6 Incredible Things That Drinking A Cup Of Coffee A Day Can Do For You

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Guess what, coffee lovers? The coffee you crave just got more desirable!

With more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables, coffee does more than just wake you up; it also protects you from a variety of chronic illnesses.

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Caution With Coffee

These health benefits are a result of drinking organic, brewed black coffee, not instant coffee. Additives such as sugar, sweeteners, milk and cream diminish the health benefits of coffee and may actually contribute to a decline in your health.

Wean yourself off harmful coffee additives by replacing sugars and sweeteners with raw, organic honey or stevia. If you’re used to adding cream into your coffee, gradually reduce the amount of cream you use till you’re completely weaned off it. Experimenting with different roast flavors can also help you become a black-coffee drinker.


Here are five chronic illnesses that freshly brewed, organic black coffee can protect us from:

Cardiovascular Disease

36 studies involving more than 1,270,000 people revealed that those who drank three to five cups of coffee a day had a lower risk of cardiac ailments such as stroke, and heart failure.



Researchers in Sweden discovered that drinking two cups of coffee a day, along with the cancer-fighting drug tamoxifen, can decrease the risk of recurrent breast cancer by 50%.

Researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that men who drink four cups of coffee a day reduced their risk of recurrent prostate cancer by 59%.

Studies have also shown that drinking two cups of coffee a day can lower the risk of liver cancer by 40%.

A journal in the American Association for Cancer Research found that drinking four or more cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by 25%.



Black coffee helps to lower triglyceride levels, making it a great beverage for diabetics. The Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied 42,659 people and found that coffee could also cut your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 30%.


Alzheimer’s Disease

According to the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, drinking at least three cups of coffee daily could delay this devastating disease.

100% of the 65 to 88 years old patients in studies done at the University of South Florida and the University of Miami who had high levels of caffeine in their blood did not develop full-blown Alzheimer’s over the course of four years.


Liver Cirrhosis

Those who have cirrhosis caused by non-viral hepatitis can reduce their risk of dying from this liver disease by 66% with just two cups of coffee a day, according to the journal Hepatology.


Coffee Can Also Help With Weight Loss

When researchers in Australia gave volunteers either caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee, or a caffeine tablet for breakfast and monitored them up until lunch time for feelings of hunger, they found that those who drank caffeinated coffee felt less hungry than those who had decaffeinated coffee or a caffeine tablet.

There’s something about the caffeine and coffee combo that can help us eat less, but keep in mind that weight loss is also about the kind of food you eat plus when and how frequently you eat these foods.

So, get your coffee brewing! But if you’re a coffee lover, you certainly don’t need me to tell you that!



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