Male Infertility: Natural Ways To Improve Sperm Count, Quality, Motility And Libido!

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Male infertility refers to a male’s inability to cause pregnancy in a fertile female.

About 13 out of 100 couples cannot get pregnant with unprotected sex. There are many causes for infertility in men and women. In over a third of infertility cases, the problem lies with the man. This is most often due to problems with his sperm production or with sperm delivery.

improve sperm count and quality

What Causes Male Infertility?

More than 90% of male infertility cases are due to low sperm count or poor quality sperm. Sperm-related problems may be: weak sperm that don’t move quickly enough, they are not formed properly, or that the seminal fluid may be too thick thus preventing easy motility.

Other causes of male infertility may be due to anatomical or psychological problems, hormonal imbalances and possibly genetic defects. This article is not to address this second set of issues.

Lifestyle Factors That Contribute To Male Infertility

Poor lifestyle choices often affect the reproductive system and fertility. You may have poor quality and low sperm count, if you:

  • Smoke tobacco or recreational drugs
  • Have three or more alcoholic drinks a day
  • Are on medication, including testosterone replacement therapy
  • Have chronic diseases
  • Are obese
  • Are exposed to toxins (whether from the atmosphere or ingested) and electromagnetic radiation
  • Hernia in groin
  • Sexually transmitted infections or diseases
  • Undernourished (poor choices of food)
  • Undergo prolonged stress

Natural Remedies To Improve Sperm Count And Quality

This article is directed to men who have infertility due to sperm-related problems. These problems can be easily corrected by changing your lifestyle, eating the right foods and taking the right supplements. If your doctor has diagnosed you with “unexplained infertility”, then this article may be helpful for you.

Here are some things you could do:

1. Change Your Lifestyle

It depends on how badly you want to impregnate your partner. Changing your lifestyle is necessary in order to reverse sperm-related problems.

cut up cigaretteIf you smoke, quit smoking. If you drink excessively, give up drinking. If you’re on medication, work with your doctor to reduce medication and eat healthily to boost your immune system. If you are obese, lose weight. You get the idea.

Know what lifestyle factors are affecting your infertility and fix that. It is not impossible, it is how much you are willing to do to reach your goal.

With a lifestyle change, allow yourself about 120 days before trying to conceive. In the meantime, detox and eat healthily to improve your health, and the quality of the sperm will improve as well. It takes about 120 days to expel most of the toxins from your body, and for quality sperm to develop and form. This website has all the information you need to help you with your lifestyle change.

It takes two to make a baby, so make this lifestyle changing decision together with your partner and stick with it. Together, optimizing the quality of eggs and sperm will ensure that your chances are higher and the gift will be a healthy, bouncy baby!

2. Reduce Exposure To Toxins

Poor quality sperm is believed to be caused by exposure to xenoestrogens—endocrine disruptors, a category of toxic chemicals that alter the normal function of hormones. You may not be able to totally avoid these disruptors in your life, but you can certainly minimize the impact they have on your health.

Some of the sources of endocrine disruptors are pesticides, herbicides, plastics, industrial pollutants, chlorinated water (whether drinking or from a swimming pool), canned foods, synthetic medications, commercial deodorants, dairy products, soy milk, etc. See this endocrine disruptors list for more details.

Avoid foods high in sugar at all cost. Sugar is very toxic and its consumption depletes many nutrients in your body. It can cause a hormonal imbalance and suppress your immune system. Opt for alternative and safer natural sweetness instead.

Eat lots of foods high in antioxidants that will neutralize toxins and free radicals that find their way into your body. Best sources of antioxidants are colorful, organic fruits and vegetables—eat them raw, uncooked, or juice them!

3. Exercise Regularly

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, exercising regularly is recommended to keep a normal body weight and to relieve stress and anxiety. Exercising five times a week for at least 45 minutes each time seems to be helpful in enhancing male fertility.

However, excessive and strenuous exercises (like marathon running) are not recommended as it causes stress to the body that leads to lowered sperm count. Cycling is not recommended as it places pressure against the scrotum, thus increasing scrotum temperature and decreasing sperm production.

A daily 45-minute brisk walk with your partner will help deepen your bonding, and at the same time, provide both of you the physical exercise and relaxation, that will help you to reach your goal.

4.  Nutritional Supplements

While I’m a big fan of getting our nutrients from eating fresh, whole foods, in the case of healing male infertility, quality supplements are a good way to help improve sperm health.

For men, the most important nutrients needed to increase sperm quality and count, are vitamin C and zinc. Depending on how much fruits and vegetables you’re consuming, supplementing with at least 6,000 mg of vitamin C, and up to as much as 20,000 mg a day will surely enhance mega high sperm production.

Vitamin C:  Choose vitamin C that comes with flavonoids to superboost its effectiveness. Divide the dose throughout the day, spacing them out two or three hourly for maximum effect. High quality vitamin C can also be obtained from drinking organic lemon juice with ginger and honey. Lemons are a better choice over other citrus fruits for high antioxidants. (Vitamin C is a form of antioxidant).

zinc supplementZinc:  The second most important nutrient for men is zinc. Not only does it strengthen prostate health, it also increases seminal fluid production. For best result, take about 50 – 100 mg of zinc daily by dividing them into three or four doses to be taken throughout the day. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of zinc that you can also snack on.

Some nutritionists may tell you that high levels of these supplements are harmful. They are not. Even higher levels have been safely administered daily for therapeutic  and detoxification purposes.

One thing to note though: Taking high doses of zinc may cause a copper deficiency, so you may like to take zinc-copper supplement instead.

Other key nutrients for optimal health:

  • Probiotics
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Folate
  • Omega 3 Fats


5. Herbal Remedies

The herbs recommended below may be effective for healing male infertility. They help increase blood flow to the sexual organs and strengthen libido with no side effects. When taking these, you might find that it may also improve erections and sexual desire!

Be prepared to take these aphrodisiac herbs for at least three months before you experience their benefits. Do not take these within three hours of any medication.

ashwagandha powder
Ashwagandha Root Powder
  • Ashwagandha:  This root extract can significantly increase sperm count, semen volume and sperm motility. It also improves overall health, increases vitality and calms the nerves. Mix ½ teaspoon of ashwagandha powder to a glass of carrot juice. Drink it twice daily until you achieve your result!
  • Maca Root:  The black variety Maca root is helpful for improving sperm production and motility. Start with ½ teaspoon a day and gradually increase up to 1-3 teaspoons a day. Divide the portion in two doses daily. You may add it to a glass of water, in your juice or smoothie.
  • Korean Ginseng:  Helps to increase testosterone level, improve sperm count and motility. Take 1-3 capsules of 500 mg Korean Ginseng daily for at least three months.
  • Tribulus Terrestris:  This herb is helpful in increasing sperm count and improving sperm quality. Take 1-3 capsules of 500 mg Tribulus Terrestris daily for at least three months.
  • Garlic:  Is a natural aphrodisiac that increases sperm production and improves blood circulation to the sexual organ. Simply eat 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic daily, swallowing it with water. Read on for the health benefits of garlic.

The above are natural, safe and effective home remedies to enhance male fertility. They are only effective when you take action. All the best!




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