Gastrointestinal Cleanse: A Complete Guide To Flush Out Pounds Of Old Fecal Encrustrations

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A gastrointestinal cleanse is beneficial for anybody. After doing this program, you can expect speedier healing, reverse chronic diseases, inflammation and feel your energy soar!

gastrointestinal cleanse

Signs That You Need A Gastrointestinal Cleanse

Human nature is such that we love to eat. Many of us eat without thinking about the consequences. And even when a disease has developed, most people cannot associate their health problems with what they have been eating or the way they have been eating.

One of the first signs that there are intestinal issues is when bowel movements become irregular and difficult. There are many other symptoms and conditions when the gastrointestines are intoxicated.

If you have any symptoms and conditions as listed on this page, a gastrointestinal cleanse will be beneficial for you.

The gastrointestinal, or digestive system cleanse that I’m going to show you on this page below, when done diligently, will yield fantastic results, giving your body a new lease of vitality.

How Does Poor Intestinal Health Affect Your Overall Being?

To understand how poor intestinal health can affect your overall being, it is important to understand the functions of the intestines:

  • As first line of defence against disease-causing organisms that enter the body through your food and water
  • Absorption of water, nutrients and minerals
  • Synthesize vitamins to be distributed throughout the body
  • Breakdown of food eaten via the beneficial bacteria
  • Formation of feces for elimination of toxins and waste products

The health of the entire body depends on how efficiently the intestinal tract is able to carry out all the above functions. Poor eating habits through the years, slowly but surely contribute to the sluggishness of the intestinal functions, thus causing poor bowel movements.

When bowel movements are irregular and compacted, toxins and wastes in the tract are constantly in contact with the intestinal walls, exposing them to higher risks of colon diseases and leaky gut.

Not to mention also that harmful bacteria are on a feeding frenzy and multiplying by the millions, soon overtaking the number of beneficial bacteria, causing many other diseases while at the same time, weakening the immune system.

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Bacterial, Yeast And Parasite Overgrowth

The above condition is more recently known as SIBO (small intestines bacterial overgrowth). It’s a condition resulting from the imbalance of the microbes in our gut, referred to as dysbiosis.

When you include foods that are rich in fiber, nutrients and enzymes, your bowel movements will be regular and complete. In which case, bacteria, yeast and parasites will not cause any issues in your system. But, when your intestines are clogged up, the harmful microbes love that kind of environment. They stay and cause havoc to your health.

Important read: Enzymes are the basic foundation of our lives.

Full Digestive System Cleanse

Many people want to know how to clean out intestines fast but there is no fast way of doing it. Your intestines is about 23 feet long and it will take time to do a proper and thorough job.

There are two recommended ways of doing an effective digestive system cleanse. You can go on an extended juice fast, or perform the psyllium husk and apple cider vinegar colon cleanse fiber drink that I will discuss below, or a combination of both methods will work excellently.

Option 1: Extended Juice Fasting

In earlier days when I started this juicing site, juice fasting was commonly used to have a total clean-up of the gastrointestines. Don’t get me wrong, it still works very well, except one has to be diligent in drinking many glasses of juices every day and not eat any solid food.

A 21 to 28-day juice fast is very good for this purpose. Juice fasting allows all the detox organs in the body to rest and detoxify. This ensures that no more artificial food additives and the wrong types of food are allowed to intoxicate the body. At the same time, juices can reach the cells almost immediately to repair damage, heal and nourish them back to health.

During an extended fast, old fecal matters are softened and broken up, ready to be swept out at the time of breaking fast when solid foods are gradually reintroduced.

Extended juice fasting is a very safe and effective method for gastrointestinal cleanse, and you will really see old wastes and encrustrations being eliminated. Many have reported healing, diseases reversed and boosted energy after an extended juice fast.

gastrointestinal cleansing

Option 2: With Fiber Drink

There are many “colon cleanse formula” out there claiming to flush out pounds of waste matter. Some may work, some not. Some even claim to be able to clean out bowels in a day, please don’t fall for it. Below, I share my favorite formula that works very well to set the foundation for further full body detox, effectively and efficiently.

Please read all the instructions before you start the program. It is not difficult to do. You can use only 3 items, or you can use all of the recommended items. It all depends on the state of your health and how much you want to clean up. The more diligent you are, the better result you will see.

I have had very successful results using this program for all my clients, and it is the first thing I do with them before we can talk about more healing. Some amazing results were with my clients who have eczema, acid reflux, diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight. But, I believe anybody will benefit from it as our health begins in the gut.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below, and I will try to respond the best I can.

There is more information that you can read here, about complete detoxification.

Gastrointestinal Cleanse Fiber Drink

When And How Long To Take

I recommend taking this drink for at least 28 days to see real results. For more serious health issues, you can safely take it for up to 3 months. For some of my clients, I even recommend to continue having the drink at least 1x a day beyond the three months for maintenance of healthy fiber. There is no harm to it.

Drink it at least 10-15 minutes before meal.

  • Day 1: Drink 1x a day
  • Day 2: Drink 2x a day
  • Day 3 onwards: Drink 3x a day
  • If you are having good bowel movements as a result from taking this drink (at least 2-3 times every day), you may increase to take the drink up to 4x a day. This is especially beneficial if you’re big in body size, otherwise stay at 3x a day.

When doing any detox program, it is very IMPORTANT to drink plenty of water. Please go to this page and understand how much water you need to drink daily according to your body weight. During your gastrointestinal cleanse days, drink at least 1½ times of your basic daily water requirement.

Fiber Drink Formula

  • In a glass of 250 ml (about 8 oz) room temperature water, add: 1 teaspoon of raw honey + 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar + 1 teaspoon of good quality psyllium husk powder. Stir well till all ingredients dissolve. The drink would have thickened, as psyllium husk powder expands. Drink immediately but making sure not to choke yourself.
  • Immediately follow by another glass of 250 ml (about 8 oz) room temperature water, add: 1 teaspoon of raw honey + 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • I can’t emphasize enough, it is very important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you cannot drink plenty of water, it is better not to do this program.

The Ingredients

  • Psyllium husk powder: Buy only high quality organic psyllium husk. You can find it at your local health foodstore. If not, you could also buy it from—I have a link below where you can buy it. Psyllium husk will expand up to 20x its weight when you take it in a drink. It moves like a broom to sweep your intestines as it goes down.

If you have a Candida infection, please also read the Candida protocol.

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Supplements To Take During The Cleanse

These supplements are optional but if you chose to take them, they will give you far more excellent results in a shorter time. Take your supplements 15 minutes after the fiber drink.

1. Oregano oil

To have a complete cleanse, I suggest that you add 2 or 3 drops of oregano oil (not more!) in your second drink (honey and apple cider vinegar water) after the fiber. You can take this as many times as the number of your fiber drinks, starting from the day you start this cleanse.

When taking this fiber drink, there will be a lot of microbial activities going on in your intestines. While stirring up old fecal matters to be eliminated, it will also stir up the habitats of the harmful microbes.

Taking a few drops of oregano oil is helpful for killing yeast, parasites and other harmful micro-organisms. Oregano oil may sting your mouth a little but it is not harmful. You may also opt for oregano in capsule form. See my recommendations below.

2. Vitamin C complex

Drink at least one glass of freshly-extracted juice every day that is high in antioxidants. There are many suggestions of juices on this page. Antioxidants help to neutralize the effects of toxins that are being eliminated during the cleanse, and prevent any damages done to your cells.

An easier alternative is to take a 1000mg vitamin C complex, the same number of times that you’re taking the drink. If you have acid reflux or stomach ulcer, drink this juice twice a day. It is very soothing while healing the ulcers.

3. High quality probiotics

Probiotics is one of the most important supplements when doing any kind of detox, and even when not doing a detox. Here’s a guide on how to pick a probiotic supplement for your specific needs, or eat any kind of fermented foods.

4. Food-grade diatomaceous earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is very helpful for killing parasites and yeast. Add 1 teaspoon to your fiber drink, especially if you want to eliminate yeast infection (Candida). Go to this page to learn how to use diatomaceous earth. DE is very safe to be taken for long term.

Bacterial And Parasitical Cleanse

Some of the common, stubborn parasites that affect human are helicobactor pylori (h.pylori), blastocystis hominis and dientamoeba fragilis (d.fragilis). These parasites cling on to the wall lining of your gastrointestinal tract and lay eggs and multiply.

Once you get your bowel movements regulated (at least once or twice daily), and have your gastrointestinal wall cleansed, you can introduce a parasite cleanse on the second week. The herbs used in parasite cleanse can now be in contact with the parasites to strip them off the wall lining and gradually kill them.

Prescription antibiotics can only kill the parasites generally but not get all of them. There are some recommended herbs here that will get at the parasites at every stage—eggs, larvae and adults. This is important to prevent the parasites to continue multiplying.

What To Expect When Taking The Gastrointestinal Cleanse Fiber Drink

  • Some people may encounter bloating and a little discomfort during the first week of taking this drink. This is because your diet has been very low in fiber. This drink does a good gentle scrub in your intestines and while doing this, it is also releasing little air-pockets in the very long intestinal tract, accumulating the gas and causing bloating. There will be bloating, belching and passing out gas in the rear end—all good signs that the drink is working for you.  By the second week, these symptoms should be gone.
  • If you develop a low-grade or mild fever, it is a healing reaction. Nothing to worry about. Reduce the number of times that you drink the psyllium husk drink and drink more water instead. As soon as the fever subsides, you can gradually increase the drink again. Remember to drink more water! If you develop a high fever though, it is not because of the fiber drink—it is something else. Seek help.
  • On the second or third day, you will feel that bowel movement comes easily. You should be able to feel that your stool comes out in a “long form” (see image above). The more days into the cleanse, you will find that the stools may be black and very smelly—that is your old fecal encrustation from deeper in your intestines that are being eliminated. They have been in your gut for many years!! You don’t want them. These are all good signs. BUT, if you still don’t have a bowel movement by the third day, something is very wrong in your system, stop the drink immediately and drink only juices with no solid food until you have relief. Try this one.

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Here’s another colon-cleansing mixture that works too. You may choose to use either mixture to achieve excellent result.

Buying The Ingredients

I can’t stress enough, that when doing a cleanse, it is always advisable to invest in high quality products. You may be able to buy these from your local health foodstore. I have some recommendations here, for your convenience to buy them online. They are also somewhat cheaper if you can get them with free delivery.

These are what you may need (click on the links to buy):

A proper and complete gastrointestinal cleanse (GI cleanse) program will help to clean out not only the colon, but the entire digestive tract that is about 21 feet long.  Once your digestive tract is cleansed out, absorption of nutrients is optimized. With a clean digestive tract, healing takes place more rapidly as you continue to drink healthy fresh juices. You will soon see your energy soar! Really, it’s that effective and efficient!

If you want an easy way out, you can also get easy colon cleansing packs. I find Dr Natura’s colonix range to be very gentle, safe and effective to do. For best results, you may want to get the entire range, although a bit pricey and the result may be a little slower than the formula above. These work if you follow through.



Some of the links I post on this site are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you). However, note that I’m recommending these products because of their quality and that I have good experience using them, not because of the commission to be made.

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