The Occasional Glass Of Beer Or Wine May Be Fine, Find Out How To Minimize Liver Damage

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I’ve had a few people interested in knowing more about organic beers and organic wines, basically wanting to know if they are healthy and okay to drink.

I know some people out there who believe all alcohol is poison, and that you shouldn’t drink it no matter what. On the other hand, a lot of other research points to how a little bit of alcohol, like a glass of wine or beer, can actually boost your health. To say all alcohol is good or bad is quite a generalization, so I want to share my point of view on what is available.

I think certain occasions allow for a glass or two of organic preservative-free wine or beer. For thousands of years, different cultures have based themselves around getting together and socializing. Often, having fermented drinks like wine and beer was a part of that. Having a few drinks can be a good way to socialize and make for a good time, just as long as it’s done consciously.

Distilled Alcohol For Cleaning Or Drinking

My father has the philosophy that distilled alcohol like vodka was designed and used for cleaning the body. It could be used to instantly clean the skin and wounds.

Distilled alcohol is very “hot” in its nature. Any time you put something hot in your mouth or down your throat you tend to have a reaction. Just think about smoking a cigarette, you naturally want to cough. The same goes for distilled alcohol, it creates a burning sensation in your throat.

For this reason, I would not recommend drinking straight alcohol. In fact, I would say it’s quite toxic. It’s tough on the liver and it’s probably not something you want to be doing regularly.

I often get asked about diluting hard alcohol with a mixer. I think if you can dilute it with some freshly squeezed orange juice (or any freshly squeezed juice) to really radically reduce the concentration of alcohol (say 1:6 ratio) that would be the best option. Diluting your alcohol is definitely easier on your body than having 3 straight shots!

I prefer to use my vodka in the way the ancients did, for skin cleaning like in the process of guasha.

Benefits Of The Odd Glass Of Wine Or Beer

Fermented drinks like wine or beer can be okay in moderation, especially if they’re organic. If you look at beer there’s a lot of B vitamins and even fermented bacteria that can help improve digestion.

With wine there is a level of antioxidants from the grapes that research has shown to be beneficial.

For example, there has been loads of research on resveratrol and it’s capacity to have anti-aging effects on the body.

What To Look For On The Label

Even more important than organic is making sure there are no chemical preservatives added. Be aware that organic wine may have added preservatives like sodium sulphides. These are known carcinogens that amongst other things, can damage the liver.

Organic wine and beer isn’t hard to come by but to find one that is actually preservative-free takes a little more work.

When it comes to beer look for one that is labelled ‘preservative free’. I recommend looking for German beers. In Germany they have a law that tells them they can only use 3 or 4 ingredients in their beer. These ingredients typically consist of yeast, hops and malt, not leaving much room for added preservatives.

Preservative-free wine can also be a little harder to find. However there are a few reports claiming that you can add a powder like SO2GO, to reduce the sodium sulfide content.

Everything In Moderation

There was a time in my life where I would have two or three beers every single night to relax. After realizing the ways in which this was disrupting my health, I gave up the habit.

Nowadays if there is a gathering of family and friends for some sort of occasion I will have a couple of beers that are preservative free, preferably organic.

Getting out and socializing and having fun are all part of a healthy lifestyle. Enjoying the occasional drink won’t radically alter your health so it’s safe to do so. In addition, my advice is to keep on eating whole foods, getting some sunshine, going for walks and not getting too caught up in having the odd beer or wine.

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