How These Pennies Cured An 85 Year-Old Of His 15-Year Arthritic Pain

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U.S. Copper pennies minted before 1982 were mainly composed of copper: 95% copper and 5% zinc. It is said that the metal value of copper pennies far outweigh the face value. But, if you knew about their “medicinal” value, it far outweighs both the metal and face value!

If you still have a bunch of them laying around somewhere in your house, get them out and keep them handy for those times when you experience any muscles or joint pain, seriously!

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This Sounds Crazy, But It Works, All The Time!!

Relieve Leg Cramps In The Night

Anyone who has experienced leg cramps in the night knows how awfully agonizing it can be. The pain can make any grown men or women cry—me included!

Eating right helps to reduce the recurrence but there are still those times when leg cramps come to haunt you in the night.


Causes Of Leg Cramps

There are various reasons for leg cramps and it may be different for every individual. Here are some of the common causes:

  • Hyperventilation: Low levels of CO2 and O2 cause “overexcitement” of nerve cells and involuntary contraction of muscle fibers. Fast and deep breathing causes these effects in muscle and nerve cells that are directly responsible for cramping.
  • Dehydration: Not drinking enough water throughout the day causes dehydration to your cells, tissues and muscles. Cramps are a contraction of your muscles in situations when it is dehydrated.
  • Overworked/stressed muscles and joints: Excessive work out and movements may cause cramping in the night.
  • Minerals deficiency: Loss of minerals due to various reasons, or not eating foods rich in minerals can cause a deficiency that leads to leg cramps. Potassium, calcium and magnesium are some of the key minerals necessary for preventing cramps.


How To Stop Leg Cramps Instantly With Copper Pennies

Whatever the reason for your leg cramps, this neat trick helps to relieve the pain almost instantly!

Keep a bunch of copper pennies by your bedside. Any time you have a leg cramp in the night, immediately hold some of these copper pennies in both your hands and feel the pain cease within 1 or 2 minutes!

Related reading: Regularly drinking copper-rich water will also help reduce the recurrence of leg cramps.


“Miracle Cure” For Arthritis Joint Pain

Johnny Franks

copper pennies cure arthritisJohnny Franks, 85, a retired performer had been suffering from crippling arthritis for 15 years and could barely bend his knees without feeling excruciating pain. Unable to afford the expensive cost of specially made insoles, he made his own version by glueing four pieces of copper coins to his cheap shoe protector.

After walking around in his copper pennies-insole shoes for only about four weeks, the father of two claimed that he has been “cured”. He said that “now walking is a pleasure and he can move around, unlike before.” He can now walk without any pain and even lift his leg up and kick!

Read the full story here.


Keith Young

Keith Young, 69, was forced to give up golf when he was crippled with arthritis in both knees for three years and needed to undergo knee replacement surgery.

He was a keen scuba diver and fisherman, overweight and in so much pain, but he refused to have a knee replacement.

His arthritis pain was so bad that he had to use a walking stick and was on painkillers daily. He was feeling depressed, gave up golf and could no longer enjoy his regular walks in the countryside with wife Elsa, 67.

arthritis cure

Devastated, Elsa scoured the web and stumbled upon the Copper Heelers. She bought him a pair and he inserted them in his shoes, before spending the day sitting down watching television.

Within a week Keith became more mobile, and was soon fit enough to join Elsa on an occasional walk to the shops. Around five weeks later Keith started to accompany Elsa on walks in the country with the help of a walking stick.

Now he is practically back to full fitness and is looking forward to getting his golf handicap down when spring arrives. He is now also able to walk briskly without pain.

Keith said: “My pain has gone. I am no longer depressed and have cut right back on the painkillers.”

Read the full story here.

BUY Copper Heelers here.


Wear Copper Bracelets For Transdermal Micronutrition

Wearing copper bracelets can deliver its properties transdermally (through your skin). Along with drinking copper-rich water, wearing a copper bracelet may also help supply your body with this mineral for reversing ailments caused by copper deficiency.

Copper bracelets have become popular due to its healing properties. By wearing copper bracelets for some time, people have reported reduction in aches and pains, especially when these ailments are caused by copper deficiency. It may also help reduce headaches and migraines, carpal tunnel and other pain. You can read some testimonies here.

Why Copper Works

The “Theory of Trapped Electricity” is a concept that focuses on electricity as the cause of much chronic pain. A damaged nerve traps electricity in your body, causing pain, burning, swelling, inflammation, nausea, insomnia, headaches and more.

Constant pain means there are pain signals constantly being sent throughout your neurological system that can produce an incredible amount of electricity.

Copper is an essential trace mineral present in your body. Virtually every cell in your body utilizes copper, together with iron and zinc—making up a trio of essential minerals for your wellbeing. We need copper to activate enzymes which catalyze certain biochemical reactions. Without copper, these enzymes will remain inactive, permitting certain diseases to gain hold.

The amount of copper found in a human body is only about 50-120 mg—that could probably fit into the tiny space inside this “O”. Just this tiny quantity from this mineral can perform impressive feats to promote optimal health.

We know that copper is the best conductor of electricity. Wearing or touching copper in any form, whether coins, bracelets or insoles, can be an effective means of reducing pain or bringing the pain down to a manageable level.

When wearing or touching a copper item, you may notice a throbbing, heat or ache, which means that the conductor is pulling large amounts of trapped electricity through the body. If the pain continues, try walking barefoot on earth for 10-15 minutes to discharge the electricity.

It makes no difference which part of the body the copper comes into contact with, as the metal element will be absorbed by and through the skin, and conducted throughout the body to relieve pain.



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