40-Day Rawfood Cleanse With Kim

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Exclusive interview between Juicing-for-Health.com and Kim Peterson who did a raw food and juice cleanse.

Kim encountered health issues in her early 20s which required her to undergo a major surgery. Many years later, her second child had a recurring and horrible ear infections which had him going back to the hospital too frequently. A surgery was even suggested but the infections continued and became so severe that the tube in his ear was blown out and he was left with a hole in his eardrum.

Feeling powerless to make informed choices concerning her and her family’s health, she began to study naturopathic and homeopathic treatments which has greatly helped improve her family’s health.

Juice fasting is a part of Kim’s journey towards health and here she shares about her 40-day rawfood cleanse …

Q: Please introduce yourself, what do you do for a living?

Hi, my name is Kim Peterson & I am the Founder of CommonSenseHealth.Org.

Q: Have you done similar fasts/cleansing before this?

I have tried in the past to do things like the Master Cleanse with zero success. I was always starving and feeling sick, it just didn’t work for me.

Q: What inspired you to start the 40-day cleansing?

I was inspired to do a 40-day cleansing after reading about the results achieved by others. It sounded logical & attainable.

Q: Were you personally facing some health issues that you were hoping this fast would help address?

My primary objective was to attain mental clarity and to eliminate my craving cycles (which ran from from sweet to salty) and included processed foods. I really wanted to make a clean break from these non-foods.

Q: What motivated you to continue and complete the 40-day cleansing?

For the most part I felt great, had clarity of mind and saw the positive effects on my body. These were big motivators!

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced during the 40 days?

Some days I felt a psychological attraction to food. By that I mean, I wasn’t actually hungry, I just imagined I was. My mind was really playing some interesting games with me.

Q: Were there days that you felt like ending the fast? If so, can you share with us what happened?

YES! There were some really tough days when I thought “I just can’t do this anymore!” When I really hit a wall after 20 days, I decided to incorporate a large green salad for dinner which satisfied my desire to chew and really helped my body feel satisfied.

Q: Did you experience any healing reactions? If so, can you please tell us about it?

I did heal emotionally and physically. This was my ultimate goal. I healed myself from cravings that were incredibly detrimental to my health and mental attitude. This was huge for me. I now crave actual food, not boxed, processed chemical laden faux foods.

Q: What are some of the physical changes you experienced at the end of the cleansing?

I lost weight, my skin cleared, I had no pain in joints or body aches, I was clear headed and able to focus and get a huge amount done in a short period of time. I really felt as if I’d hit an internal reset button!

Q: What were your family members’ reactions when they heard you were going on the extended fast/cleansing? Were they supportive of you during your 40-day journey?

Not too enthusiastic as they knew my decisions would be affecting them as well. No junk food in the house. I was happy about this, them, not so much.

Q: Did you have to turn down lunch/dinner/party invites during this time?

No, I just made sure to have juice & water with me. I was really committed. That made things easier.

Q: What was your feeling at the end of the 40-day cleansing?

At the end of my fast/feast I felt empowered! I felt that I had taken the time to heal my body and now it respected me and wanted to treat me well as I had taken the time to respect it by doing the fast.

Q: What are your plans beyond 40 days?

To continue a lifestyle of eating only real food, no fillers and no simple carbohydrates. This type of diet resonates with my body and will keep me in peak shape throughout my life.

Q: What juicer do you use and why?

I used an old Jack Lalanne juicer that had belonged to my mother. It worked great!

Q: Can you please describe the program that you follow? What’s your favorite recipe?

Day 1-10 just juice; Day 10-25 juice and 1 green salad per day; Day 26-40 juice, salad and additional rawfoods (all natural yoghurt, raw sunflower seeds, whole fruits etc.). I loved spinach, apples, beets & ginger. Anything was great as long at it included one or more of these.

Q: Please share with us briefly what a typical day would be on a “busy” juice-fast day?

I would be sure to take lots of water and a large container of juice with ice to sip on while I was on the road.

Q: Please share how you broke this extended 40-day cleansing?

I did not do it the right way. I went from salads to adding carbs (not good ones) and shortly thereafter processed sugars. I felt sick … flu-like right away. My body ached and it was very unpleasant. However, I am very happy for this reaction because I now know that I have a very high sensitivity to these food products. I never would have known this had I not cleansed.

As a result I now eat a diet that is 80% juice fruits & veggies & the other 20% carbs & proteins with very little to no processed foods. I feel great! Powerful, energetic and clear … what more could you ask for!?

Q: In your opinion, do you think anyone could do the program? Why or why not?

I will definitely do 7-10 day fasts in the future if I need a reset. Not sure if I’ll do 40 days again, but as I have learned over the years “never say never!” I believe if the timing is right for your body, yes, anyone can do it. If you believe you can, you can. The reverse is also true. It is critical to have faith in yourself and love for yourself enough to follow through.

Q: What is your best advice for anyone intending to do an extended juice fast/feast/cleanse like this?

Do it because you love yourself. You love your body as a temple and you want it to be healthy and vibrant. The mental benefits of juicing cannot be overstated as they are nothing short of amazing. Just do it! You are worth it!

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