Mother And Daughter Healed From Cancer By Drinking Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Imogen’s Story—Melanoma

In June 2010 we discovered a melanoma on my daughter, Imogen*. We found it by complete accident. When I asked my daughter (who was then 10 years old) why she hadn’t said anything about this dark, black-red crusty mole, she replied: “I didn’t think there was anything wrong.”

My head was racing with so many thoughts and questions: “What to do, who to go to for help, how do we save my Imogen?”

I couldn’t understand how she even succumbed, as I checked my children’s moles every 6 months vigilantly—how did I not even notice these? How did my children even get cancer when I thought they had such a good diet? Later I would come to understand that her school food had been a huge contributory factor.

Now, on looking closely at her, it was clear this was a well established melanoma at about 10mm in diameter.

After years of helping others who had cancer, suddenly it all felt very different now it was my own daughter who needed help. I felt a combination of fear and calm; fear because I knew this was a serious cancer, calm because I had so much experience in understanding cancer from 10 years of research that I knew what we needed to do. We just needed to act fast because this melanoma was in fast growth stage.

Chemotherapy Has A Terrible Track Record For Healing Cancer

Now, although I was not completely against conventional medicine, there are certain aspects of healthcare in which I know fail very badly. One of these is cancer treatment. I knew that if I took our daughter to the GP, we would be offered surgery and chemotherapy that I did not trust as being good enough to treat melanoma.

Surgery can end up spreading the cancer cells into the blood stream. Chemotherapy has a terrible track record for healing cancer. There is only an average of 2% overall success record, and the vast majority end up with secondary cancers because their immune system has been wiped out.

So I knew that, for our daughter, I would be the one to save her. I felt the weight of the huge responsibility on my shoulders.

We Applied Black Salve On The Melanoma

I had successfully used black salve to remove suspicious looking moles before. The beauty of it is that it only targets cancerous cells and leaves healthy cells alone.

We applied some salve and after three days, we saw that the actual cancer was 8 times bigger than the original size. There were satellite clusters of cancerous cells far out from the original mole that had been completely invisible before the salve had found them. I believe that this is why surgery cannot be effective.

Black Salve Was Not Enough

When all the cancer cells had been killed by the black salve and the mole fell out, the horrible realization hit me: I saw that the melanoma had grown beyond the skin layer and had likely spread. This was when I realized we needed additional help and this is where we learned about the power of broccoli sprout juice.

We Got Professional Help

Fortunately, one of my friends was a GP, naturopath and an experienced cancer specialist. I contacted her and told her the situation.  We made an appointment to see her in a couple of weeks’ time.

I told her that Imogen did not know she had cancer—and that we had called her melanoma a ‘bad mole’ that needed to be removed. I did not believe in making her more fearful because fear is the route of dis-ease and I didn’t think she would heal as effectively if she really knew what was going on. The Naturopath agreed to be discreet.

What The Specialist Said

The day came for our appointment. It was a long drive to a place we’d never been and Imogen was nervous. We arrived to find a whole team of people had been gathered to take care of her and I no longer felt on my own. These were people with decades of experience in looking after cancer patients. The word ‘cancer’ was never mentioned in the whole time we were there.

Imogen was given a live blood test, a dry blood test, also a thermogram to determine where the inflammation in her body is and to see if any of her other moles were cancerous. We found out that she still had acidity and in a hushed tone the specialist told me that there were (cancer) indicators in her liver.

I reeled in shock as the Naturopath prescribed a program of broccoli sprout juice daily, supported by an alkaline diet and flax oil. She assured me that she had done this many times before and helped many people, but this was my daughter and it all felt so different hearing these words. I knew how many decades of experience the Naturopath had.

We left the clinic knowing that the next three months until the follow up appointment would be the most important 3 months of Imogen’s life.

3 Months Of Broccoli Sprout Juice, Alkaline Diet And Stress

The next 3 important months did indeed turn out to be even more stressful than the discovery. We followed the Naturopath’s program to the letter and Imogen found this very difficult. She was a young child, and as she didn’t even know she had had a melanoma, she found it difficult to understand why she had to drink the broccoli sprout juice or ‘ditch water’ as she called it.

To help her, we had completely stopped buying anything with sugar for the family and we were all following the same diet. We were all very glad when the 3-month check up arrived and we could go back to find out her progress.

Cancer Free!

As we arrived at the clinic, my heart rate was way too high but I remained calm on the outside just as I had done throughout the journey. More tests were done and, after what seemed hours, we were finally told the news we had been waiting for.

The new tests showed that her pH was now balanced with no more cancer indicators in her liver. The thermogram had picked up no inflammation, and so the melanoma cells that had spread around the body had been destroyed by the broccoli sprout juice and the alkaline regime!

The Added Benefit of Broccoli Sprout Juice and Alkaline Diet

We noticed that her healing rate had been fast: Her melanoma site had healed nicely with a red flat scar that gradually faded over time. Her skin was glowing from the juices and alkaline foods; her eyes had a sparkle about them and the whites were very clear.

Maintenance With Broccoli Sprout Juice

Imogen’s experience was a wake up call for all of us, particularly for me as I really felt I had let her down that she should even get melanoma. I blamed myself for not feeding her the right foods and felt so guilty. But then towards the end of her treatment, I discovered that Imogen had been eating huge amounts of sugar as part of her school meals and break snacks (not provided by me).

We sat down and had a long chat about healthy eating and I decided it was time to share with her what she had been through, in the least scary way I could tell her. She needed to understand the importance of diet to stay pH balanced, which she seemed to do, despite her young age.

Imogen continued to drink broccoli sprout juice for another 6 months just to be sure that she remained free from cancer. Every 6 months after that we would do a cleanse where she would drink broccoli sprout juice for a month. I was still very wary of the power of melanoma and could not bear to watch my child suffer again. We continued to test her pH every so often to ensure she stayed in the healthy range.

Life After Melanoma

Our non-sugar buying habits were eased off but now only for birthdays and Christmas and we continued with alkaline food. After 2 years, Imogen begged me not to give her any more ‘ditch water’ and so I told her that if her pH levels stayed above 7, we had a deal! Little did I know that this ‘ditch water’ would be my salvation several years later, but that’s another story…. 

Rosie’s Story—Lump In Breast And Shooting Pains

After Imogen’s scare I was much more careful with our family’s food. After a few years, we relaxed the restriction from birthdays and Christmas to include one treat a week. Life settled into a healthier but more relaxed routine and things seemed to be going well.

One day, I noticed that I had a lump in my breast and experienced some shooting pains. I ignored them because I simply had no money to pay to see the Naturopath nor pay for supplements. These pains sometimes kept me awake and went deep into the breast. I was secretly concerned, but not having the means to deal with it, I tried to ignore them.

Now, you need to know that at this point in my life, my job was to process orders for customers at a wholefoods company.

A Blessing In Disguise

Eighteen months after these pains began, the universe threw me a lifeline that I grabbed, completely unaware it was even a lifeline at the time.

What happened was that one of my clients had returned some ‘expired’ broccoli sprout juice that were provided as samples but had not been sent out due to an administrative error. So the juices had passed the consume-by date, before they were issued.

I knew that the juices were technically good to drink for at least four years, due to the way it was packed. I got permission to take them home. I drank it every day, as intuited, which led me to drink 3-4 tubes every day for the two months, then two tubes a day from then on.

After two months of drinking broccoli sprout juice and without even noticing the process, I found that the lump had disappeared. I was no longer kept awake at night in pain, in fact I had no pain, no bad feeling, no lump, nothing!

During this time, I continued to eat the same foods and hadn’t changed my diet. I realized that it must have been the broccoli sprout juice and when I did more research on the product I learned that I was not alone in experiencing healing!

The Miracle Maker: Broccoli Sprout Juice!

What’s interesting is that before I even realized I had no more lump or pain, I had noticed that I had more energy. After a while because of this effect, I started to crave broccoli sprout juice and to look forward to my morning shot. I noticed that my skin was looking better and I also noticed a flat pale brown mole had shrunk and that an old white scar was slowly turning pink.

Broccoli Sprout Juice Saved My Life

I can tell you now that I do still drink broccoli sprout juice every day (this time, juice that is still within consume date!) and also that I absolutely love it.

I am not trying to prove that broccoli sprout juice cures cancer because I cannot say that for sure as I had no medical tests to prove that my lump was cancerous. What I can say is that the lump did test positive for cancer using kinesiology. I can also say that secretly deep down I knew it was cancer but I was way too scared to get medical confirmation.

So all I will say is that in my humble opinion, broccoli sprout juice saved my life and that I will remain grateful to this day for that administrative error that blessed me with enough broccoli sprout juice to do what it did.

Broccoli Sprout Juice—Anti-Aging Effect

What’s interesting is that I found that drinking broccoli sprout juice not only got rid of the pains and lump in my breast but a really unexpected but wonderful side effect has been that I now look about seven years younger. I now drink broccoli sprout juice daily, not just for the anti-cancer effect but also for vanity’s sake!

How To Buy Broccoli Sprout Juice With Highest Sulforaphane

I came across these ready-to-drink broccoli sprout juice and ordered some of them to try. After drinking one tube a day for a week, I can tell you that I feel very energized! Now, a little background about me: I’ve been drinking fresh juices for over a decade now, and have healed from all symptoms (you can read my story here). But if any juice gives me that kind of energy, it must be really something!

The best news is that they are inexpensive for daily consumption, considering the powerful sulforaphane that fights cancer like no other food!

Vegus Juices is the only company in the world that makes broccoli sprout juice with the highest source of sulforaphane at about 100 micromoles a tube!

The broccoli sprout juice comes in individually-packed 40 ml tube size that preserves the nutrients and enzymes (especially sulforaphane) in such a way that it needs no refrigeration, yet has a shelf life of up to 26 weeks (6 months).

I got in touch with the company’s very friendly Sales & Marketing Consultant, to request for deals for my readers. And I’m happy to say that they will be giving 10% discount off your first order. So, when you head over to their site to make your first order, remember to use this coupon code:

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Vegus Juices also prepares wheatgrass juice and broccoli sprout + beetroot juice. All prepared by cold-press, never heated, never frozen and using high pressure processing that gives their juices a 6-month shelf life without refrigeration.


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* This story was submitted by one of our readers, Rosie Love, about her and her daughter Imogen (both pseudonyms)

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