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When we eat more acidic foods over alkaline foods, our blood acidity increases, it thickens blood and causes poor blood circulation. Over many years of faulty eating like this, diseases develop.

List of some acidic foods:
High protein and high fat foods, meat products, dairy products, cooked foods, processed foods, flour and sugar products. Also read about harmful foods.

Other factors:
Lack of sleep, prolonged stress, smoking, alcohol.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are alkalizing, some more than others.

Here’s an easy-to-make juice that helps to reduce body acidity.




Juice Recipe:




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  1. Ann-Christine Reimer

    Hi from Sweden! I found your website today when I was looking for some information about kale. You have really put this website together nicely and I have written a post on my blog about your site. I hope you will get more visitors – we certainly have a lot to learn here. I have had my blog for about 8,5 years. I begun because I wanted to tell the world about the poor help thyroid patients get. I have had low metabolism, Hashimoto’s Disease for 12 years, diagnosis for 10. It took two years to get it on a piece of paper. And last year I got rehumatism, and rosacea. I have always lived a healthy life, but it seems like I have to try even more.

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