Is Fruit Fructose Bad For You?

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Is fruit sugar or fruit fructose bad for you?

Many people seem to think that fruit juices are high in sugar and are to be avoided, so they drink only vegetable juices. Nothing wrong with that, except that they’re missing out on the variety of precious nutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that Nature has provided for us.

is fruit fructose bad for you?

It’s true that there will be some sugar spike in your blood after drinking a glass of fruit juice, BUT, practice MODERATION. Of course, too much of anything is bad, we all know that.

So Is Fruit Fructose Bad For You?

A glass of fruit juice daily will NOT cause diabetes/obesity. BUT, if you have an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, you don’t know how weak your internal organs are functioning. So when you drink a glass of fruit juice, you can’t really blame the juice for causing you this and that problem. I have yet to come across anyone who became diabetic from drinking fruit juices.

Our bodies are made to live on fruits and vegetables. Fruit sugar can easily be assimilated (absorbed) by our cells compared to REFINED SUGAR. Refined sugar is manmade sugar that is in most processed foods. THAT KIND of sugar is toxic and will cause you diabetes/obesity. Eating processed/refined foods made from THAT KIND of sugar is what I meant by “faulty eating”. In any case, type 2 diabetes is also caused by regularly eating deep-fried foods and flour products.

A glass of freshly extracted fruit juice is definitely a better choice than a slice of cake, or a bottled/canned juice that you buy off the shelves.

Having said that, IF you know that you’ve not been eating “healthily”, then DO REDUCE on your fruit juices intake (and of course all those processed/refined foods too!).

IF you’re diabetic, have a blood disorder, yeast infection, must be on a low-carb diet, or have a tendency to put on weight easily, then please AVOID fruit juices! Then it is quite clear that your body cannot process sugar, even fruit sugar. Practice SMART juicing. I do drink fruit juices on their own and love it! They also make great-tasting juices when mixed with the unpalatable green juices. 🙂

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  1. I am doing a 30 day detox, I have a fruit juice in the morning and a veggie juice for lunch. I an finding when I drink the veggie drink for lunch it makes me feel sick but if I drink it in the evening before I go to the gym I am okay. Would it be okay to drink a fruit juice for breakfast and for lunch then leave my veggie juice for when I get home from work??? I just don’t want to gain weight, I’m looking to get ride of toxins and loose some weight. Will drink the 2 fruit juices a day affect my weight??

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