6 “Happy Hormone” Boosting Tricks To Improve Your Mood Naturally

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Prescription medications are often thought of as the simple solution for dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, and other mood-related issues. When you consider the fact that most medications are costly and pose a risk for side effects, that solution is not really a solution after all.

You may not need a prescription in order to get rid of the blues. There are many natural ways to lift your spirit and produce “happy hormones”. The next time you are feeling down, you may like to try some of these 6 hormone-boosting tricks to improve your mood.

How To Boost Your Happy Hormones

1. Understanding The Happy Hormones

There are four hormones that are considered the “happy hormones”. These are the hormones that are produced by your body and have the largest impact on your mood. They are: serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin.

how to boost your happy hormones

Low levels of serotonin can lead to depression, along with difficulty sleeping and concentrating. Dopamine controls the pleasure center of the brain while endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers. Oxytocin is considered the love hormone that is associated with pleasure, as your body produces this hormone when you are aroused.

Understanding these happy hormones will help you deal with depression, stress, or lack of motivation.

2. Focus on Nutrition

Focusing on your nutrition is the first place to start. It will take time for the benefits of eating healthy daily in order for your body to begin using the nutrients to manufacture the happy hormones.

Try to cut back on your consumption of sugar and processed foods. Refined sugars can increase inflammation and slow down your digestive process. Both of these issues lead to physical and mental fatigue, leaving you incapable of dealing with your unhappiness or stress.

3. Increase Your Intake of B Vitamins

Vitamins B, especially B6 and B12, are known to help stimulate the production and function of the happy hormones in your body. Foods that contain protein, such as fish, chicken, eggs, and meat are all great sources of vitamin B. Along with B vitamins, some studies suggest that vitamin C can help increase dopamine levels.

4. Get Regular Exercise

Exercising can release happy hormones and help you reduce stress. Also, once you start losing weight and improving your physical fitness, you should experience a boost of self-esteem that will help eliminate negative feelings.

5. Eat More Dark, Leafy Greens, Fruits And Vegetables

Leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, and even lettuce, contain calcium and magnesium. These two minerals can increase your serotonin levels, helping to treat depression. Try to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet in place of processed foods and refined carbohydrates. Drinking freshly-extracted juices is also an excellent way to supply your body with a wide variety of nutrients for health.

6. Practise Self Care

When life gets overwhelming, learn to say no to requests, activities or projects that may further bog you down. Try to be around people you love and who love you. Do fun things with them or just simply do nothing with them. It is always comforting to be around people who understand you and don’t judge you, people who would encourage you. Even physical contact with a loved one will signal your brain to release some happy hormones.

Practise some self care and love to get you in the mood:

  • Unplug from technology and social media. Get outside for some sunshine. Vitamin D will help convert tryptophan into serotonin that is beneficial to lift up your mood.
  • walking barefootTake a walk on the grass in the park, barefoot and connect with Nature. Your body will discharge EMF from your body and reduce inflammation.
  • Turn up the music and dance to the tune. Being silly on your own may bring a smile to your face.
  • Book an appointment for a massage to release all those pent-up emotions. It will soothe the muscles, mind and body, reduce stress and improve sleep.
  • Soak in the bath-tub with soothing music. Add aromatherapy oil into the water for that extra nerves-calming effect. Bergamot, lavender and chamomile are some essential oil that will help lift up your mood.

These natural solutions are time-tested remedies for boosting happiness while most medications carry the potential for harmful side effects. No one enjoys feeling depressed or a little down. When your mood needs a lift, turn to natural solutions. Medication should never be a choice.



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  1. Thank you for sharing ive been cold press and vitamix juicing for 8 years and mostly 90/10 95% of the 8 yrs🙏😄

  2. Thank you for sharing ive been cold press and vitamix juicing for 8 years and mostly 90/10 95% of the 8 yrs🙏😄

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