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Learn how to use fresh juices in your healing journey to prevent and reverse degenerative diseases.

Live Food—The Life In Your Food

Each one of us are given only this one body in this life. We alone are responsible to nourish our body and keep it healthy for as long as possible.

Fruit juicing to heal the bodyWe all know that without health, all the money we have accumulated on this earth will amount to nothing.

Whatever you put into your mouth, let it be that you consume more nutritious foods than the harmful foods.
Nutritious foods are natural, whole, pure and fresh. The closer food is to its natural state, the higher its nutritional value. These nutritious qualities of the foods are what give life to your body.

Always choose pure, natural and whole foods over refined, bleached, polished, and processed foods with preservatives, artificial colors/flavors, or chemical additives of any kind.

Nowadays, many chemicals added to
commercially produced foods
were never meant for human consumption.

The Wonders Of Miracle-Healing Fruits

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I believe fresh fruits are God’s provision of the finest and best sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and anti-oxidants that our bodies need.

Most fruits have very high concentration of one kind or another vitamin or mineral that our bodies so crave. When we regularly consume a variety of fruits, it provides the vitamins, minerals and enzymes our bodies need to keep it in its most optimum form.

God created our bodies to be self-building, self-repairing and self-rejuvenating. When we fail to nourish it by eating nutrient-deficient foods, when we are stressed, when we live an unhealthy lifestyle, and when we abuse our bodies by substance addiction or even because of the polluted air we inhale, the cells in our bodies start to deteriorate. This is when the ugly degenerative diseases surface.

Fruits help to prevent diseases and nourish our cells back to health. So start making wise choices now concerning your health. Choose to live healthy. But, if disease has already shown its ugly face, then fight it with the very “miracle food” that God has given mankind—fresh fruits!

When you follow a healthy eating regimen,
a diet that is rich in nutrition coupled with
a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent
many diseases, or even reverse a condition.

The National Cancer Institute of the US has in recent years, been recommending five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. This recommendation was made based on their years of cancer research study on the abundance of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables that may not only prevent, but also remedy many ailments.

Researchers are continually searching and researching for chemicals in plants that can prevent and cure cancer. These plant chemicals, known as phytochemicals (or phytonutrients), along with vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been found to prevent or cure some of the most deadly diseases, as well as some of the more common diseases, like cold, allergies, asthma, arthritis, etc.

Most of these nutrients are known to be destroyed or removed by modern food processing techniques, including cooking. Thus, processed foods contain very little or almost none of the beneficial nutrients.

I hope you have been following me, because I promise you that it will definitely make a whole world of difference in your future choices for food. Choose only what’s best for you, and your family … God-given nutrition-loaded foods.

The Benefits Of Fruit Juicing

There are many important reasons why you should juice. I’m not advocating that you should ONLY juice all your fruits and vegetables.  No, you must still eat your fiber too.  What I’m suggesting is that you drink fresh juices on top of your fresh foods, for healing purpose.  This site is about juicing for health and drinking fresh juices provides highest absorption of the best nutrients for rapid healing. Here are only some of the reasons:

  • Fruit juicing helps to “pre-digest” your food.
    As a result of our poor food choices over the years, most of us have bodies which have become weak in absorbing the nutrients that we need. Juicing “pre-digest” the fruits so that they are readily digested and assimilated before it gets eliminated from our body.
  • You will need to eat one or two pounds of fruits daily to obtain the optimum level of nutrients needed for your body.
    By juicing, it allows you to accomplish this easily. You don’t want to be eating so much fruits that it makes you sick of fruits. Moreover, this would violate the principle of regular food rotation and increase your chance of developing an allergy towards a certain kind of food. True, that our ancestors didn’t have to eat/drink so much fruits and vegetables, but in their time, they didn’t have to hassle with industrial chemicals, polluted environment and poor dietary nor poor lifestyles.
  • Fruit juicing removes indigestible fiber
    The nutrients we are after, are trapped in indigestible fiber. For example, when you eat a carrot, you are only able to assimilate a very small percentage of the beta-carotene. But wonder of wonders, when you juice, you are able to assimilate nearly 100% of the beta-carotene!
  • Easy digestion and assimilation
    Solid foods require many hours of digestion before any nutrient is made available to the cells. Juices are assimilated within 15 minutes of consumption, with very little effort on the part of the digestive system. Because in its liquid form, the enzymes are not wasted to fuel its own digestion. As a result, the body can quickly distribute the much-needed enzymes to other parts of the body to heal, build, restore and repair.
  • Juices are cleansing
    Only with sufficient amount of nutrients in the fruits through juicing, can the juices be cleansing to the blood. Blood is life. By keeping our blood clean and loaded with nutrients, we can expect to live better and longer.

You will have to eat one or two pounds
of fruits daily to obtain the optimum level
of nutrients needed for your body.
This can easily be achieved with juicing.

The pH Miracle Interview With Dr Robert O. Young:
“Why Juicing Is So Important” (42m 13s)

Co-author of The pH Miracle, Dr. Robert Young in an extended 42 minute interview, talks about the importance of juicing when starting down the road to health.

His program advocates alkaline foods to help balance the body against the typical American diet of mostly acid-forming foods. He says drinking fresh juices daily could be one your most important steps to good health and longevity.

Buy his book here.

What Fruits To Juice

I suggest you get acquainted with the different health qualities of the variety of fruits listed on my healing foods list.

I’ve chosen and listed some of the most healing fruits. Taken in rotation and regularly, they provide almost all the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that our bodies require to stay in top form. They are some of the best inner cleansing and purest food that you should be eating/drinking on a regular basis.

Bookmark this site and do come back frequently. This site is constantly being updated, the work is never finished. All these preparation on juicing knowledge is guiding us towards the final product … better health.

If at this point you still don’t like fruits, reread this page and understand what fruits can do for you. Read it again the third time, or the fourth time, if you must, and get the facts into your heart. I know that once you have done this, you will start to make an effort towards healthy living. Choose to live healthy.

If you are a beginner and not used to juicing, you may begin with the following common juices:

  • apple
  • orange
  • carrot (root vegetable)
  • watermelon

These are the easiest to drink and digest. They taste really flavorsome and are packed with purest cleansing virtues. Once you get the hang of it, you may add on any other fruits.

Ultimately, you want to work towards drinking more green juices.  Here’s the list of healing vegetables that you can include in your juices, and some great tips on how to make great tasting green juices.

How Much Juice Can Be Taken Safely?

Once you understand the health benefits of fresh juices, you would want to drink more and more. Just how much juice can be taken safely? Answer: as much as you can comfortably drink!! As long as you do not force yourself, you may drink away. Your body will tell you when you have too much.

As a general guide, a beginner should start with one 8oz (or 250ml) glass a day and gradually increasing. Listen to your body and see if there is healing reactions that usually happen if you are new to healthy eating. Please read the important Juicing Basics before you start.

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When you do your own research on juicing, some sites will tell you to avoid fruit juices. In my opinion, it is fine to drink fruit juices in the morning for energy.

Avoid juices in the evening as you don’t want the sugar to stay “unused” due to inactivity in later part of the day. But again, check to see if fresh fruit juices is suitable for you. When done correctly, fruit juicing can give you a whole lot of benefits.  Also read: Is fruit fructose evil?

I have heard of a man with bowel cancer and could hardly eat anything. He went on a carrot juice diet for a year and ate almost nothing else. At the end of a year, his hospital report proved that he was absolutely free of the cancer!

While you are all excited about juices, please remember this: When you have no access to fresh juices, never ever opt for canned/packaged fruit juices. You might as well drink pure water than drinking canned/packaged fruit juices.

Commercially packaged or canned fruit juices are usually diluted with tap water and contain added sugar. They are not fresh and may have lost a large percentage of their potent nutrients. Most of these are packed with chemical additives, coloring, emulsifiers and preservatives to make them look good for a longer period while they sit on shelves for months.

These chemical additives are not natural to your body and when consumed, are like foreign substances in your body that rob you of energy, affect your immune system defences, and may even contribute to liver damage.

Happy Juicing!

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