No More IBS

by Alan Harding (NSW Australia)


Hi Sara, I have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for most of my life.

A few weeks ago I started juicing fresh ginger root, freezing the juice in 5ml and 10ml size blocks. I add 10ml ginger root ice block to one litre of filtered water and drink two to three litres a day.



I also add a 5ml block to my black tea, no sugar or milk. I must say I don’t like tea without ginger any more.

The result has been fantastic, my Irritable Bowel Syndrome has completely disappeared!  I am quite pleased as you would expect.

Feel free to use and share my result as a test case if you wish. If I can help others it makes me happy



One thought on “No More IBS

  1. sian

    hi Sara, I really love your website here..

    I`ve been suffering from piles for many years now and last year was the worst one, because my piles was bleeding so badly until I had to make a decision to let the Doctor to do the operation by Staple. My haemoglobin was only 3.1 at that stage, I couldn`t even walk. half of my face was swollen full of liquid. so anyway I had my operation although I was terrified!!! Indeed it was so painfull. however only about 6 months it was relapsed again and I am bleeding again. I have been on juice since every morning (banana and strawberries and a little bit of UHT milk).. However I gained weight. So i decided to make some green juices with only a few vegies only. Then just recently when I found your article coincidently about the juice. I started making some green juices using more variety of vegies, besides my routine I can loose some weight also.. but for about 3 days now I`ve got some diarrhea (2-3 times a day?) and my piles got even worse and bleeding again. I had no idea what went wrong..should i stop juicing? I wonder if you`ve got juice recipes for piles?

    Your early responds would be very appreciated. Keep up on your GOOD JUICING!

    Sian indonesia


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