Hydraulic Press Juicers – All You Need to Know

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The slightly unconventional hydraulic press juicers are often overlooked, yet deliver superb quality juices.

There are other types of juicers that we may overlook even if we are regular juicers. They’re not the conventional juicers or gear juicers that we’re so used to. Yet, it’s interesting to note what’s available out there. They might just “fit” into our lives some time in the future, we never know.

A few of my regular site visitors shared these with me and I found them worthy of a mention on this juicing site.

Hydraulic Press Juicers

The Ultimate Norwalk Juicer

Hydraulic Press Juicers - All You Need to KnowThe Ultimate Norwalk Juicer was developed by Dr Norman W. Walker, the Guru of Juicing. He was one of the first men who realized the benefits of juicing in a way that preserves all the precious healing enzymes and nutrients.

This machine had evolved over time and improved to the extent of delivering the most superior quality juice among all the juicers in the market. Thus it is named the “Ultimate Norwalk Juicer“. The juice quality is unequalled, superb!


The Welles Juice Press
(a.k.a. Welles Peoples Press)

Wells Press Hydraulic JuicerFor those who love the superior juice quality of the Norwalk Juicer but want one that is more affordable, the Welles Juice Press is a good alternative.

Although the Welles is only “half” as efficient as the Ultimate Norwalk Juicer, the juice quality is not compromised. Strictly for serious juicers only!


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Types Of Juicers:

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Hydraulic Press

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