This Coconut Oil Creamer Makes My Hot, Freshly-Brewed Coffee Taste So Good

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On some cold days, I like to have a hot cup of coffee and curl up with a good book. I have established that a cup of freshly-brewed organic coffee can actually even be healthy. I don’t neglect my fresh juices, and there is a time for that too.

coconut oil coffee creamer

So you can imagine the first time I’d heard about adding oil and fat to coffee, I was curious, confused and disgusted.

I mean, it’s not every day that you come across a drink containing coconut oil and butter! Especially in a society where we’re desperately trying to remove fat and calories from everything we consume. For me, this concept took me some time to digest and understand.

So with what I know about coconut oil, I decided to take a closer look into what this craze was all about. I know that coconut oil is healthy fat and that it can actually boost your metabolism and help with weight loss.

Coconut oil, unlike most oil, contains medium-chain fatty acids, instead of long-chain fatty acids. Medium chain fatty acids are metabolized differently than long-chain, which leads to a beneficial boost in metabolism.

In a study, 1 to 2 tablespoons of medium chain fats (e.g. coconut oil) per day increased energy expenditure by 5%—this totals to 120 calories per day.

So I tried adding coconut oil to my freshly brewed coffee, and wow! It does taste really good, especially that I love the aroma of coconut oil in anything, and not wanting to use dairy or soy creamer!

It doesn’t make your coffee greasy nor coconut-y as one might think. Instead, this coconut oil coffee creamer will provide you with a rich and creamy coffee that is perfectly sweetened with honey and flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla. NO palm-oil, no preservatives, and no artificial sweeteners!

Pair this coffee with a nutritious breakfast and you’ve set yourself up for a pretty great day!

How To Make Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer

Unlike adding cold milk or cream, coconut oil creamer doesn’t cool down my hot cup of coffee, nor dilute the flavor, in fact it adds on to the flavor.

The ratio that I use are to my preferred taste and flavor. If you don’t like your coffee sweet, then leave out the honey or use less.


  • ¾ cup organic coconut oil, organic
  • 1-2 tablespoons raw honey (use your desired amount to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon organic cinnamon powder
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon organic cacao powder, organic (optional!)

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir or whisk together until they’re well combined. Store in a glass jar with a sealed lid in a cool place, it does not need to be refrigerated.

How To Use Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer

  1. Brew your favorite (fair-trade, organic) cup of coffee (about 2 cups).
  2. Add 1-2 tablespoon of coconut oil coffee creamer that you have pre-prepared, to your hot coffee.
  3. Use an immersion blender to give the coffee and mixture a good blend up. It makes the coffee frothy and more delicious. If you don’t have an immersion blender, pour them into a glass jug blender and do a quick blending. It’s extra work but it will be worth it! You only have to try it to know!
  4. Pour into your favorite coffee mug, and enjoy!

Mini Immersion Blender

I use this mini immersion blender to froth all my hot beverages, especially when I add spices such as cinnamon and turmeric, or coconut oil/milk. It is a battery-operated frother and so easy to use, wash and put away. Makes my drinks taste magically delicious. Well … you have to try it to know … and you will love it! You can get this drink frother here and it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

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  1. Anna Picket

    Using coconut oil in coffee creamer sounds interesting. I like the taste of honey and cinnamon together, so it probably would taste good, too. I’m all for trying new healthy additives in my coffee. Who knows, it might become a new favorite.

  2. I love coconut and raw honey in my coffee …been drinking it for about 2 years now. Looking forward to trying this recipe.

    1. Hi Cindy, cinnamon is very high in antioxidant and makes the coffee smells and tastes so good. Yet, it is optional so you can omit this item if you are not a cinnamon lover. Enjoy!

  3. I think you need to use a stick blender, or some other form of blender to emulsify the mix, otherwise the coconut oil tends to float on top of the coffee. Some people can’t stomach it if it’s not thoroughly incorporated into the coffee.

    1. I made this creamer this morning and now sipping a yummy cup of joe. I drink my coffee black but, must say this is delicious. Putting it through the blender is a good idea as the creamer will float on top.

    1. No, the coconut oil creamer is a substitute to dairy milk and cream. Enjoy!

  4. Coconut oil doesn’t have a lot of taste, so it can easily be masked with nutmeg or some other spices.

  5. I do a mix of butter, coconut oil, cocoa, vanilla and xylitol sweetener. Mix a spoon of this with some double espresso and some steamed milk. Whisk with stick and then add an egg and whisk again. Protein rush!

  6. Kristina Wilson

    Do you drink this in the morning instead of having breakfast or do you drink it along with a balanced breakfast? I wanted to try this today but I woke up feeling really hungry so didn’t know what would be best (skipped dinner yesterday) also will I still get some benefits from this if I don’t add butter? or use dairy free butter?

    1. Sara Ding

      Hi Kristina, drinking freshly extracted juices is still the best thing you can drink for their nutrients. Coffee can be an optional beverage when you want to drink something hot, which I do occasionally. You can drink it along with a healthy breakfast. I drink coffee with my guacamole on sprout-bread toast and it’s awesome! Yes, you can make yours without butter. I use coconut oil and love the rich taste.

  7. My coconut oil keeps changing into a liquid form due to the house temp being around 26 or 27 C .. what would the measurement be in the liquid form? or do I need to put it into the fridge to make it solid and then wait for it to warm before mixing it up??

    1. Hi Alanna, use a cup to measure out 3/4, or 12 tablespoons coconut oil in liquid form. A little more or less is totally fine! 🙂 Enjoy!

  8. Tammy Graybeal

    Hello, tried this and it was good! But when I blended the mixture (before adding coffee) it turned out really stiff and clumpy. The oil also separated..what texture does yours look like? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tammy, I suggest that you add the coconut oil to your brewed coffee, instead of the other way round. 🙂 I use the mini frother to mix up the creamer … the texture and taste is really smooth and rich.

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