Beetroot-Feta Cheese Salad That Fights Inflammation, Detoxifies The Liver, Treats Anemia

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Beetroot is so good for the liver, it detoxifies and supports liver health, is heart-healthy and fights inflammation. If you don’t like beetroot juice, you will love this salad. If you love beetroot, you will love this salad even more! This beetroot-feta cheese salad has all the incredible ingredients that make it a synergy of superfoods that do so much for your health!

Beetroot-Feta Cheese Salad

beetroot-feta cheese salad

Health Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroots have long been known for its outstanding health benefits for not only the liver, but also for almost every part of the body. These are only a few of a long list of health benefits:

  • Its alkalinity is effective for combating over-acidity in the body.
  • The high content of iron regenerates and reactivates the red blood cells and supplies fresh oxygen to the body. The copper content works as a co-factor to make iron more bio-available to the body.
  • It is a powerful solvent for inorganic calcium deposits that cause arteries to harden.
  • Eating beetroot helps dilate blood vessels and improve blood pressure, lowering high blood pressure and elevating low blood pressure.
  • Betaine is a significant anti-cancer property that inhibits formation of cancer-causing compounds, and protects against cancer of the stomach and colon.
  • Choline from beetroot detoxifies not only the liver, but also the entire system of excessive alcohol abuse.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties in beetroot makes this food a great natural painkiller, helps ease pains from gout, arthritis and injuries.
  • Detoxifies the liver and healing for bile ailments such as jaundice, hepatitis, food poisoning.

Health Benefits of Feta Cheese

Many people read “cheese” and think “unhealthy”. The good news is, not all cheeses are bad for you. Feta cheese is very low in calories and perhaps, one of the healthiest cheeses available. It is delicious when used proportionately in recipes.

Feta cheese is made from sheep or goat’s milk (or both), it has a pleasant savory taste, is nutrient-rich so you can eat it without guilt (although moderation is always the best policy)! Feta cheese (like goat’s milk) is easier to digest and much less allergenic and inflammatory, making it an ideal food for individuals who cannot tolerate cow’s dairy products.

Some of the benefits of feta cheese:

  • It has a protein called alpha-lactalbumin that in the presence of calcium and zinc in the cheese, makes it a food that is protective against tumors and cancer.
  • Feta cheese has another protein called histidine that combines with vitamin B6 (also present in the cheese), undergo a molecular process to become histamine, that protects the body from damages by inflammation.
  • This healthy cheese provides you with beneficial bacteria that not only strengthens your gut health, but also improves your immune system.
  • A good source of vitamin B2, feta cheese is a food that helps prevent headaches or migraines.
  • The presence of folate (vitamin B12) and the small amount of iron in feta cheese, makes it a food that contributes to healthy blood-building.

Cilantro And Garlic

This beetroot-feta cheese salad recipe calls for finely chopped cilantro and garlic. Two of my most favorite foods that are great for detoxifying heavy metals.

Garlic on its own, is an anti-coagulant, has anti-cancer properties, strengthens the immune system, lowers blood sugar levels, treats fungal infections, normalizes blood pressure, detoxifies toxins from the blood and relieves gas/bloating in the stomach.

Cilantro contains natural properties that are antibiotic, anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory. This factor alone makes this herb a superior food to be eaten for strengthening the immune system. Eating cilantro regularly helps to detoxify heavy metals from the body, preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

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Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

We use extra virgin organic olive oil in this recipe. You can substitute it with other heart-healthy oil such as pure grapeseed oil, sesame oil or avocado oil.

These oils have rich stores of precious monounsaturated fats that literally help you to burn fats when used the right way. And, having high quality fats in your salad helps your body to absorp maximum nutrients from the salad.

Beetroot-Feta Cheese Salad Recipe

This salad has the perfect combination of all the healthiest ingredients in one bowl, with the perfect balance of tastes—sweet, savory, tangy and the unique taste/fragrant from cilantro.

Sometimes I add lightly-toasted cashew nuts in the end, once I mix up all the ingredients. The nuts give the salad a fuller, scrumptious taste and also keeps you feeling full for longer.  It’s optional (but highly recommended) or you may also use any other nuts as you desire. Here’s what you need:


  • 2 medium-large beetroots
  • 50-60 grams of feta cheese
  • 2 cloves of garlic, finely minced
  • 2 tablespoons of finely chopped cilantro
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • A fistful of lightly-toasted cashew nuts (optional but salad tastes so good with them)


  1. Wash and scrub the beetroot clean. Boil them in a stainless steel pot on medium heat for about 40-45 minutes. You should be able to pierce through the beetroots easily with a knife when they’re done.
  2. Drain the hot water from the pot and fill with cold water to cool.
  3. Peel off the skin. I find it easier to scrape off the skin with a spoon.
  4. Cube the beetroots and feta cheese.
  5. Add all ingredients in a big salad bowl, drizzle the olive oil and mix them up.
  6. Serve chilled. Enjoy!

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