Exactly How Much Water You Need To Drink Before Meals To Lose Weight

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This is a very easy thing to do if you want a quick start to losing weight. It’s even easier than juicing! If/when you don’t have time to make yourself a glass of green juice, you could at least drink water before every meal to help with your weight loss.

A recent study performed by researchers at the University of Birmingham shows that drinking water before a meal can help obese adults drop pounds. By performing this one simple trick before meals, you could lose weight.


Drinking Water to Lose Weight

In order to evaluate the effects of drinking water before a meal, researchers used a group of more than 80 participants. About half of the participants were told to drink a glass of water a half hour before every meal. The other half were told to imagine that they are full, before they start a meal.

All of the participants were obese adults and they were given advice on how to start eating healthier and the benefits of moderate exercise. The participants were monitored for 12 weeks.

The group that drank water before their meals had the highest average weight loss. The participants that drank water lost an average of 2.87 pounds more than the other group. The results are simple—by drinking a pint of water, the participants were able to lose a little extra weight.

The best results came from participants that followed the researchers’ advice and made changes to their diet or included exercise in their daily routine.


Water Is The Healthiest Drink

Obviously this study was limited in scope. As with many studies, the purpose was to spark discussion and show the public that making simple changes can go a long way towards improving your health. It does not take much effort to drink a glass of water a half hour before each meal.

What this study was able to accomplish was to help verify that water truly is the healthiest drink. We need water to function. The majority of your organs, skin tissue, cells, your brain, and muscle tissue – almost every part of your body depends on water.

By drinking a glass of water before each meal, you will likely decrease your appetite, so that you do not eat as much as you normally would. This has always been a popular method of controlling meal sizes. Filling up with water is much healthier than filling up on empty calories from sugary foods.

Not only should you consider having a glass of water before each meal, you should try to consume sufficient water according to your body weight. The study required participants to drink a pint (16 ounces of water before each meal). Do this three times a day and drinking water in between meals, and you will probably reach your daily quota without trying very hard.

Caution:  DO NOT drink water just before, during and immediately after a meal as this can interfere with the digestive enzymes and cause indigestion. Drinking water during a meal may cause acid reflux in the long-term.

Keep yourself hydrated. If you have a specific weight loss goal that you cannot quite reach, try using this method as a small boost to your weight loss.




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