Why You Need To Juice Fast?—Here Are Your Answers

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If you are unsure or hesitant about whether a juice fast is for you, well, I’d say that most people can benefit from doing a juice fast. Regular juice fasts keep your body in tip-top condition. Here are more reasons why you need to juice fast, you decide where you are.

why you need to juice fast

Why You Need To Juice Fast

Here’s a little chart to show you the stage you are at with your health. Most diseases start from a simple inflammation or a discharge that you would ignore (see Stage 1 in chart below), often hoping that they would go away.

Then you start feeling fatigue, constipated, have a headache, or lower backache or even simple skin blemishes. These are all signs of the beginning of poor health (see Stage 2 in chart below). If at this stage, you start to realize and take action and start eating and living healthy, there might yet be hope that your problem may be reversed.

Your annual medical check may give you a clean bill of health. The common misconception is that if you were not sick enough to see a doctor then you are “healthy”. When the doctor declares that you have high-blood pressure or cholesterol, or you have asthma or worse, serious joint pains or even tumors, you would already be at Stage 3 where you chronically encounter very poor and weak health.

Stages of chronic disease

Not everyone will better as a result of juice fasting, nor will they always feel better right away. But with doing regular juice fasts, alongside eating better and living a healthier lifestyle, it will eventually make a difference to your overall energy levels.

Read about the healing process and the reactions you will go through when you go on a juice fast/feast.

To further help you decide whether a juice fast is appropriate, take a look at the list below. When you consistenly experience at least five of the symptoms below, you may benefit from a good spring-cleaning of the body. Also see who should not juice fast.

Symptoms That You May Currently Experience

  • Suffer from headaches or migraine
  • Feel tired, sluggish or lethargic
  • Have difficulty concentrating or staying focused
  • Have earache, ringing in the ears, eyes twitching
  • Catch colds easily
  • Have bad breath
  • Have excessive mucus, tend to get stuffy nose and sinus
  • Have unpleasant body odors
  • Often have bloating, gas or indigestion after eating
  • Have excessive flatulence
  • Usually have dark circles under your eyes
  • Sluggish metabolism—difficult to lose weight, or if underweight, difficult to gain weight
  • Have some form of allergies
  • Have eczema, acne or psoriasis
  • Have constipation problem
  • A smoker, an ex-smoker, or spend time regularly around other smokers
  • A meat-eater
  • A coffee-drinker
  • Drink very little water
  • Eat very little fruits and vegetables
  • Tend to get bloated or puffy

What If You Don’t Want To Lose Weight?

There is no hard and fast rule. A juice cleanse is totally flexible to suit whichever stage of health you’re at. You can make it as complex or as easy to suit your lifestyle.

A juice cleanse means you drink MORE juices than usual, in order for your detox organs to rest and feed on the floods of nourishment. There must be some kind of improvement in your diet if it’s going to be meaningful for you.

If you prefer to continue eating during a juice fast/feast, then do so with plenty of plant-based foods, keeping in mind to eliminate processed and refined foods. Allow your body to rest and for the miracle juices to do its cleansing work with less effort/strain on the body.

The 6 essential nutrients for the human body to function

You are bound to lose weight when doing any kind of fast, but the question is how much. If you don’t want to lose much weight, do a juice FEAST. Drink more juices and eat some salads. Drink soups, have some lightly stir-fried, steamed, blanched vegetables. Even good fats and carbs from these foods are allowed: avocados, coconut, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, bananas and the like.

The idea is to let your body REST and HYDRATED with fresh fruits and vegetables, but NOT starving.

You MAY lose some weight but it won’t be too much compared to those who just drink juices without solids.

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