Colon Irrigation (Hydrotherapy) Vs Gastrointestinal Cleanse

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All natural healers know that Death (or Life) Begins in the Gut.

Flushing out waste from the colon has been practiced since 1300 BC. Early fathers of medicine, Hippocrates and Galen were strong advocates of colon cleansing as a medicinal tool when technology were less sophisticated.

Dr Normal Walker and Dr Bernard Jensen (natural healing practitioners) both stressed the importance of receiving regular colonics as part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, until the 1930’s colon hydrotherapy was commonly practiced in many hospitals and clinics.

Unfortunately, with the advancement of technology and pharmaceutical, drugs took over healthcare and colon hydrotherapy ceased to be practiced. People are now realizing again, the benefits of doing a colonics and are turning back to natural healthcare.

Colon Irrigation Vs Gastrointestinal Cleanse

Colon Irrigation (Hydrotherapy) or Colonics

Over the years, when we consume processed food, GMO’s and artificial additives in our foods, it’s a good idea to do a seasonal series of colon cleansing.

For people who suffer from chronic constipation, juicing takes time to move the sludge in their intestines, whereas colon hydrotherapy might be a “quicker” solution for them.

A colonic, or hydrotherapy session, gently cleans the whole large intestine, the sigmoid, descending, transverse, ascending parts of the colon as well as the cecum. However, because it cannot reach the small intestines, doing a colon hydrotherapy before embarking on a juice fast (together with a gastrointestinal cleanse) will really maximize the cleanse many times over.

As the name implies, colon hydrotherapy is the process of cleansing the colon (lower intestines) with filtered water. A lubricated, disposable tube is inserted about 2 inches into the rectum. Then, the filtered body-temperature water is allowed to flow into the rectum—simply by gravity and without any pressure.

colon irrigation vs gastrointestinal cleanseThe water fills the colon and gradually and gently breaks up the compacted fecal matters and allow them to flow out through the outlet, into a clear plastic viewing tube. In some clinics, the setting is such that you will be able to see what comes out.

Just by observing this, the colon hydrotherapist will be able to tell you the condition of your digestive system, the presence of parasites, toxins, mucus and other clues that will aid them in helping you improve your health.

Doing a series of colonics is extremely valuable in helping the body to heal from all ailments. By simply clearing out the toxins, it will help your digestive system to be more efficient and ready for a natural healing process. It will also strengthen and tone your intestines, and resume a normal peristalsis, but a change in dietary lifestyle needs to follow, for continued healing.

Gastrointestinal Cleanse

Our gastrointestinal tract is about 21-23 feet long in an average adult. Absorption of nutrients are at the small (upper) intestines. An unhealthy and “clogged” gastrointestines cannot absorb nutrients from food as efficiently. Although a juice feast is often recommended for people who want to heal from various ailments, doing a gastrointestinal cleanse prior, will enhance and accelerate your healing.

Due to our faulty diet, old fecal matters from undigested food are left behind in the digestive system, lining the walls throughout the digestive tract. These matters “hardened up” through the years and cause nutrients absorption to be weaker and weaker. This “old fecal matters” lining the wall of the digestive tract is what we want to remove.

A gastrointestinal cleanse is targeted to the upper (small) intestines, whereas colon hydrotherapy targets the lower intestines (colon).

You can do a gastrointestinal cleanse yourself at home: start by gradually eliminating/reducing these foods from your diet: meat, processed foods, dairy products, sugar and flour products, sodas, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. Prepare your body for HEALING!

Then go on this gastrointestinal cleanse that is taken in the form of fiber drinks, with all the supporting supplements. The recommended psyllium husk, when prepared correctly, will expand 15-20 times it’s own size when consumed, thus works like a “broom” cleaning the gastrointestinal tract walls as it makes its way down.

Enjoy the journey!

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  1. Hello Sara,
    Thank you for your very informative site. I do have a question. Could an at-home enema replace the medical hydrotherapy in preparation of a gastrointestinal cleanse? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ma, thank you for asking. Yes, an at-home enema can be a great help in preparation of the gastrointestinal cleanse. In fact, coffee enemas are even better, if you know how to do them.

      1. Hi there, tagging on to that question. Is learning to do a coffee enema easy? Or something that shouldn’t be done by a first timer? Also, is this all safe to do with some one who has gall stones?

  2. Gabrielle B Davis

    Do I include these 2 drinks in my Water Intake Requirement?

    The Psyllium Husk and the 2nd drink in the morning?

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