7 Early Signs Of An Impaired Liver And What You Can Do

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The liver plays a key role in many of your body’s processes. It’s the largest internal organ and is located beneath the ribs on the right side of your abdomen.

Your liver is a filter for your blood, and so much more. As blood passes through it, the liver removes wastes—like toxins and medicines—stores sugar for your body to use as energy, produces crucial proteins for your body, and creates bile to make digesting food easier.

When your body is not able to eliminate toxins as fast as they are being ingested in your food, the liver becomes overwhelmed and sluggish. Recognizing early signs of a liver problem is vital to nipping the problem in the bud and nourishing it back to health.

Early signs of an impaired liver

Early Signs Of An Impaired Liver

potbelly1. A Pronounced Potbelly And Fluid Retention

One of the main symptoms of an impaired liver is a swollen abdomen that appears as a very pronounced belly. The liver is malfunctioned, leading to fluid build-up in the tissues. More often, this may signal cirrhosis. Sometimes, swelling may also occur in the hands, feet and ankles. They are usually more pronounced at the end of the day as gravity draws excess fluids to the feet

2. Unexplained Bruising

An impaired liver prevents proper blood clotting. If you have bruises on your body that you cannot explain, it could be a liver issue. Although there may be other conditions that can cause bruising, be sure to have a check with your doctor to rule out any serious underlying condition.

3. Unexplained Weight Gain

If you think you’re eating and exercising properly but still putting on weight that cannot be shed easily, there is a high chance that your liver is impaired as it can no longer filter toxins properly. Your body will tend to store away toxins in its fat cells.

feeling tired4. Chronic Fatigue

One of the most common symptoms of liver toxicity is chronic fatigue that doesn’t go away even with long hours of sleep. Toxins circulating in the body will lodge in joints, causing aches, pains and physical fatigue. Excessive toxins in the body will eventually wear down your immune system and even cause moodiness and depression.

5. Bad Breath, Body And Feet Odor

When your liver is sluggish, most likely your gut health is also in the dumps. You are likely to also have some kind of digestive disorder. Foul-smelling toxins from rotting old fecal matters that accumulates in the gut will produce bad breath. Excessive sweating is also the order of the day, causing strong body and feet odor as bacteria are mixed with perspiration.

6. Feeling Nauseous And Loss Of Appetite

In situations when your body is overloaded with toxins, you may experience nausea without knowing why. You may have a loss of appetite as food will be last on your mind when you feel like throwing up. There may be flu-like symptoms and digestive discomfort.

bad acne7. Skin Problems

During the early stages of a liver problem, you may notice a yellowing of your skin as the yellow pigment in bile (bilirubin) begins to accumulate under the skin. Persistent acne that doesn’t go away with external treatments are very likely a sign of an impaired liver. Skin conditions and break-outs, such as allergies, hives, eczema are all signs of toxins overload that the liver can no longer filter efficiently.


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  1. Jyotsna Jayaswal

    I’m facing skin problem from last few months. When acne comes on my skin its so painfull. And after when it dry dark spots comes on my skin. I suffered from dengue last october nov.
    After that its happen.
    What to do??

  2. Robert Garcia

    I have psoriasis at my Aged of 45 & now i’m almost 62yrs old is it the cause from my liver malfunction? Sometimes i have also rashes of some part of my body.

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