5 Natural Remedies To Relieve And Ease Psoriasis

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Although all health conditions have their downsides and negative side effects, many consider skin conditions to be some of the worst. Not only can they be extremely uncomfortable and damaging to your health, many skin conditions are impossible to hide. This can lead to embarrassment and impeding on a quality daily life.


An Introduction to Psoriasis

One example of a skin condition is psoriasis. Psoriasis is a very common skin problem, but it often makes sufferers feel like they have to keep all of their skin covered at all times to avoid stares, questions, or other negative reactions.

In truth, psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, so it cannot be passed from person to person. When your immune system gets a little overzealous and creates new skin cells at a fast rate, scaly patches develop on the skin. These are the trademark symptom of psoriasis.

There are many natural foods you can introduce into your diet to relieve and gradually eliminate psoriasis.

Read more about natural remedies for psoriasis.

Before trying any natural remedies, it is always advisable to change your diet and especially cut out sugar and processed foods that are main causes of internal inflammatory. Start here.

Below are a few natural remedies that may help to relieve and ease psoriasis, possibly even heal with a change in your diet. However, this list is certainly not exhaustive. Natural organic plant foods are really the best miracle healing foods above all.


1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Since this remedy works for a wide range of skin conditions, you may want to try apple cider vinegar for psoriasis. It does not treat psoriasis at the source—the immune system— but it can gradually get rid of the scaly patches that cover your skin.

For best results, use organic apple cider vinegar. Apply apple cider vinegar directly on the affected skin.


2. Oil of Oregano

Add 4-5 drops of oil of oregano in your water and drink this two to three times a day for parasites cleansing.

At the same time, you may apply this antiseptic oil to the affected skin. Use a cotton bud to apply the oil two or three times a day.

This oil is great for healing many skin conditions, even difficult ones, although as most natural healing, it may take some time before you see some results.


3. Going Gluten-Free

Gluten has been tied to a wide number of conditions, but perhaps the most significant tie is between gluten and autoimmune conditions, including psoriasis. The consumption of gluten has been found to worsen the effects and progression of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

To see if going gluten-free can help you, dedicate yourself to cutting out gluten for a period of at least one month. During this time frame, keep track of your psoriasis symptoms to see if they worsen, improve, or remain the same. At the end of the month, you’ll have your answer.


4. Fish and Fish Oil

Inflammation is the real reason behind psoriasis, just like it is in any autoimmune disease. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil can naturally reduce inflammation and help your body’s immune system respond more appropriately to perceived threats.

Although you can take a supplement to get your fish oil, your body uses nutrients more effectively when omega-3 fatty acids come from natural sources. Consider getting more fish in your diet, including salmon and swordfish.


5. Green Juices

Last but not least, I have seen how drinking green juices—especially in a juice fast—has been really effective for clearing up many ailments, skin conditions included.

Green juices are very blood and colon cleansing, thus helpful for getting the body alkalized and nourished appropriately for better healing. Read more about vegetable juicing, and everything you need to know to do a safe juice fast.




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