How To Stay Healthy During Travel

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If you’re anything like me and love traveling, these are simple things you can do to stay healthy when traveling. Plan well ahead and always be mindful of your health.

Many people I know often return from their travel with various health issues—severe water retention, dehydration, exhaustion, and worst—parasites that haunt them for years till they get detoxified!

While you enjoy your travel with many new experiences, it sometimes can be a rather stressful time. In some cities you go, healthy foods may be almost non-existent.

How To Stay Healthy During Travel

1.  Stay Healthy Before Going On Your Trip

Right before your travel, why not do a 7-day juice cleanse and drink plenty of water just to ensure that your body would be in tip-top condition to go on the trip?

It is like taking your car in for a service to be sure that it doesn’t break down during the long travel.

A juice cleanse prior to a long flight will also help reduce chances of motion sickness and the dreaded thrombosis (blood clots) or leg cramps.

2.  Take Your Supplements Along With You

Don’t forget to take your supplements along with you when you travel. At least they are reliable things that you can count on being available.

When I travel, I usually take these three: Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids), probiotics and garlic oil capsules.

In case I feel under the weather for whatever reason due to a different environment, I go on a day-fast and take my supplements on a slightly higher dosage. It works all the time.

If there is a sore throat or fever coming up, I take 1000mg vitamin C every hour for the whole day and drink lots of water throughout the day. If there is any sign of food poisoning or tummy problems, the probiotics and garlic oil capsules come handy.

3.  Drink Plenty Of Water 

The air in flying aircrafts are very drying and low in humidity. Do drink plenty of water before your flight, during and after to stay hydrated. So what if you have to visit the washroom numerous times? For this reason, I always book an aisle seat to ensure easy access to not only the washroom, but also to stretch my legs.

Recycled air in the aircraft doesn’t do well for your health as it makes other people’s illnesses easier to spread.

On the ground and while being on the move, consciously drink at least 2-3L of water daily. Water is usually easily available everywhere, although washrooms may not be. Plan your time such that you drink more when you know you will be at places where washrooms are more easily available. Going to the washroom frequently is better than not at all. Constant dehydration can cause kidney problems later on.

Staying properly hydrated is also important to strengthen your immunity, and prevent bacterial and viral attacks/infections. Headaches when you are traveling, are often a sign of dehydration.

4.  Avoid Drinking Alcohol, Coffee, Tea And Soda Water During The Flight

Drinking alcohol, coffee and tea can be dehydrating when going on a long flight. Avoid soda drinks and boxed/canned “juices” that are offered on flights—they are full of sugar and you don’t need this toxin to start off your vacation. Also avoid eating chips as they are full of salt and can cause water retention. Eating celery sticks as snack is a good way to reduce water retention problems.<

5.  Eat Nutritiously

stay healthy during travelThe longer your trip, the more you will need to plan to eat nutritiously to last you the entire trip. When traveling on a budget, travelers tend to eat cheap rather than nutritiously.

At most places in Western countries, fruits and vegetables are costlier than say breads and pizzas or other fast foods. Refined carbs can easily cause constipation that can be very uncomfortable when you are traveling.

Try to have at least one good meal a day that is more fresh foods than cooked foods. A cup of yogurt is also easily available at most grocery stores, have one daily. Fasting a meal occasionally, is even better than overeating processed carbo foods.

6.  Wash Your Hands Before Meals

Always wash your hands before handling your meals. When traveling, you may not be conscious of what your hands had touched. Door knobs, things on the shelves, public transportation, etc., they are all full of unknown germs. Pop a small bottle of hand sanitizers in your handbag. It can come useful when water is not available.

7.  Get Enough Sleep

Over-stressing yourself with lack of sleep during travels can reduce your body’s immune system. Should you feel a cold coming, it’s a sign that you have pushed yourself too much and are most likely also dehydrated.  A good night’s sleep often help your body to rejuvenate.  Drink a glass of warm water and lay down to rest.

If you have difficulty sleeping in foreign places (not your own bed), try this natural 2-ingredient sleep remedy that works all the time!

Finally, enjoy the journey!

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