6 Ways Probiotics Help You Solve Digestive Disorders And Reduce Brain Fog

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Your gut is responsible for more than digesting food. Previously, doctors believed that gut bacteria were primarily responsible for helping to break down foods. It is now understood that the healthy gut bacteria provide a wide range of benefits. They now recognize that probiotics heal digestive disorders.

Improving the health of your colon, liver, bowels, and respiratory system can lead to overall better digestive health. In addition to these benefits, probiotics could help improve mental clarity.

Learn more about these benefits and why you should start eating more probiotics.

How Probiotics Heal Digestive Disorders

1. Promote Better Colon Health

Most people eat diets that contain a lot of carbohydrates. If your body lacks healthy gut bacteria, your digestive system will have trouble metabolizing carbohydrates. Keeping a healthy gut flora can prevent this issue, which also helps to improve your overall colon health.

2. Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is more common than ever before. Doctors hope that by introducing more probiotics to a diet can help prevent or treat this disease. By reducing the amount of irritation caused by fatty liver disease, probiotics could decrease the duration of the disease and provide relief.

3. Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a fairly common digestive disorder. By eliminating processed foods in your diet, then including a high fiber diet, drinking green juices and increasing on probiotics food, IBS symptoms can be greatly reduced.

4. Lose Weight

Probiotics can help you lose weight. Actually, some doctors even recommend probiotics to their obese patients, to promote weight loss.

One theory behind this benefit is that many people consume artificial sweeteners, which can greatly reduced the population of healthy gut bacteria, inducing a glucose intolerance. By eating more probiotics, you can increase the amount healthy gut bacteria in your system.

5. Respiratory Disease

If you suffer from frequent sore throat, allergies, asthma, and various respiratory disorders, they are signs of imbalance in your gut flora. To help you manage the symptoms and gradually reduce the recurrence:  Eliminate processed foods from your diet, then include foods high in vitamin C and antioxidant content. A high quality probiotics is necessary to greatly help improve the condition.

6. Reduce Brain Fog

Another reason for consuming more probiotic foods is that it could help clear brain fog and promote better mental clarity. More studies are showing that our gut is our second brain. When our gut is healthy, our brain is healthy.

Probiotics help to regulate neurological functions, which means that eating more probiotics could clear your mind and allow you to focus better.

Adding Probiotics To Your Diet

Most people know that yogurt is a probiotic, and it’s a good choice if you eat it daily because the bacteria strains are transient and do not live long enough to repopulate the gut flora.

probiotics heal digestive disorders

Kefir, which is a milk-like substance that originated in Turkey and Russia, contains up to twenty different types of “stronger” bacteria.

Kimchi is another probiotic. It is made through the fermentation of cucumbers, cabbages, or radishes. You could also eat sour pickles, Kombucha, sauerkraut, sourdough bread, miso paste, and tempeh.

Among these, sauerkraut is one of the best probiotics food that is a superior fermented food. It is not only beneficial to remedy all the above ailments, it is also highly anti-inflammatory and stops cancer cells in its track.

Buy Probiotic Supplements

Many people don’t care about the tastes of fermented foods and prefer to take probiotic supplements. A high quality probiotics might be more important than your multi-vitamins and should always be taken for a healthy gut that will lead to a stronger immune system.

Find out how to choose the best probiotic supplements to suit your needs.

As most natural healers now understand: “You are only as healthy as your gut”.



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