One Easy Drink to Reduce Swelling Caused By Water Retention

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Many people don’t realize that they have water retention. At the end of the day, if you feel your legs or feet are swollen and you can’t get the ring off your finger, chances are you may have some water retention.

There may also be mild swelling of the hands, abdomen, breasts and face, but they are usually gone after a good night’s rest. Although water retention is nothing serious, these are signs that you may be consuming more salt than your body needs.

Another reason is possibly that you are dehydrated. It may sound contradicting, but when you are dehydrated, your intelligent body goes into survival mode and retains water “in fear of drought”. Regularly drinking plenty of water and juices that are rich in potassium will alleviate this condition, by telling your body that “there is no drought” and there is no need to retain water.



Reduce/eliminate salty foods and processed foods that usually are loaded with “hidden sodium”. Eat/drink foods that are rich in potassium to rid your body of excess water. Unlike processed/table salt, organic sodium from celery is an excellent food that helps reduce water retention. This recipe is great also for reducing PMS symptoms and cramps.


Juice Recipe:


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  1. Thank you for this article on juicing for swollen feet. This has just started and I will take your advice

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