Keeping A Journal On Your Juice Fast Journey

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There are many benefits to keeping a juice fast journal as you embark on your juice fast journey. It helps you keep track of what works and what don’t, and some time in the future, it will help you in many ways that you can’t even imagine now. It is powerful.

Why Keep A Juice Fasting Journal?

This is an important part of your juice fast—keeping a journal on your juice fast journey so that you can look back some time in the future and see how you’ve done with your health.

With each fast, you continue to improvise on what worked and what didn’t.

Juice fasting shouldn’t be a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Make it a part of your lifestyle. Juice fast frequently to keep getting better physically, and to maintain your good health. It’s a time when your body gets the much needed rest and at the same time is being nourished with what it has so craved—live foods (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.) to keep it functioning optimally.

I like to think of my juice fasts as  “resetting the internal button to health“. I juice fast regularly to maintain my health at tip-top condition. When I look back at my journal, I see how far I’ve come with my healing journey, from the days that I was often sickly and tired, to a life now that is full of vitality. It’s a great feeling of achievement!

keep a juice fasting journal

Jot down what you drink, how you feel, how your body responds, and every little detail you notice while juice fasting, even your thoughts!

Keep your journal in a safe place to remind you in the future when you want to go on another juice fast. In your journal, make a mention of your failures, triumphs, joy, pains and how you endured through it all.

Below is a checklist of what should go into your journal. Whether yours is a one-day fast or seven-day fast or a 30-day fast or more, write them all in your Juice Fast Journal. Not only is the journal a good way of keeping record of your healing journey, it is also therapeutic to pour out your feelings. It helps speed up your recovery.

As you go through this checklist, it makes you think. Sometimes old baggage (emotional or physical) may resurface when you fast. Journaling makes you reflect and deal with them and move on.

If you like to journal on your computer, copy this checklist and paste it on a Word program that you use, so that you can remember to cover each item. Feel free to add on to it or amend in any way to make it more personalized for you.  You may want to find out more from a complete guide for juice fasting when preparing your checklist.

Juice Fasting Journal Checklist

You want to write and cover as much as possible:

  • How you prepare for your juice fast
  • Date fast begin
  • Number of days for intended fast
  • Current health issues / weight
  • What you juice and how much
  • Healing reaction that you may experience (e.g. nausea, headache, allergies, limb joints pain, lethargy, etc.)
  • Cravings and temptations, and how you deal with them
  • How you feel differently during the fast:
    — Physically
    — Emotionally
    — Spiritually
  • Sleeping pattern / energy level
  • How you break your fast
  • How you feel at the end of your fast
  • Date fast ended
  • Post-fast: Jot down any significant things that may have happened as a result of your fast even a few days or weeks after (whether physically, emotionally or spiritually).

Cheers to a new YOU!

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