Patricia’s 40-day Juice Fast Healed Her Of Psoriasis, Sciatica, Anxiety, Insomnia And Also Lost Weight!

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Patricia’s 40-day juice fast has healed her of psoriasis, lower back pain, sciatica, anxiety/depression, insomnia and to top it off, lost weight as a side benefit. She shares her beautiful journey …

I’ve fasted on and off for about 15 years and have researched almost everything on the web on Fasting. But, I find myself returning often to this website and liked your Facebook. I find your simple straight forward and caring approach rewarding. I want to thank you for your support and personal guidance during my 40-day fast, a first for me! Today is day 34.

I needed to do a good juice fast, a strict one. The psoriasis I’ve had all my life flared up all over real bad, discs in my spine felt pinched. I had major lower left back pain that scared me. Sciatica started down my left leg. Couldn’t even walk properly. It was painful. Anxiety & depression was at a high. I had started menopause five months earlier and felt old. I hadn’t been sleeping well and relied on AdvilPM every now and then. I also had quit smoking cigs back in October, so I put on a ton of weight; I barely had a wardrobe, felt lopsided and tired.

Initially I aimed for 10 days. Then 14 turned into 21, then 30. Like I said I started fasting about 15 years ago, but never made it this far. At that time, I came down with Steven Johnson’s syndrome (an allergic reaction to over-the-counter Benadryl).

After several doctors’ unsuccessful attempts to cure me with prednisone, I found a homeopathic doctor who changed my life. I am forever grateful. I like making my own juices of carrot, cucumber. It’s gentle for my symptoms. I like a little beet & ginger too every now and then.

I’ve never been regimented and consume what and when I feel like it. I know I should drink more water and juice but I just don’t feel like it. I always make sure I drink some water every hour when awake and maybe have two 8 oz. glasses of juice daily. Honestly, I sometimes “cheat” by drinking a glass of soymilk at night or a hazelnut coffee in the morning, even an all-natural Popsicle. Maybe it’s being undisciplined, but I feel that if I deprived myself completely, I will not succeed. And they are all liquids!

Sometimes I believe that God or the spirits are leading and supporting me. If I am not thirsty, why force it? I think everyone has his or her own fasting path/journey. As long as I feel well and can make it through a hectic day in the city and at work, that’s success.

Every ailment mentioned above is now completely gone! Except for a little remaining psoriasis below the knee, which is what keeps me fasting another week to 40 days. The most astonishing thing is that the first week I fasted, my period returned after five months. This website said that “fasting makes one more youthful”. I was skeptical, thinking it was a fluke. But, exactly 28-days later it came back again just as always.

juice fast heals psoriasis

I don’t want to list every miracle, but like I said, everything mentioned above is gone, except a little psoriasis. I feel so in-sync and at peace with the world around me. It’s Springtime here in NYC and the cherry blossoms are at full bloom. I’ve also lost a good amount of excess weight/inflammation. I don’t weigh myself; I think it’s the part of me that wants to prove it’s so much more than about weight loss, but it’s a great side benefit! My wardrobe is now loose on me.

Fasting is a miracle! But I cannot shake this questionable sadness that keeps me in such doubt of all that I have accomplished in the past 33 days. I disvalue it somehow. But, yet I am witness to the blessings. It makes me want to cry sometimes because no one understands fasting’s instant magic; the world, my family, friends, colleagues. This sadness lingers. Perhaps this feeling is just part of the fasting process.

In the past, when I told my mother or sister that I am fasting, their reply would be that it didn’t help if I didn’t take care of myself the rest of the time. Or, “you’ll lose so much weight.” My brother tunes out when I bring up the subject. My stepfather says he is too old. I want to stand on a mountain top and show the world my before and after. But yet, I cannot even convince myself or accept the credit for being cured. For some reason their doubts affect my own, but I am the proof.

The people I love most are those whose medicine cabinets are full of prescriptions ranging from anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, antacids, blood pressure, inflammation and other pain medicines.

My stepfather is terribly arthritic, almost bed-ridden, high blood pressure, has acid-reflux, and takes insulin 4 times daily, among other things.

My mother has suffered years of arthritis and other related ailments. My brother has been on anti-depressants/anxiety pills for years, eating them like candy. But yet, they are not alone. The whole world suffers from these ailments. These specific diseases are so simply eliminated by a good honest 30 – 60 day fast. I am the proof! Even after just 24 hours to three days, my pain subsided, physically and mentally.

Yet, again it brings a shadowy sadness over me because no one understands or is willing to sacrifice, become humble, and deprive themselves of their food or liquor indulgences. It makes me sad because I believe it has to do with their egos. Going to the doctor, relying on others for a quick-fix is easy. Someone coddles you. Even for a minor cold, the world flocks for government-funded flu shots and antibiotics. It’s so overwhelmingly perplexing.

I’ve tried desperately to challenge my family and friends to just a 24-hour to a 3-day fast, even after showing them the proof, but to no avail. When they cannot be convinced of my own proof of the magic of fasting, it disturbs and saddens me. Somehow, it influences my own perception even while I look in the mirror.

Juice fasting is a miracle. It’s “the poor man’s cure“, I once heard. It is magic that presents a one-on-one relationship as a gift for time with oneself, with God, or perhaps both. It can be a lonely self-sacrificing journey. In the end, it will do what I can only say are MIRACLES!

Go here to learn more about Juice Fasting.

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  1. I’m on day three of my juice fast. I’ve been wanting to blog about it but too afraid because I don’t need to lose any weight and people freak out that I’ll starve to death. I’ve done it before up to nine days but it was a long time ago. But I have fibromyalgia/muscle inflammation and I just realized the part between my neck and shoulders has shrunk just in this first bit. I didn’t even realize that was inflammation but it all makes sense why it hurt so much before.

  2. I developed psoriasis almost two years ago which is the same time I became post menopausal, I don’t know if there is any correlation? The psoriasis started on my scalp as a small patch and I didn’t think much about it however it continued to spread and my whole body is pretty much covered now, and now I’m also noticing my nail beds are changing on my feet as well as on my hands. I have tried the ointments and light therapy to no avail. So I thought I’m just going to take my changes with an oral treatment though they said the side effect is cancer. I can not even believe I was going to go that route, especially because my mom and my two aunts died of cancer, crazy right! Well, I came across your site and read the article about an extended juice fast curing psoriasis … I decided to give extended juice fasting a try instead of the oral meds. I want to thank you for this site … I can now make different types of juices to vary it up. Well, here I am on day two of my extended juice fast of 60 or 90 days … basically until my psoriasis clears. I have done a 21-day juice fast in the past however I didn’t have psoriasis during that fast. So far so good. I did do an enema yesterday to kill the hunger pains sooner still hungry but not bad.

  3. Hi. Thank you for sharing.
    I’m doing the same recipe since 2 weeks ago, I don’t have any of your symptoms but I’m solving other symptoms as acne (my skin looks very clear, almost without scars), moreover, I feel more energetic and the quality of my sleep is much better.
    I’m happy with the result and I want to learn new recipes and do it in a more background and knowledge. Enjoy!

  4. I have fasted before also. People really don’t understand it’s about getting healthy. I have asthma, arthritis, insomnia, sugar cravings, breast cancer survivor and tinnitus really bad. It would be nice to talk to someone who truly understands.

  5. im on my second raw blended fast. the first was about 8 years ago. i went from about 310 to around 214lb and took about 8 months., i started with only smoothies but after a couple of weeks i added raw meals to the mix. i felt great and was sure this was the new me for the forseable future. Alas i failed to keep it up and slipped back into a hardcore carnivore diet. Im 38, 6ft2 and currently weigh 272, down from 286 on August 13th. I had back surgery for herniated discs in December and had to stop karate and other exercise due to the disabling sciatica. i feel like i lost a year to it. But, 8+ months post surgery and i only have occasional back pain, my sciatica is gone and im lighter now than when i had surgery. Apart from being a raging carnivore i would drink 30+ ounces of coffee per day and have wine each night with a 6 pack or 2 on the weekends with a few cocktails thrown in for fun. If it was sunny on a saturday i would be drinking on my deck grilling steaks. It sounds fun and it is, however the toll is not worth it.
    14 days in and im feeling more energetic every day. Im down about 1 pound per day. I had one bad evening when i had about 3 slices of pizza – it didnt even taste good and felt horrible physically for a couple of days afterwards.

  6. ???? Well done. Well written. You know how you said your soul was leading you? It led u to the miracle of how our bodies can heal ourself if we get out of the way. Im a huge advocate of juicing and a PA with a masters in clinical medicine. Juicing HEALS… this is no joke. Unfortunately, ur saddness is legit. I feel the same way. Most people are unaware and want to remain that way because they dont want to put any effort or work into their own healing. They want a quick fix, which is so frustrating as a medical provider. Unfortunately, everyone is on their own journey and must come to their own conclusions and hopefully it wont be too late. Good job on ur juice cleansing and sharing ur inspiring story.

  7. Beverley Davis

    A very good read, I totally believe in jucing for health. I have a lot of health issues and I am coming to the conclusion that that is what I concitantly need to do instead of eating has I find eating effects my immune system.
    Health issues, colitis, IBS, hormone imbalance,
    since juicing right which is greens juicing the colitis consultants are surprised I haven’t had a flare up for such a long time. But unfortunately my one big problem is the viral illness I have and have to manage. I am very viral and have to support my immune system by taking glucasan if not I pick up every thing going.
    I take 60 billion strain probiotics and so onto support but not much working at the moment.
    I do believe though that total juicing would be better than eating.

  8. Tammy S Lewis

    Hello SARA , can you please help me on education of fasting. I’m having so many issue with my health. And I want do 40 day fast with juicing. To see if it help me .
    Thank you
    Tammy Lewis

  9. Thanks for sharing. I have chills reading through this article. I know that juice fasts are magic. I have a 7 months baby. I feel so confused sometimes as I have no idea what to do to lose some of this extra weight. I want to be patient and take care of baby first but I am getting tired a lot and my sleep pattern is damaged, my skin and hair are also damaged. I want to try this sometime, but I think I will wait for baby to be fully dependant on his own feeding and not breastmilk. I will save this page and I will try the fast in a few months time. I will come back to give my opinion.

  10. Hello, I’d like to give this a try.. So, are you suggesting I drink two 8 ounce glasses of “the juice” a day? ..I drink a ton of water everyday.. I’m just wanting to know how often I should drink 8 ounces of juice in one day?

  11. lee mason

    juicing for health also eat the whole fruit which is better you also have the fibfre

  12. I’m so happy for u dear…thanks for the receipt and sharing…I’d like to give this a try ❤️ Have a fabulous life

  13. Thank you for your encouraging words and encouragement. I have similar problems who I have been in menopause for the last 4 years with skin, sleeping, depression, weight gain, moods swings, and feeling old.

  14. Hello Sara,

    I absolutely love your story. I’ve started a challenge with a group not gals. It’s been 3 days for me. I can’t lie it’s been so amazing. I know some ppl have cheated. But I some how stumped on your story. I will
    Be sharing with them. To keep them going. Thanks

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