13-Day Juice Fast With Nina

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Nina DuBose shares about her 13-day fast with only distilled water and juices.  Let’s hear it from her …

Nina’s Healing

In October 2010, I embarked on a 13-day distilled water and juice fast. It was so liberating. My body is still showing the benefits of the fast.

During, my 13-day fast, one thing is I lost weight. I lost 20 pounds. The fat came off much differently than before (unlike with traditional dieting). The cellulite burned off in just the right places. Now, I was not doing my fast for weight loss, this was just a plus.

I had a condition called “plantar fasciitis” This is where the muscles in my feet have small tears. It is a very painful condition. During the fast my body will seek out damaged tissues and burn it like a furnace. A sore that happened right before my fast, healed almost overnight.

Certain digestive discomforts went away. I was suffering from anxiety, due to some recent stressful situations. The aniexty left me completely. I had some miraculous things happen, that no matter what I ate over the holidays, have not come back. I even held on to the weight loss.

Now I try to live a holistic type lifestyle, but around the holidays, I indulged, with none of my symptoms or discomfort or weight coming back.

In my findings, incorporating fast into my healthy lifestyle, rejuvenates, is life extending, and a must. I read the “Miracle of Fasting” by Paul Bragg, who was Jack Lalanne’s mentor, who passed on at the age of 96! He was also a big influence on Arnold Swarzeneggar (from “The Terminator”).

The Bragg lifestyle speaks of fasting and vegetarianism. I also have quarterly colonics. After my 13-day fast, the colonics rid my body of even more fecal matter that was being released.

Juice fasting is a very simple way to better health. The only thing is that your mindset has to change, even having something of a spiritual nature in your life will help get through the first three days. Hunger pangs leave after those first few days.

Nina’s Juice Fasting Regimen

I drank mostly raw juices. Before I purchased my juicer, I live near several raw juice bars (mostly at the Mediterranean restaurants). I would use combinations of carrot and celery, or just plain apple. Any website on juicing will provide yummy combinations. I would also drink distilled water.

I am very careful about sharing my schedule, only because there are so many variations. I started out on a 5-day distilled water fast. After the 5th day, I added the raw juice 1-2 a day. I had fasted before over the years, so this was not my first time out. However, this time I needed to fast for medical purpose. I was ready to embark on the distilled water fast for the entire 13 days. I found myself a little weak during the first 5 days (I still went to work). If a person can fast without having to be tied down by work schedule or work obligations, it would really give the body a chance to do a proper cleanse and rest.

I find myself taking a half hour walk at lunch or in the evening. The miracle of fasting happens after a few days. I got this awesome burst of energy! I still chuckle at my reaction, when I went to sleep tired one night and woke up with so much energy the next morning. And I hadn’t taken anything else but my distilled water.

There is another variation: To your juice and distilled water, add 2 tablespoons of Bragg apple cider or apple cider with the (mother) in it. And, 1-2 teaspoons of raw organic honey to 8 oz of distilled water. It is a wonderful cleanser. I like mine warmed up. I know my method is a challenge, but there is always an option, to perform a 1 day on-1 day off, three days on, 4 days of fruits and vegetables only. Basically working up to a comfort level, where you are seeing results.

Fasting is a wonderful and miraculous event, in my opinion. You want to get the most out of it, based on your goals. Becoming very educated on how to break a fast is just as important as the fast itself. Your body will still be in a cleansing state after you reintroduce solid food.

Breaking Fast

I broke my 13-day fast with stewed tomatoes for 1 day, warm vegetable broth, stewed tomatoes, a container of yogurt on the 2nd day. I was advised that for every day of a fast past five days, you need to add another day of a transitional eating plan. So after I broke my fast, I took 6 day of eating light: broths, juices of course, more distilled water, apple cider vinegar with raw honey, stewed tomatoes (which taste so yummy after 13 days of no food, LOL!).

The third day after a fast an apple would be good, a coleslaw type of salad (the scrubbing effect of the cabbage is helpful. It continues to loosen old fecal matters from the intestines, that were softened during your fast.

Basically, I would google anything, and read as many books on fasting, to verify my findings. I have been a student of holistic health, juicing and fasting, and practiced colonics for over 15 years. I swear by this lifestyle on everything I have.

I think I will start another fast soon. I am inspired. 😉

A Piece Of Advice

You have to be careful though. When fasting you are detoxifying. After spending most of your life eating and living on a poor diet, it’s best to do all things in stages. Readers of this information should be aware to please read up on fasting first, to see what benefits you are looking for and how you should gradually migrate into this way of healing, and always rely on your spiritual side. Seek it out. Fasting is truly a spiritual and wonderful experience. Your mindset is always a determining factor for success. Good Luck!

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