healthy recipes and stories. So FINALLY I began day 1 today of this detox drinks but had a question. I also bought the probiotics to use a long with this but I am not sure what time during the day should I take them? And do I take the probiotics daily and how many time’s a day?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Ana, thank you for asking. You may take the probiotics and vitamin C and any other supplements at least 15 minutes after the fiber drink. Take them as many times as your fiber drink.

  20. Sara, thank you for writing this article! It is most helpful and informative to those of us who’re looking to detox and cleanse. I’m wondering what the average weight loss is for anyone completing this cleanse, and also if it will help balance hormones and improve the thyroid…I’m assuming it will with all of the benefits you’ve written about in this piece. Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to respond to everyone – you’re amazing!!!

    1. Hi Zsa Zsa, weight loss is different for everyone who does this cleanse. Some lose more, some lose less. But, the goal of the cleanse is to clean out the gastrointestinal tract for heightened immunity. After doing this cleanse, your body will be more able to absorb nutrients that you ingest for your targeted conditions. For balancing thyroid hormones, you may like to include any of these herbs in your routine after you do a gastrointestinal cleanse:

  21. Hi Sara! Great information! I wanted to do a juice fast but was wondering if you have parasites and Candida if you can do the protocol for the parasite and Candida cleanse during the juice fast? Not sure if the fruits would affect the Candida cleanse. Thank you!

    1. Hi Katrina, yes, definitely include the gastrointestinal and parasite cleanse along with your juice fast for excellent results!

  22. Hi Sara, thank you so much for making this all so much easier to understand and follow! I am doing a Candida cleanse and am not having any sugar currently. Do you suggest doing the fiber drink cleanse with the honey or is there a better alternative for someone like me? Thanks!

    1. Hi Natasha, you can use manuka honey and it is completely safe as a natural antibiotic that kills yeasts, parasites, bacterial and fungal infections.

  23. I’m an active boxer and quite worried that this cleanse will cause for me to be weak in the gym (lightheaded, etc.) as well as losing too much weight … is this ok for Athletes? Also, do I HAVE to do a gastro-intestinal cleanse BEFORE the parasite cleanse, or can I just start using the parasite herbs right from the start?

    1. Hi Jeff, as specified in the article, you may experience certain reactions during the first week of the gastrointestinal cleanse (fiber drink). These are good signs that the drink is working for you. Drinking plenty of water is crucial when you do any cleanse. Dehydration during the cleanse may cause you to be lightheaded. The weight that you do lose from doing this cleanse are “unwanted waste” (old fecal matters) from your gastrointestines that you don’t want. If you are doing a parasite cleanse, a prior gastrointestinal cleanse is important.

      1. Understood. Thanks for responding. I’ve started the gastrointestinal cleanse on Sunday. So far i’ve been going to the bathroom same time every morning when i wake up (about one bowel movement a day). Not many ‘negative’ symptoms. However I wouldn’t necessarily expect for the ‘die-off-symptoms’ to happen until i start the para-cleanse. Thanks again!

  24. Myunghee Hayes

    Hi Sara, thanks for your information. My husband and I have started the husk drink, but we both haven’t had that black stool yet. This Saturday will be 2 weeks since we started it. I wonder if we have to do until we get that black stool or just stop it. We might not have that. We usually eat healthy food, which basically are homecooked and no sugar added. Could you give me an idea please? Thanks again.

    1. Hi Myunghee, no worries, if you don’t have black stools. Not everybody will purge black stools. As long as you have regular bowel movements that are complete and satisfying, then you know you’re on the right track!

  25. Hi Sara, Thank you for your information! I am afraid that I have parasites in my system and am going to use your detox to clear them out. I am on day 10 of my gastrointestinal cleanse using the psyllium husk recipe. My main question is, I have extreme bloating and constipation. Is this normal? I worry that the fecal is trapped in my system. I have been eating very clean, all whole foods and no wheat or sugar (in order to get rid of the parasites). Do you have any advice or reasoning as to why I’m not passing many bowel movements? I appreciate the help!!

    1. Hi Kayla, if you’re on day 10 of the gastrointestinal cleanse and still not having many bowel movements, then you need to STOP taking the fiber drinks right away and drink PLENTY of water. Not drinking enough water during this cleanse will cause you extreme bloating and constipation. No, this is not normal. Start now to drink 500ml (half quart) of water every hour until you have a good bowel movement (no fiber drink at this time) for at least a couple of days before you start the cleanse again.

  26. Hi Sara,
    I am on day 5 of this cleanse. I have been having a smoothie for breakfast and two regular meals in the evening of natural and whole grain foods. I have been having regular bowel movements but I am finding as if my food is coming out only partially digested…. and not seeing the dark black contents as mentioned. Do you suggest that I reduce my food intake or is this normal? Thank you

    1. Hi Lia, if your food is coming out as only partially digested, you may also be having digestion issues. Take some digestive enzymes to help improve your digestion. This one comes highly recommended: On the issue of no black stools, it may come later, or not at all. That is completely normal. Keep us posted on how you’re doing!

  27. Hi Sara, thank you for all the information. I’ve been reading it over so I can get it right when I start. My biggest concern is the honey. I believe I have Candida and have had it for a while. So shouldn’t I eliminate all sugars even fruit sugars for some time? I feel like honey would feed the Candida.

  28. I am doing the fibre drink cleanse. I am on day two and so far so good. I was wondering though, can I pre mix the drink, add the honey, diatomaceous earth and vinegar to the water in the morning? but add the fibre right before I drink it at lunch? I was hoping that would be easier than hauling all the ingredients to work.

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Taryn, how’s it going for you so far? Yes, you can premix honey and apple cider vinegar to the water. And add the diatomaceous earth and psyllium husk when you’re ready to drink. All the best!

  29. Hi Sara,
    Really enjoying your articles. So thankful I stumbled across your site in my endless search for why everyday I wake up with a flat happy tummy, normal BM. By 4-6pm every evening I bloat so bad I move pregnant full of gas and terrible pain bc I have no room for all the gas. And starts all over next morning. I work with gastroenterologists in my line of work and they have no helpful solutions, just expensive tests I know will not help, or more supplements. I want to know and treat root cause for true healing. Your site is so informative. I think your detox programs starting with gastro cleanse is right for me. Do you have any other suggestions or add other detoxes after for full recovery, and juicing cleanse after? I purchased the honey, have the vinegar, found certified organic husk at my local store, it’s whole, can I just blend it in my nutribullet to make it a powder or should I buy powder online. Buying the rest of the list this week after hearing your feedback thanks!

    1. Sara Ding

      Dear Amber, bloating and gas are very common for many people, and there could be any number of factors. Most people I know are able to stop bloating and gas after doing this gastrointestinal cleanse so it’s definitely worth trying this out. You may initially feel more bloating during the first week of taking this fiber drink, but please follow the instructions closely for a successful cleanse. I also suggest that you follow with a parasite cleanse. You can find more information here: As for the psyllium husk, please get the one that I suggest for best result. All the best!

  30. Hi Sara, would you be able to tell be a brand of Whole Psyllium Husk that I could purchase in Canada? The one that you suggested they will not ship to Canada, I did find one made by Now products. I have been juicing for the past 5 months and I feel good, but I am still having some indigestion problems and want to try Gastrointestinal Cleanse. Also I have been taking Natural Calm Magnesium Powder to help with menopausal symptoms. Should I stop taking this while I am doing the cleanse? I Love your site, so much information. Thank you!

        1. Hi Susan, different magnesium requires different dosage. Please refer to the bottle for instruction on what is appropriate.

  31. Hi, how long into this cleanse should I see results?? I have been doing for two weeks now- 3 drinks a day, with oregano, the supplements and I haven’t seen any change in what is coming out of me – no old fecal matter .. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jenny, most people have better bowel movements from the second or third day onwards. Your stools will be firm and in long form. That’s the old fecal matter (you won’t know the difference unless you hook it out with an old wire hanger and the stools don’t break!). Some people may experience healing reactions, some don’t. Any which way, your intestines is getting a good scrub that you may not immediately feel the benefits, but it’s working.

  32. Hello Sara, I’m so glad I found your site. I’ve done many liquid diets (Master Cleanse, juice cleanses) and now I’m on the 12 or 13th day of another. I’m planning on going 1-2 months with just juicing. I wish I had found your site beforehand! I have many questions, but the main one is this: is there any way to promote gastrointestinal cleansing while juicing? Because now it’s too late to take the fiber drink, isn’t it?

  33. Thanks for your help Sara. I’ve been working with your cleanse now for 6 days. I have used psyllium powder for many years and also DE for the past 3 or so. I’ve always had good, regular elimination. About a month prior to starting your cleanse I got a bug that was going around. Stomach upset, urge to go with soft stools and semi diarrhea in the morning. I reached for the psyllium and DE and although the stomach issues went away, my elimination still was off. Even though I was moving waste it never seemed complete with small stools, but not constipation. On the cleanse, nothing really changed much until day 5 I finally had a very large elimination, today, day 6 it’s back to the urge to go with small stools in small amounts. I am wondering parasites or if the stomach bug triggered IBS. I have been cleansing with all ingredients. Today I added the probiotics. Any thoughts? Once again, many thanks!

  34. Hi if I’m taking the Canxida remove supplement, should I still use the oregano oil and diatomaceous earth in the fiber drink(s)?

  35. I am wondering…can I do an oxy-magnesium supplement (that will flush me out basically) while doing the pumpkin seed mixture instead of using diatomaceous earth or bentonite sort of flush them out while they are paralyzed??

  36. Hi, thanks for this guide. I am wondering if I can substitute the psyllium husk for flax seed powder instead? Thank you for your advice

  37. I just tried this today. I did everything you said in the article I also used some oil of oregano. 30 mins later I started feeling really nauseous and ended up throwing it all up. Sorry I know its gross lol I’m just wondering why did I get sick and is it normal. Should I try it again tomorrow? I haven’t been able to go to the bathroom for days now maybe that has something to do with me getting sick?

  38. I’m going to be starting the detox drink of manukahoney, ACV, and the psyllium husk, but will also be taking the Canxida Remove and a probiotic, maybe Align. Do you recommend taking the probiotics at the same time as the Canxida Remove? Is Align a good probiotic or should I try and find something different at Vitamin Shoppe? Thanks!

  39. Hi Sara, I am currently in week 2 of juicing celery 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I really want to do the cleanse. Should I stop the juicing while I do the cleanse or just do the cleanse before? According to Medical Medium, celery juice is most beneficial on an empty stomach.

    1. Hi Cristina, you can do the gastrointestinal cleanse and still drink your daily celery juice. It will complement the cleanse nicely.

  40. I’m on my 3rd day of the fiber drink. I’m going to be taking the Canxida in a few days. Do you recommend taking a probiotic at the same times as the Canxida?

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for asking. Yes, it would be helpful to take probiotics around the time you take Canxida. So, 15 minutes after the fiber drink, you may take the probiotics, vitamin C and Canxida. It will help reduce the “die-off” reaction that some people may experience when taking a parasiticide.

  41. Susan Crews

    Hi Sara,
    I bought some psyllium husks from the health food store. The dosage recommendations say you can take up to 3 tablespoons per day. Is there a benefit to taking that much during the cleanse or is your formula the perfect dosage for what we want to accomplish? Thank you for all of the excellent health information and advice.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for asking. I believe I said 3 teaspoons (not tablespoons). Yes, 3 teaspoons is the perfect dosage for most people to achieve the best result, provided you drink plenty of water during the entire time that you’re doing this cleanse. All the best!

  42. What exactly does the honey do? It’s in solid form and doesn’t dissolve easily. Tastes yummy as a chaser.

  43. Hi Sara,
    I have been following this detox (I got intestinepro) and I must say It has helped me. However, I have high and low levels of energy, and experience fatigue & brain fog. My breath smells like nitrogen or ammonia all the time. What do you recommend me to do? (The only thing I didn’t do is have honey and vitamin C capsules during the cleanse because of the cramps that I got when I tried them).

  44. Is there a suitable replacement for psyllium husks. They are problematic and I have never been able to take them without severe cramping. I know others, especially women with blood type O+, have difficulty ingesting them.

  45. Thanks for this Sara.
    I am a missionary in Kenya and was diagnosed with a large quantity of Blastocystis hominis. They think I’ve had it for years. A naturopath was the one who finally diagnosed me after 7 years of being sick and seeing doctor after doctor. The problem is I have a yeast overgrowth and very low white cell count so her meds alone aren’t getting rid of them.
    I started your detox juice feasting plan a week ago.
    I do not have access to the type of juicer you recommend but I do have a centrifuge one. I have juiced the veggies and then put spinach in a blender and sometimes avocado and added the juice.
    I’ve been off of sugar and dairy for years and grains for quite a while as well as nothing with yeast in it and minimal fruit and no processed foods. Probably the newest thing is no animal proteins.
    I’m 5’9 and weigh 131 so can’t afford to lose too much weight. At my worst I was down to 115.
    A couple of questions.
    1. Can I do a total juice fast with that my centrifuge juicer or should I keep doing what I’m doing?
    2. Is it okay to eat nuts and homemade hummus for my proteins? Is there a better way to get my protein?
    3. In the water count, does that include the detox mixtures or is it on top of those glasses?
    Thank you for taking time to answer our questions.

  46. Hi,
    While doing gastrointestinal cleanse do you still eat regular meals?

  47. Hi, I am a Psoriasis sufferer since last 15 yrs. I have been trying all the pathies but not much luck really. My diet has been generally OK since birth. I don’t eat fast, processed food. Drink alcohol socially only.

    I followed your blog and did a complete gastrointestinal cleans for 28 days with vegetable juice. Followed for slowing introduced solids over next 4-6 weeks and continued the same. I saw very good response starting April. By mid April it was a rapid clearance of patches by April – mid May I was 90% clear.
    However Mid may onwards, I have started sudden hair fall, joint pain, nail discolouring and Psoriasis patches started to come really badly. Now in 3 weeks time skin has become very itcy and covered with patches again say about 40%. Although I am continue with the diet which is off dairy, glutan and more vegetable etc but I am getting very worried due to this sudden changes. I got my blood test done an all key factors (V12, VitD, Hb, Iron, Glucose, HB1AC etc came normal). Got in touch with few natutopath and they said I should not done this long extended juice fasting, I most likely have developed some nutritional deficiency. I am quite worried now. Could you help/Suggest?

  48. Can you please expound on why honey is required? (Or if it’s just “taste” related)

  49. Hello!
    I am in desperate need of doing this cleanse and the gallbladder cleanse also.
    For this one, what should you eat? Is coffee ok to drink in the morning? What should be avoided.
    I don’t really eat much untill dinner time. I normally have nothing but coffee in the morning, a meal replacement shake in the early afternoon and a good dinner. Will this be ok to continue or add juicing to it?

  50. Felix Pereira

    Hello thank you for this information on cleansing, I’m suffering from psoriasis and I want to cleanse my body, but I’m thinking of the easy way out because I’m a stay at home dad with kids and I don’t have the time to prepare everything but I’m gonna get Dr Natura’s colonix range That you suggested, what did you mean to get the entire range? I clicked on the link and it’s a 30 day supply from amazon, is there something else I need to get? Thank you again and I’ll await your response.

  51. Your instructions say to take the supplements 15 minutes after the fiber drink. Does this include the probiotic? Do I take the probiotic 3 times a day?

  52. hello! I am a week into the cleanse, thank you for this information. I’m looking to add the diatomaceous earth step to the psyllium husk drink but is it alright to use bentonite clay instead?

  53. Danielle Pitzl

    Do you include the oz. of water you are drinking in the cleanse formula/followed by the 8oz of water in the cleanse or do you drink your daily amount x 20-25% above and beyond the fiber drink? Example. If I am drinking the fiber drink in 8 oz followed by another 8 oz that is 48 oz. if I calculated 100 oz do I drink that above and beyond the 48 oz or include the 48oz in the total ?

  54. Can we do the Manuka honey while dealing with Candida and parasites. I have always been told no sugar Thanks

  55. I am only on day two and already, I am experiencing a lessening of the pain level I have had from my gallbladder. I am looking for to do the actual gallbladder cleanse at the end of the 28 days but I’m wondering how long before my body adjusts to all the water I’m drinking. I feel like I’m living in the bathroom! It goes right through me! Is that normal?

  56. Louise Spence

    I’d like to do the GI clense, can I do pure juicing for the 21-28 days alongside this, or do you suggest just eating natural foods as a accompanying meal?
    I am a lacto vege- I have honey, and some dairy.
    Thank you, Louise

  57. Thank you for the extraordinary work you put into this Detox online “book”. I printed and have read most of it including “important links”. I try hard to eat for nutrition and not for pure satisfaction. This means very limited pastry, no packaged or canned food, except tuna, salmon and pineapples in 100% fruit juice. No hfcs, dextrose, canola oil, artificial sweeteners, food color, msg and more. I started my wellness journey about 32 years ago. My blood work 2021 is excellent except cholesterol 230, bad LDL. No BP or diabetic issues. I need to loose 10 pounds to get to my preferred weight of 150 (this over weight is very unusual for me but i have been stressed a lot over the last two years and was forced to eat out too much although I did my best at healthy choices). I am up after midnight, there goes sleep because I will up be up by 8 am! A few issues that i need to address. I have studied my diet foods in general do not seem to be my cholesterol problem. The fat knobs on my ankles is a problem. I believe iodine deficiency could be the issue since I avoid table salt. A few other things i have read also lead me to think same. I also have sinus issues which i left behind over 40 years ago! Anyway, I feel I need to consciously do a full body detox. I have all products needed to begin colon cleanse and (parasite cleanses week after begin of colon). Questions: 1) How many times per day am I to take your specified Option 1 parasite herbals? 2) can i eat my regular, so called healthy diet during the cleanse? I am eating beta glucan or plant sterol oatmeal for my cholesterol, gave up ghee and ice cream and red meat 3 oz only once a week. Will test again end July. I am a senior citizen but am told i appear to be in my late forties (hair color gives me away 🙂 ). Thank you again!

  58. Penelope Williams

    Finally! A site that gives concrete, fulsome advice on doing an intestinal cleanse that I have been searching for. Many sites suggest and sell, but don’t give the crucial information. Thank you so much

  59. Hi… what would you recommend for substituting the honey with? My husband is extremely allergic to honey.

  60. I am interested in trying your cleanse but can I sub out chia for psyllium? I have tried psyllium several times before for other things and it gives me some cramping, bloating and after a few days just makes my gut feel irritated & raw. Similar situation with flax. ( Haven’t had that with chia; I tolerate it pretty well and am currently doing at least 1 tsp daily on my food.)
    Btw, thanks for all the helpful & detailed health info. you have made available on your site. My family & I have just started dabbling with juicing for addressing some chronic serious health issues (hence I found this website). It’s encouraging to read your story; I am glad you were able to completely regain your health. 🙂

  61. Bradley Fedoreshenko

    Hi Ms Ding,
    I am pre-diabetic and can not eat Honey due to its high sugar and carb contents, is there anything I can replace the honey with?

  62. Kimberly Hill

    I have many allergies to many different fruits and vegetables including apples so I can’t have apple cider vinegar. Is there a substitute that I could use in the drink or could I leave it out? Will it still be effective without it? Thank you for your time and assistance!

  63. I have come across your site and respect the diligent study gaining knowledge of the natural alternative way. I to would like to improve my health and i think iam in the direction of doing so. Here is my question for intestinal cleanse with the vinegar, honey and husk. Ihave been recently diagnosed with Pancreatitis. I do not drink and have not drank for 30 yrs i do not smoke. I do however have type two diabetes and high blood pressure. Since being diagnosed with the Pancreatitis i have discontinued all pharmaceutical meds as of the last 31\2 months and my numbers are coming down and stabilizing. But after being diagnosed with pancreatitis i was also diagnosed with Diverticulitis which are inflamed pouches in the colon!Ihave overhauled my diet completely to where iam primarily doing smoothies some soups but very limited. I know you are not a doctor but iam asking your thought on would it benefit me or be detrimental to do the husk sweep Sounds like it would and could benefit me if having the time but you are advising to be drinking plenty of water but i drive for a living. Could i drink the husk before work and slowly drink the water while working and then indulge for the remainder of the time to stay hydrated. Hope you can make sense of my thoughts? God Bless you. Any feed back is welcomed. Thank you again

  64. My husband and I are going to do the gastrointestinal cleanse option 2 with the fiber drink starting tomorrow. I am currently doing an intermittent fasting protocol of 16:8, and I usually have only 2 meals a day. Should I go ahead and take the fiber drink 3 times a day or just twice?

  65. With all of these drinks and water, am I allowed to eat any food? If yes, what kinds? I am trying to also lose weight. And with adding the DE to the 1st drink, do I still need to add the parasite pills?

  66. Hello, Your website is terrific! I am very interested in doing the gastrointestinal cleanse. But I have diverticulitis with some bleeding, and am not sure if taking the psyllium husk would aggravate this condition. What do you advise about this? Thanks so much.

  67. Can I take the L- Argine an L-Ornithine with the Intestine Pro? I went and bought them together.

  68. How much and when do I take the L-Arginine and L-Orthinthine? With it without food? Thank you.

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