20 Amazing Health Benefits of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

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Amla (a.k.a. Indian gooseberry), is a powerhouse of nutrient benefits. It is replete with essential minerals and vitamins that are integral to your well-being. The word “amla” is derived from the Sanskrit word “amalaki,” which means “the sustainer.”

It enriches life while preventing a host of common and widespread diseases. Amla is considered to be one of the most popular herbs that improve health, thanks to its nutritional content.

health benefits of amla (indian gooseberry)

Nutritional Benefits of Amla

The Indian Gooseberry—a wonder herb—is a common ingredient in many Ayurvedic remedies. It is low in saturated fats, rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C. It contains a generous amount of calcium, sodium iron, phosphorus, several B vitamins, carotene, protein and carbohydrates.

Health Benefits of Amla

The dense nutrients content make amla an exceptionally great addition in your diet for health. In fact, amla has become mandatory for health enthusiasts as it offers a plethora of benefits, as discussed below.

Anti-Cancer: The antioxidant-rich amla has this one amazing benefit. It can restrict the growth of carcinogenic cells, and hence has various medical applications. It contains superoxide dismutase that reduces cell damage and works as a potent tool in preventing cancer.

Bone Health: Amla plays a key role in strengthening bones, and this is due to its high calcium content. The anti-inflammatory properties of amla can reduce various pain or discomfort in the bones. Thus, consuming amla on a regular basis can result in stronger bones.

Diabetes, Sugar Level Control: Being low in sugar, amla can reduce the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. It is a fiber-rich fruit, which is ideal for diabetics in stimulating the secretion of insulin. The antioxidants present in amla help regulate glucose levels in the body, which ultimately reduces blood sugar.

Digestive Health: Stomach Issues? Try amla! It aids healthy bowel movements by regulating the gastrointestinal tract. It keeps the digestive system clean and strong, which improves the body’s capability to absorb nutrients from the food that is consumed. Amla contains cooling and laxative properties that are beneficial in relieving stomach issues in both diarrhea and constipation.

Gallbladder Health: Amla can prevent the formation of gallbladder stones. Consuming amla regularly can reduce the chance of cholesterol build-up, which is the key cause of bladder stones. By converting cholesterol into bile, it keeps the gallbladder functioning well.

Hair Enhancement: Amla contains high levels of vitamin C, which helps prevent hair fall. It strengthens the roots, thus promoting hair growth. Regular application of amla oil can nourish the scalp as the nutrients penetrate into the follicles, making your hair long, healthy, and less prone to breakage.

Hair, Prevents Premature Graying: The antioxidants in amla enrich the pigmentation of your hair. It restores your hair color, and its regular application can help reverse and prevent premature graying.

Heart Health: Amla fights against heart disease, which is majorly caused due to high cholesterol. It reduces the build-up of bad cholesterol in the body, prevents the thickening of the blood vessel walls, and boosts the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

amla (Indian gooseberry) juice

Immunity Booster: Amla can improve the body’s disease-fighting ability as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It has antibacterial properties that help your body fight against fungal and viral infections. Eating amla regularly makes the body more resistant to diseases by strengthening the immune system. It helps to flush out toxins and improve the body’s defense mechanism.

Liver Health: Many studies show that amla can protect the liver from damage. Regular consumption of amla ensures that the ill effects of alcohol are warded off. It prevents the oxidative damage that is typically caused by most alcoholic beverages and other toxins.

Respiratory Health: The high vitamin C content in amla makes it an effective ingredient to protect respiratory health, against cold and cough. It helps clear congestions that cause throat infection and flu. It relieves chronic cough and alleviates asthma symptoms in some cases.

Scalp Conditions: Amla not only strengthens the scalp and roots but also heals conditions like eczema and dandruff. It clears the build-up on the scalp, prevents itchiness, and is an effective treatment for lice. This is why many hair oils and shampoos contain amla as an active ingredient.

Skin, Delays Aging: If you are concern about aging and its effects on the skin, amla can help you. It restores the skin’s firmness due to the high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants. It stimulates collagen production, tightens the pores, and gives you clear and healthy skin. With regular application or consumption, amla can help revive the skin’s natural texture.

Skin Health: As it is packed with vitamin C, amla can brighten your skin tone. It exfoliates the dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth. Its antibacterial properties can purify the blood and make your skin supple and glowing.

Skin, Reduces Pigmentation: Consuming amla can help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals and prevent blemishes and pigmentation. Skin issues arise due to the presence of harmful toxins in the body, which are flushed out with amla.

Skin, Treats Blemishes: Amla reduces skin irritation, clears pimples and acne, and lightens blemishes. It works by flushing out harmful toxins from the body. It can be consumed or applied topically to do the trick.

Sore Throat: If you have a sore throat, amla juice is what you need. It clears the throat and eases any discomfort.

Stress Reliever: Amla improves mental health and can be considered a potent stress reliever. Regular consumption of amla can improve cognitive function, boost concentration and memory, protect the nerve cells, and prevent mental complications. The application of amla oil can relieve headache and induce sleep.

Vision Health: Including amla in your diet can improve your eyesight. It contains several essential nutrients that aid vision health. Consuming it regularly reduces intraocular tension, thus improving vision. It also prevents age-related macular degeneration.

Weight Loss: If you are weight conscious, consider adding amla to your diet. It boosts metabolism, which leads to the reduction of fat accumulation in the body. It curbs cravings by keeping the stomach full for a long period. An amla cleanse is one of the best options for speedy weight loss.

Consumption Tips

Amla can be consumed in many ways. The powerful, superfood can be eaten raw, juiced or made into chutneys. The size of an amla fruit is a little bigger than a grape, round, and bright yellow-green in color. It should feel firm and crisp to touch when it’s ripe. You will know it’s fresh when it tastes sour and pungent.

Amla can be eaten whole as with any fresh fruit or you can juice it. Due to its sourish taste, you may juice it with any other fruits and still enjoy of its benefits. Remove the seeds and use a handful in your juice with other fruits and vegetables.

Cautionary Note

Amla, is a nutrient-rich fruit, which offers a load of health benefits, and studies have not shown any cases of toxic nor harsh negative impacts.

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