10 Simple Tips to Boost Your Metabolism and Jumpstart Your Healthy Weight Loss

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Follow a healthy weight loss program with easy natural weight loss tips.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips — What’s The Secret?

There are hundreds of fad diets which have been promoted over the years. Almost all of us have tried one kind of diet or another hoping to lose those extra pounds. Well, maybe initially you did lose some extra pounds, but then you gain them back. Our weight fluctuates. How do we keep the excess weight off once and for all?

healthy weight loss

I’m sure you’ve heard of many “success stories” of people who have lost X number of pounds and really keep them off. What’s their secret? It’s no secret, really.

It’s just all about DETERMINATION (along with it comes self-discipline) and knowing WHAT to eat, WHAT NOT to eat, and WHEN to eat.

Determination comes easy once you understand the principles behind healthy eating. It eventually becomes a lifestyle.

My overall site promotes all these with health and safety in mind. We need to understand what we are eating in order to continue to avoid the harmful foods and continue eating the healing foods.

When you begin to eat healthy, your internal organs are properly detoxified, healed and nourished, weight loss becomes natural and will be easily maintained going forward.

So do it the right way, the healthy way.

Diet/Lifestyle Suggestions

Firstly, check if you are really overweight by checking your BMI. Some people think that they are overweight, but most of the time their weight is just fine.

We always have that “extra pounds to lose”, it’s just our own perception of how we should be. We keep telling ourselves that we are “fat”, but we are really NOT, so don’t overdo it. Eating healthy is more important than what the weighing scales are telling.

Some people lose weight by eating unhealthily. It could be that your bone density that is affected which results in weight loss, not necessarily losing fats.

For example, read about how salt or sodium can also lead to calcium leak from your bones. This kind of weight loss is dangerous and may lead to long-term damage to your body. So always remember to eat healthy.

Here are some simple suggestions that you can follow if, unfortunately, you did not pass the BMI test:

Top 10 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism For Weight Loss

1.  Set realistic and specific goals

Tell yourself exactly how many pounds you want to lose in a certain time frame. For example, say “I want to lose 2 pounds in one week for the next ten weeks.” Your goal must be realistic. Don’t say, “I must lose 50 pounds in two months”. Even though that’s quite possible, you know it is not healthy.

2.  Always eat breakfast:

Your body needs food in the morning after the overnight fast. By eating food in the morning, your calories will get to be burned for energy. If you skip breakfast, you may end up gaining rather than losing weight.

Food choices in the morning can determine your blood sugar levels for the rest of the day. In high (refined) carbohydrate meal, blood sugar rises rapidly but will also fall to an extremely low level, causing fatigue and an inefficient system. A bowl of oatmeal or fruits, is a good option to start the day.

A meal that includes complex carbohydrate (unlike refined sugar), protein (not bacon!) and good fats will slow digestion and the absorption of sugar into the blood. This results in a higher level of energy for a longer period of time, which at the same time, will lower fat-making insulin levels. Try a nice avocado smoothie.

3.  Start your day with a warm lemon juice.

Squeeze some lemon juice and put a few slices of lemon into a big glass of warm water every morning and drink this first thing after you brush your teeth.

Lemon juice helps to gradually melt away your fats, help to cleanse/remove toxins, and improve your digestion and absorption of all the nutrients you’re eating to help with your weight loss.

You could also make this and keep it handy for drinking any time of the day.

4.  Eat small meals frequently, instead of three large ones

Or eat only when you are hungry, but in smaller portions than you normally would. One principle I always remember is to eat only 80% full, never 100% or more!

Large and heavy meals promote fat storage. Smaller and more frequent meals also help to keep the sugar levels in your blood more even.

Keep healthy snacks in your fridge, like baby carrots, low-fat yogurt, fruits, dried fruits, low-fat granola bars, and the like.

5.  Take less fats and sugar

Oily, high-fatty foods and sugar (cakes, desserts, etc.) have high calories and will easily use up your “calories quota” for the day. You need less calories, not more. And these don’t have the essential nutrients that you need.

Like one of my readers told me, “God didn’t have McDonald’s (or Dunkin’ Donuts) in mind, when he designed the garden of Eden.”

You’ll be surprised that just by simply cutting down (table) sugar from your dietary, you help your cells to breathe and helps with your general well-being. It will also make it easier for you to really lose weight.

6.  Avoid refined foods

Ditch the junk foods, the culprits that make your weight-losing more difficult—processed foods that contain white sugar and white flour.

Not only are they void of nutrients, but they are anti-nutrients that deplete your body’s nutrients very quickly, and cause untold health problems.

7.  Don’t go cold turkey

If you know that your favorite food is unhealthy, you don’t have to go cold turkey and totally banish them from your menu.

Once in a while, when you have eaten well, reward yourself with that entree spaghetti or that cheesecake that you must have. Or go for a good healthy juice or smoothie later to “balance them out”.

8.  Exercise

Find a form of exercise you like. It can be swimming, jogging, cycling, or simply strolling around in your neighborhood.

The idea is to get your body in motion for at least 45 to 60 minutes a day. Or build muscles.

Muscle burns more calories than fat. A good strength training will help you with your weight loss goals and give you a toned body.

9.  Do not eat a heavy meal before bedtime

We all know this, but yet we keep doing it. Calories from these late meals tend to be stored in our body as fat rather than burned for energy.

10.  Sleep 8 hours

This could be the most difficult for most people to achieve. Getting into bed by 10.00 PM and sleeping at least eight hours every night is key for your body to detoxify properly and rejuvenate.

When you get this much needed deep rest, your body processes your exercises during the day and begin to burn fats at night. It uses the nutrients you’ve consumed during the day for cleansing and healing.

People who do everything above and not sleep 8 hours at night may have a harder time losing weight than those who do.

Learn to use vegetable juicing for effective weight loss

I recommend vegetable juicing to help you lose weight. They are rich with potassium, low in sodium and are an excellent source of trace minerals that can easily be assimilated by your body cells.

Green juices have been proven to be the one of the best foods that really help to melt away all the fats effectively.  At the same time, it is also detoxifying, blood cleansing, alkalizing, anti-septic and many more health benefits.

Read more about vegetable juicing or about healthy and safe juice fasting.

Note: Please always check with your physician first, before you start any weight loss program. And as in any weight loss program you follow, it is very important that you drink plenty of water (at least 3 ~ 4 liters a day) to flush out the toxicity in your body.

Choose very green vegetables for your juicing, the greener the better.  To help you out, here is a list of vegetables that you may include in your juicing and in your diet.

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    In the warm lemon juice if you add a spoon of honey and a bit of cumin, it will give you and extra energy and a major boost in losing weight and detoxification.

  3. I love your recipes. I’m beginning to live an alternative lifestyle. I am not crazy about today’s teachings in western medicine. More and more people from the “Babyboomer” group, Gen X (me), Gen Y – are getting tired of the crap that is being advertised, and brain-wash people to think that meds are the only way to live … I know of old-timers, and young ones too, that have “cured” themselves with specific juices, therapies such as in Chinese Medicine, exercises, and avoid the everyday stresses (or at least keep them at bay) – all of the benefits that come with them. Guess what??? Big Pharma is feeling it … give it another 20 years – these industries will either merge or file BK.

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