Juice Fast/Feast Testimonies

Honest and personal accounts from fellow Juice Fasters/Feasters who did extended cleanses. Take a closer look at their exciting journeys.


Ordinary People Getting Extra-ordinary Results

I have had the privilege to come across many fellow Juicers who are really passionate about juicing. With every juicer (person who juices), there will often come a time when he/she decides to go on a juice fast/feast.

I’m often intrigued and fascinated with their extended juice fast/feast journey as each fast/cleanse is different and unique with different stories to tell. I’ve collected their stories and with each one I learn something new. Perhaps it will help you too, should you decide to go on an extended fast/feast too.

Or, maybe YOU have done an extended fast/feast and would like to share YOUR story. Please write to me. Your story will encourage many others to improve their health.

They’re named differently with different people, juice fast, juice feast or juice cleanse, but they all go towards improving their health. Enjoy the sharing with insider’s tips below (most recent story on top):


Jeff’s 70-day green juice cleanse

Leslie’s 60-day juice fast

Cecelia’s 40-day juice feast

Kim’s 40-day rawfood cleanse

Steven’s 30-day juice fasting

Excel’s 30-day juice cleanse

Emily’s 31-day juice fasting

Nina’s 13-day distilled water and juice fast

Nadine’s 92-day juice feasting

Sara’s 28-day juice feasting

Sara’s (that’s me!) 21-day spiritual fast


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