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Champion Juicer Household 2000+ and Commercial Heavy Duty


Champion Juicer Household SILVERChampion Household Juicer WHITE

Champion Household Juicer BLACKChampion Household Juicer BLACK

Champion Household Juicer SILVERChampion Household Juicer SILVER

Champion Household Juicer ALMOND

Champion Household Juicer ALMOND


The Champion Household 2000 Plus is the pioneer in masticating juicers made in the USA. It has been around in the market for the last 20 years and used to be a favorite with veteran juicers.

This model has not changed much from its original design since more than two decades ago. Unlike the other juicers which operate on a single ‘worm-like gear, this Champion uses a high-rotating cutter blade (not unlike a centrifugal juicer).

The Household Model is the lowest range of the Champion single gear juicer, made for home use. It comes in four colors — white, black, silver, and almond.

There are also the Commercial Heavy-Duty versions which look exactly like the Household model with the differences being in the type of steel used to make the motor shaft and the wattage.

 Motor Shaft Hardened steel Stainless steel
 RPM 1725 1725
 Horsepower 1/3 HP 1/3 HP
 Wattage 540 watts 640 watts
 Weight 26 pounds / 11.8 kg 26 pounds / 11.8 kg
 Dimensions H10″ x W17″ x D7″ H10″ x W17″ x D7″



  • It’s a masticating juicer and produces rich-colored and concentrated juices
  • Heavy and made of durable materials, built to last for decades

    Optional Greens Attachment
  • Multi-functional, can juice, make sauces, nut butter, ice-cream, and sorbet
  • Easy to assemble, operate and wash up



  • A little bulkier and noisier compared to most new masticating juicers
  • Doesn’t juice green leafy vegetables very well, requiring to purchase of an optional “Greens Attachment”
  • The household model may heat up with prolonged juicing.  Recommended to get the Heavy Duty model for heavy-duty juicing
  • Very heavy at 26 lbs / 11.8 kg


Overall, the Champion is a “reasonable” device.  The design may be a little outdated but veteran juicers love the durability of the machine, some boasting of using the juicer for more than 20 years.  Whether you will like it or not depends on how “fussy” you are.  Some love it, some hate it.

With some patience, you may get great-tasting, rich juices out of it.  With impatience, you may not like the handling and maintenance of the juicer that requires frequent oiling by coconut or olive oil.  I personally think that is an outdated technology when other new masticating juicer models have very few maintenance requirements.


The Greens Attachment

The maker of the Champion Juicer recently produced the “Greens Attachment” which is an optional attachment for the Champion juicers.  Formerly, complaints were that these juicers cannot juice leafy green vegetables without the juicer heating up.

The Greens Attachment can attach to Champion juicers that were manufactured from 1988 onwards.  If you already own one of these Champion juicers, you may want to purchase just this attachment to widen your juicer’s ability in juicing greens.

It is great for juicing wheatgrass, but due to the high RPM speed, the wheatgrass may get spit out quickly. The juicer maker suggests that you put the pulp in a second time to get more yield out of it. But, do not put the pulp through the third time as it gets too dry and may cause friction that heats up the attachment.


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