Eye and vision improved after 3-day juice fast

by Kevin Statler (PA, USA)



I have had brain lesions for years now, and optic neuritis affecting my vision. Not to mention sinus allergies, skin allergies, fatigue, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on.

I’m 25 and this isn’t the life I wanted, and because of it, I havent gone to college or anything yet. So anyway, living with the parents now, trying to get health back on track.

Bought an Omega Juicer, and the same day started a 3-day juice fast. Well Day 4, I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and my eyes looked different! They look clearer and brighter, and more hazel in color than they were before. My parents said the white part of the eyes look whiter too. I dont know, my pupils just look more defined and shiny. I also had some double vision in the peripheral vision of my right eye that was left from a bad optic neuritis attack back in May. That was gone also!

Anyway, I am now more confident than anything that I can help myself and my health, and I will be doing a juice fast once a month at least, and still continue to juice daily. Now, I’m just wanting my vision to go back to normal. Visual static, blurriness, glares, floaters, and all that gone.

I have been drinking juices 2-3 times a day, of beets, carrots, kale, dandelion, squash, celery, and some fruits such as pineapple, grapes, oranges, grapefruit and kiwi.


Sara says:

Hi Kevin, this is fantastic testimony of what juices can do for you. Thanks for sharing!

This is just the beginning of healing for you. The glow always show first in the eyes. When we’re sickly it will also show in the eyes.

Even though you were a beginner (and you started out with a great juicer!) you just dived into it and just started fasting. I admire your courage and determination to want to get well. I know that your eye sight and general health will just continue to get better and better. I’ve seen so many similar cases and am happy to be able to share your joy with you here.

Cheers! :)




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  1. Geoffrey Vasquez

    Hello Kevin, thanks for sharing your experience. I wanted to know how your been doing since the juicing. I’ve suffered a severe blow to the eye and the damage could be permanent. Since you’ve started, has the juicing helped you? I’m looking to heal as much as I can, did you fast for only 3 days?


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