Lymphatic Massage To Supercharge Your Juice Cleanse And Detox

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You have probably heard about the amazing benefits of cleansing your system. Performing a detox can flush your body of harmful toxins, revitalizing your entire body. And performing the right lymphatic massage can supercharge your cleanse and detox efforts.

Over time, your detoxification organs become overburdened with compounds that can slow down your metabolism, weaken your immune system, and prevent you from losing weight. A detox is one of the best methods for removing these toxins, but if you combine a standard cleanse with some massage, you may increase the effectiveness of the detox.

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Learn how to use lymphatic massage in conjunction with a juice cleanse to detox your body and reach optimal well-being.

A Massage Can Jump Start Your Detox

Applying pressure to various pressure points can help to stimulate your circulatory system. It helps to improve your circulatory system so that toxins are released for easier elimination.

Focus on the Lymphatic Fluid System

When your lymph fluid circulation slows down, as the result of the buildup of toxins, then you may end up feeling sluggish and find it difficult to lose weight.

The healthy lymphatic fluid system is needed to flush toxins from the body. It works with the cardiovascular system to carry cells throughout the body and defend against illness and infection.

The lymphatic system needs exercise and massage to keep the drainage flowing properly. When you begin incorporating massage into your detox plans, focus on areas that will impact the lymphatic system. The improve circulation promotes easier detoxification.

Compressing body tissues and muscle in a methodical and rhythmic motion will help activate your superficial veins. This pushes fluids toward your heart, to prevent stagnation and improve circulation.

Heather Wibbels shows you how to drain your lymph fluids starting from the head. These techniques are great for when you have a sinus congestion, feeling a cold coming, or having a headache.

Watch this video:

To follow her videos for more massages for different parts of your body, go here.

Choosing The Right Lymphatic Massage Techniques

It is not difficult to perform a lymph drainage massage on yourself. Simple self-massages can help you improve circulation and get your lymph fluids flowing. Start by massaging your arms, massaging your left arm with your right arm and vice versa.

Next, massage your feet and work your way up to your thighs. Follow this with a massage along your shoulders and stomach. Always work in a circular motion pointed towards your heart.

The goal is to promote blood circulation while pushing the toxins towards your heart, where they enter the circulatory system and are then expelled during your detox process.

If you find this task difficult, you may want to consider getting a professional massage. Ask for a lymphatic massage and pay attention to the areas that the massage therapist focuses on.

Read more about a 3-day lymphatic detox to drain your lymph fluids.

Choosing The Right Detox Plan

Detoxifications are used by people of all fitness levels to help the body eliminate toxins. They are usually performed by following a liquid-only diet for several days. In order to aid the digestive and detox process, many people drink freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices.

Look for juice recipes that you can use to ensure you are receiving enough nutrients. A juice cleanse should not deprive you of nutrition. If done correctly, you should remain satiated and be able to avoid food cravings.

While a juice cleanse is a great way to detox your body, a good massage helps to boost the effectiveness of the cleanse. When planning your next cleanse, do incorporate a few massage sessions by a professional massage therapist to boost the effectiveness of your detoxification.

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