How To Use Castor Oil To Dissolve Cataracts And Get 20/20 Vision!

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Cataracts are the clouding and deterioration of the eye lens from age-related thickening which used to occur in older persons that may lead to blindness. However, even younger people are now getting cataracts from what we now understand, is due to a faulty diet.

Cataracts, as with any other degenerative conditions, are a result of free-radical or oxidative damage.

In the case of cataracts, it is an oxidation to the protein structure of the lens, a process called glycation. The damage is likened to the process of egg white protein turning opaque when it is slowly heated (the process of glycation), working from the outer ring of the lens to the center of the lens.

castor oil to dissolve cataracts

Studies show that people with low levels of antioxidants in their bodies are more likely to develop cataracts. By keeping the glutathione (our body’s most important antioxidant) level high, cataracts may be delayed and cataract surgery avoided. Foods that are high in antioxidants are excellent for remedy of cataracts, and other eye problems, from the inside out.

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Can You Eliminate Cataracts Without Surgery?

The medical profession tells us that surgery is the only option for removing cataracts. While surgery may be the best option for treating an advanced case of cataracts, there are several natural ways you can dissolve or reverse cataracts if you discovered  the condition early on.

This one ingredient can be used to reverse and dissolve cataracts. From my research, I found that it is also beneficial for correcting other eye problems, such as conjunctivitis, near and far-sightedness, dry eyes and age-related macular degeneration.

When you understand that eye problems are caused by “oxidation” (or glycation), then by applying antioxidants and consuming foods high in antioxidants for healing from inside out, it totally makes sense!

Natural healers have understood this from many decades ago. Castor oil is rich in antioxidants and has many beneficial nutrients for the eyes. Having said that, using the right type of castor oil is utmost important so as not to harm your eyesight!

Cataracts can be reversed. It can be dissolved, and vision can be restored without surgery.

How To Dissolve Cataracts Naturally With Castor Oil

Type Of Castor Oil To Use

Read about the many health benefits of castor oil here.

For the purpose of this natural remedy, it is very important to use only pure (100%), organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free and chemical-free castor oil. They should come in dark, glass bottles. The Palma Christi Organic Castor Oil from Heritage Store is a brand that I trust.

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Some castor oil may come with a warning not to get into the eyes, but a high quality castor oil that meets the criteria as mentioned above, is safe to use for this purpose. Use it once and see if you have an improvement in the morning.

Castor Oil is Good for Dry Eyes, Cataracts and General Eye Health

Many people have successfully used this castor oil to remedy eye problems, including dry eyes, red eyes, sensitive eyes, nearsightedness, cataracts, glaucoma and even for dark circles around the eyes!

See below for reviews of some who have tried it, or go here:

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When And How To Use Castor Oil As An Eyedrop

Use the eyedropper to put only one drop of this pure castor oil into each eye, once a day.

If the bottle doesn’t come with a dropper, simply put a drop of the castor oil on a clean finger, and apply it directly in your eyes. Repeat on the other eye. Dab off the excess with a clean tissue paper.

We suggest that you do this at night, just before you go to bed, as with application, your eyesight may be blurred. Lying down and closing your eyes overnight allows the castor oil to do its work of healing.

In the morning, there may be crusts formed at the edge of your eyes. This is the calcification and other matters that are being dissolved for elimination. Simply wash them off with your facial cleanser, or with mild soap.

Most people who used this remedy reported that their vision is slightly improved the next morning, and it keeps getting better. If you do not find improvement in your vision after using the oil three nights in a row, there may be other underlying conditions that need to be first corrected, for example diabetes.

While applying castor oil does no harm to your eyes, you may not see result as fast as you’d like. Some people reported that their eyesight is restored within weeks, some up to 3 months. It all depends on the degree of your eye degeneration, it is different for everyone.

Let us know how it works for you!

Cautionary Note

Pure castor oil is generally very safe for the eyes. The only time that you should avoid using castor oil in your eyes is when your tear ducts are blocked or when you have an eye infection. In which case, you should use colloidal silver that works wonders.



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  1. I used this on my cat who’d always has an inflamed eye & antibiotics didn’t help. After 3 months, a bright green mucous appeared in the corner & upon investigation turned out to be an encapsulated cat hair. I’m a believer!!

  2. Just got the oil yesterday. Took a nap today and tried it. After my nap I wiped my eyes off with a warm washcloth, and noticed a slight improvement in my vision. I can read almost 90-95% of what I couldn’t read before on the TV screen from across the room where I usually sit. WOW! I’m a hopeful believer.

  3. Sally Williams

    I have small cataract don’t need surgery at this time so can i use the castor oil drops ?

    1. Yes, definitely worth trying! Just make sure you get the pure organic castor oil.

  4. Lydia Douglas

    Some crusts did form at the edge of my eyes, the first night. My 3rd night tonight. So I guess this is promising?

  5. Sophie Sheldon

    I used castor oil in my eyes for a month and my eyesight improved a lot… I can now drive during the day without my glasses and I hope that soon I will be able to also read! It is just amazing!

  6. After reading this article, I am on day 4 of using 1 drop castor oil in each eye. I have had eye inflammation of multi-variety for about 4 unbearable years which includes yellowing of my eyes. I am actually seeing and feeling a difference! My swollen red eyelids are reducing and the yellow color seems to be slightly better. Nothing else I have used prior to the castor oil has helped so rapidly! Thank very much for this information. I had tried it on the eyelids but never inside the eye. God bless you for your kindness and sharing. I will return in 10 days to update. Curious if this will keep away my frequent styes and blepharitis!

    1. Hi Bea, that is exciting!! Thank you for sharing. Please keep us updated on your progress!

  7. I tried castor oil to treat my dry eye after all other eye drops the doctor gave me didn’t work. Castor oil works amazing. I quit using it after I solved my problem. I also find my problems more related to my food, so I changed my diet.
    This is a great article. Thank you very much for sharing. I think I may come back to use caster oil again to maintain a healthy eye condition as the aging.

  8. san salvador

    hi sara :-), i dont know which type of castor oil that i can use for my eyes … i had seen one saying organic, pure and cold-pressed but no hexane free on label … how will i know if it is real organic, pure, cold-pressed and hexane-free? thanks a lot!

  9. I had early cataracts causing my sight to be blurred at a distance even with eyeglasses and more so in bright sunlight also I was constantly being dazzled by bright car lights coming towards me at night when driving. After using Castor Oil eye drops for four months I could see clearly again at a distance with my eyeglasses and I was no longer being dazzled by car lights. I am so pleased that I have been able to avoid all the risks of eye surgery.

  10. Sunny Smith

    Hello Sara! I have a little 12 year old female Boston Terrier that has a cloudy/milky situation developing in her left eye. I just noticed it in the last month, when I looked at her eyes with a flashlight. Do you think this castor oil protocol will dissolve it?

    1. Yes, you can use this on your dog. I have been using in on my one dog with glaucoma. His eye is clearer since using and less milky and greenish goob coming out. This can be used on animals and humans. Cold pressed hexane free organic only.

  11. I have an advanced cataract in one eye with surgery scheduled for April. I’m only 36 years old and do not want to deal with the complications of surgery my whole life. Would it do further damage to try this?
    Thanks, Amber.

    1. Hi Amber, while it would not hurt to try it, you can only know if it helps when you try it. The worst report I’ve received is that it didn’t help for some people, while for many others it worked beautifully. The key is getting pure, organic castor oil without added chemicals added, and be persistent. All the best!

  12. Penny Hull

    I started using castor oil in my eyes 3 days ago for cataracts and I am already seeing a huge improvement in the white cobweb effect the cataract has on the eyes. The white cobweb haze is gone in the right eye (or so slight now I don’t notice it) and has lessen a lot in the left eye (the left eye is the worst eye). Vision has improved in both eyes and i hope it continues. Very pleased so far.

  13. Definitely, Castor oil is the best for dry eyes and floaters. I have been using it for a month and I am very pleased with the results, no more over the counter eye drops for me. God bless!

  14. My mom is asked to get her cataracts removed from both eyes in 6-8 months time. I have bought castor oil which will be delivered next week. I hope and pray it works good for her dry eyes issues and cataracts (stage 2). I am praying that both her issues get resolved with this. I will keep you posted!

    1. That’s great! Just be sure you got pure, organic and hexane-free castor oil. Let us know how it goes for her.

  15. Hello, Sara! I am 17 and have floaters in my eyes. I am young, and will be graduating in 2019. I certainly do not need this added to my life. I have been searching for remedies and ingredients that are known for helping or curing floaters. I’ve come across YouTube and typical online forums, and I’ve read that some people say it’s impossible, and some people say they’ve tried a certain remedy and have never been bothered by floaters afterwards. I was reading YouTube comments, and I saw someone mentioned Castor Oil, and I became curious so I did a quick search on Google. I read that it is known to cure several vision problems, and then it brought me to this website. I feel confident with trying Castor Oil, I’ve read only positive comments and it would be such an amazing success if I were to have these floaters diminish. I would like to know what type of Castor Oil I should be using, and if I could purchase it at my local pharmacy. I would like to know the correct Castor Oil I should purchase as I am somewhat concerned about purchasing the wrong version and damaging my eyes completely. I am scared of using it completely as I do not want something bad to happen, and I do not want a permanent defect to occur. So, I am asking for your help, Sara! I will be eagerly waiting for your reply with a lot of anticipation! (Comment edited for brevity).

  16. Kayla Constantine

    Hey Sara. I’m turning 12 and a few days ago i heard about castor oil. I was born with a cataract in my right eye and that same eye also has lazy eye muscles. My parents have asked chemists and they said it wouldn’t work and it will cause infection and they had never head or using castor oil for eyes. They r eerie about it. I just really want this to change my life since its a very sensitive subject for me. Will this really work? I am aussie so they r not sure about using this oil from another county with different drug laws.

    1. Hi Kayla, I’m not sure if castor oil can work for your cataract and lazy eye. Every individual gets different results, but it surely doesn’t hurt to try. I’m using castor oil for my eyes too, so I know it is safe. Just be sure that you get pure, organic castor oil without added chemicals. Another thing you could possibly look into is to get this particular supplement that I highly recommend: Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Hope this helps!

  17. Hi Sara, my mother is 62 years old , she has cataract in both eyes doctor ask for surgery but my mother is so scared and not ready for this…..Today while searching, this thread has gone through my eyes and i’m feeling relieved reading this. I’m from Pakistan Plz tell and reply soon that my mother can try this ? Is this remedy only possible for early stage not for ripe cataract?

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Neelum, there is really no harm trying to see if it will help improve your mother’s eyesight. As I mentioned above, some people reported that their eyesight is restored within weeks, some up to 3 months. It all depends on the degree of your eye degeneration, it is different for everyone.

  18. What do you know about castor oil for macular degeneration. I’ve just been diagnosed with both wet and dry MD. The doc wants to start me on a series of shots for the eye with wet MD. Do you know of any alternative to that? He scared me into doing it right away before it gets worse.

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Hannah, I have read maybe one or two feedback from users who have used castor oil for macular degeneration and reported that it helped. There is really no harm trying, although I can’t say for sure as end-result would be different for everybody. Another thing you could look into is using colloidal silver. I have read elsewhere that it helps but I have yet to do a deeper research into that (but I will). You can read more about the use of colloidal silver here:

  19. Cathy Fortin

    I have a macular hole in my left eye which happened 15 months ago. I was told about a dreadful surgery which may or may not work and decided not to try it. After doing some research I learned about castor oil and ordered some. It has been a week now since I started using it and my vision in my left eye is improving! This is so exciting!!

  20. Hi Sara I am just now learning about castor oil for all sorts of eye issues. I have had cataract surgery along with astigmatism correction a little over a year ago. I would like to try the oil because I have a pretty serious dry eye issue. Do you know if it would be safe to use the oil for my dry eye problem as well as floaters after cataract removal.

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Sandy, as stated in the article. Some users have found castor oil to be beneficial for their dry eyes and in reducing floaters in their eyes. It’s safe to use and you’ll only need to try it to know if it works for you. All the best!

  21. Hi! I’ve been using 100% cold pressed hexane free castor oil every night for about 4 months. I am farsighted and have astigmatism. It has helped my dry eye problem. I wear glasses and was wondering if my eyesight improves, but not enough to stop using my glasses, do I need to keep getting a lower prescription? I keep thinking that my eyesight isn’t improving because I still am relying on my glasses. Thanks!

  22. Greetings and good tidings, Sara!
    I have been reading and keeping track of the overall success that many have achieved with castor oil, so I have begun using castor oil, methodically (twice per day). It has only been a few days, and night vision has already been improved, slightly. I am seeing increased contrasts in the dark, and my same nightly drive is no longer terrifying. Yes, in near dark settings, I am seeing contrasts and a marked reduction of the effects of others headlights. As a researcher, scientist, and basic human, I am impressed! I will continue to report. I will share the details of, ‘how much’, ‘by when’, and by ‘what means’, which may offer better insight into my own results. Thank you, Sara, for providing this lovely forum. With vast admiration, and love, David

    1. Hi David, thank you for sharing. This is very inspiring and will be of great help to others facing similar issues. We look forward to your continued reporting! 🙂

  23. Jocelyn Steggert

    I am amazed! I’ve always had good vision but needed reading glasses starting at age 50. I’m now 63 and after using castor oil eye drops nightly for 2 weeks, I find I no longer require reading glasses. I can even read teeny tiny ingredient lists close up!!

  24. Hi Sara, Is this the same castor oil found on website, Organic castor oil cold pressed, hexane free for eye, lashes, eyebrows hair growth? and can be used for the eyes with cataract?

  25. Hi Sara,

    What kind of juices would you advise for pcos or hormonal imbalance.

    Kind Regards,

  26. Mr Olurinola Oluwole

    Please Sir/Ma, i want to purchase pure castor oil for eye in Nigeria can you please give me direction on how to get it.

  27. Your site keeps bringing me back to a castor oil product for the body and not the EYES. What the hell? Is this false advertising? Maybe! I see nothing on her for the EYES. Do you have one or not?

  28. I have extremely dry eyes left is worse. I work on a computer with 3 monitors 8 to 12 hrs a day. Mine are so dry it hurts and itches at same time

  29. I have been juicing all my life. I love kefir, both milk and water and I add that to my smoothies and ferment the fruit smoothies.

  30. Very interesting article. I’ve been dealing with tired, dry eyes for awhile. However, I followed the link above and among the disclaimers it says “avoid contact with eyes”. Not sure what to think now.

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