Tips For A Successful Juice Fast

Once you’ve decided to go on a juice fast, be prepared and read up all you can about safe fasting, so that you can complete your fast successfully.


Some Practical Tips

Here are some practical tips to help you through your juice fast. These are from my own experience and contributions from people who have done extended fasts and have found that when you set your mind right from the beginning, chances are your juice fast will be more meaningful.


  • Get a Buddy
    It would be most ideal if you can get a like-minded friend to fast along with you. When you have a friend, you can encourage each other, share recipes, compare notes and are accountable to each other. You can even take turns to do the juicing so that you don’t feel “overwhelmed” going it alone.
  • Don’t tell the whole world that you are fasting
    Your fast may be an exciting event for you, but it may not be so for others. Only tell close family members who will encourage you on. If you’re being invited out for lunch/dinner during your fast, just simply turn down the invite and say that you have made other plans for lunch/dinner.
  • Turn off all food temptations
    Avoid the TV or radio when you are fasting. At every commercial break, you will be tempted with all kinds of food. If it is a short fast, try to stay home to avoid food temptations. If it is a long fast, make up your mind every morning, that you are going to fast and will not be tempted.  Some juice fasters say to have “food porn” – indulge your eyes and ears on foodie videos that will help curb that feeling of deprivation. Try both and do whatever works for you.
  • Get motivated
    Put a picture or a vision board of what you wish to achieve at the end of the fast, or what your reward would be at the end of the fast. Maybe it’s losing 5kg at the end of two weeks, or maybe buying that dress that you’ve been saving up for. Get motivated. Read testimonies of what/how others have done the fast and know that it’s do-able.
  • Take a walk out alone
    When being tempted, get yourself distracted by reading a good book, meditate or simply go for a walk. Remember, choose a route where foodstalls are least. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and feel the presence of God in nature. Do not exert yourself too much but rather reserve your energy for the more important internal cleansing.
  • Pamper and indulge yourself
    Take a nice long bath in scented water in the bathtub. Ask your spouse to take over caring of the children while you take time to soak in the tub. If possible, you might want to indulge yourself with full body skincare, exfoliate and moisturize after a good soak. Or, simply visit the neighborhood spa.
  • Exercise and perspiration
    When juice fasting, your stamina may not be as good as it normally is. Take up light stretching exercises to keep your muscles toned. Other means of making you perspire and detox are the far infrared sauna or steam sauna. Learn more about how saunas can detox.
  • Lymphatic massage
    Applying pressure to various pressure points on your body during a lymphatic massage can help to stimulate your circulatory system. It helps to improve your circulatory system so that toxins are released for easier elimination. Schedule a few appointments with your massage therapist to incorporate these with your juice cleanse.
  • Away from home
    If you are working, choose a period when it would be less busy in the office. You can make vegetable broth (without salt and oil) to take to the office in a thermal flask. Broths keep better than juices. Other options would be herbal teas and liquid chlorophyll that you can make in the office to be drunk throughout the day.
  • Colon cleansing
    If you intend to go on an extended juice fast, it is important to also do a proper colon cleansing. Toxins that are not eliminated through bowel movements get reabsorbed into the system which may cause unnecessary health problems. Learn up on colon cleansing for gastrointestinal cleanse. Also look for a reputable local colonics spa or program that is suitable for you. See the differences.
  • Sleep
    Even with an extended juice fast, it is possible to continue with life’s fairly normal work patterns. The first few days when your body is busy eliminating wastes, you may feel a bit tired and wanting to sleep. At this stage, give in to your body and allow yourself to have a good sleep. Sleep an hour earlier than normal at night, to give your body that much needed rest.