No One Diet Fits All: Eat According To Your Body Type

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One diet does not fit everyone. This is one of the major problems with dieting trends. Many people are quick to give the latest trend a try and then are disappointed when they do not get the results that they want.

Researchers believe that diets should be adjusted to meet the needs of individuals. In the past, it was thought that when you are unable to lose weight while following a diet it was due to a lack of motivation or willpower. Instead of blaming the diet or your ability to stick to a diet, you should place the blame on your body.

Different body types respond to food in different ways. Take tomatoes as an example. For most people, eating tomatoes can help prevent cancer and provide the body with antioxidants, while others may react to it.

So how do you find the diet that is best for your body? You may want to look at your body type and the traditional foods of your culture.


Eating A Traditional Diet To Stay Healthy

Some nutritionists suggest that the healthiest diet is the one traditionally eaten by people in your culture. By looking at your heritage, you may be able to find the best diet for your specific body type.

As an example of eating the foods that your ancestors ate, Northern European cultures did not have access to rice, corn, and many other vegetables. Someone with Northern European ancestry may benefit more from a diet containing stews, meat, dairy and fermented vegetables.

In cultures where seafood is popular, such as Japan and parts of Southeast Asia, sticking to a traditional diet of fish and vegetables may work better with your body.

The general concept that eating the foods eaten by your ancestors is good for you, is a theory that makes sense. Though, you should keep in mind that there has not been significant research to prove or disprove the theory that eating the food of your ancestors is the best way to go.


Choosing The Right Diet For Your Body Type

If eating the food that your ancestors consumed does not work for you, another path that you may take is changing your diet based on your body type. You can divide people into three basic body types—ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Figure out which category you belong to and learn which diets may work best for your body type.


1. The Ectomorph Body Type

The term ectomorphs refer to individuals that tend to weigh less than the average weight for their height and often have a strong metabolism. Ectomorphs may have trouble gaining weight and have low body fat with a narrow frame—people that are naturally rail-thin are ectomorphs.

If you are an ectomorph and trying to gain weight, you should focus your diet on high-density weight gainers. This includes almonds, peanut butter, and avocado. These are foods that take longer to digest. You should also try to fill your diet with about 50% carbohydrates until you reach your ideal weight.

Ectomorphs do not often have difficulty losing weight. If you are an ectomorph and you have recently experienced weight gain, you may want to try detoxifying your body. You may have a blockage or other issues that are interfering with your metabolism.


2. The Endomorph Body Type

The endomorphic body type is the opposite of the previous category. People with the endomorph body type tend to have more trouble losing weight and keeping it off. They may have difficulty developing muscle definition and may fatigue easily.

If you fall into this category, try cutting back on carbohydrates and drink plenty of water. You should also fill up on healthy fruits and vegetables. Do not stick to a restrictive diet or try to suddenly cut out your favorite meals. Make it your goal to focus on a balanced diet.


3. The Mesomorph Body Type

The mesomorph body type often has a larger frame and may possess characteristics found in both the other categories. A mesomorph is likely to have wider shoulders, a small waist, and can easily develop muscles. Mesomorphs should try to eat smaller meals, spreading their meals out between five or six servings throughout the day.


Consider Your Body Type

What is the takeaway here? There is no one diet that is perfect for everyone. The best that you can do is try to make healthy eating options. Whenever you plan on changing your diet, you should start slow. Take it one step at a time, making simple changes and monitoring the way that your body reacts.

Losing weight is not always easy. If you are having trouble losing weight and have tried multiple diets, consider some of the suggestions provided. Try considering your body type of your cultural heritage. If this does not work, do not give up, continue trying new eating habits until you find something that works.





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