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How a GEAR JUICER can help MINIMIZE agricultural chemicals and pesticides in your juice.


How Does It Work?

The beauty of a gear juicer (be it a single-gear or a twin-gear juicer) is that it can help minimize agricultural chemicals and pesticides in your juice. “How does the juicer know?” you ask. “Is there a mechanism that detect the chemicals and pesticides?” Well, the answer is “No” to both questions. “Then how does it work?” These are frequently asked questions. Let me explain.

When growing fruits or vegetables, the farmer sprays pesticides and chemicals to the plants to preserve the plant from insects and spoilage to his crop. These pesticides and chemicals seep into the plants and are embedded within the fibers of the fruits and vegetables. Over time, the chemical become resistant to breakdown and remain in the foods.

These pesticide and chemical residues are harmful for our consumption, which is why buying organic foods has become a popular trend nowadays when consumers begin to realize the danger of these chemicals. I always encourage buying organic, however, if organic is not easily available then a gear juicer help reduce much of the toxicity in your juice.

So, how does a gear juicer separate these chemicals? The secret lies in the METHOD of extraction.



Method of Extraction Using a Centrifugal Juicer

When extracting juices using a centrifugal juicer that operates using blades, the blades cut up the produce (fruit or vegetable) into very tiny pieces and then spin out the water content. By chopping up the produce, the blades also cut up the molecules and breaking up the embedded chemicals in the fibers of the produce. This breaking up of the chemicals causes the chemicals to be released into the juice that is being extracted. And we drink these contaminated juices.


On the other hand …


Method of Extraction Using a Gear Juicer

When extracting juices using a gear juicer, the method of extraction is by crushing and grinding to squeeze out the juice. This action releases the deep-seated nutrients and enzymes, but at the same time leave the embedded chemicals untouched as they are intertwined with the fiber. The chemicals that had become resistant to breakdown are being expelled together with the pulp which is a reason why we don’t reuse the pulp for other recipes unless it is organic.






The Result:

Below is the test result done by Advanced Analysis Center, Korea Institute of Science & Technology using kale for juicing. The result shows how the Alpha Juicer helps to eliminate up to 85% of the pesticide residue in the juice, bringing it to a much lower and acceptable amount.


See Alpha Juicer Lab Test Result

Pesticide Name Residue in Juice (ppm) Residue in Pulp (ppm)
Diazinon 1.96 12.43
Parathion 2.30 15.44
Triforine 5.29 13.53
Glyphosate 17.62 38.00

ppm = parts per million


Caution:  NO compromise for cancer patients. When juicing for cancer patients, ALWAYS use ONLY organic produce.


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