37 Colloidal Silver Uses And How It Works To Kill Infections

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Did you know that there are many colloidal silver uses for health, on your pets and around the house?

Some colloidal silver uses are scientifically confirmed, other uses are just personal experience and testimonials, but the sheer amount and incredible diversity of colloidal silver uses are still amazing.

It is no wonder that so many people worldwide have decided to make colloidal silver an absolute must-have in their homes! But only by using the TRUE colloidal silver.

How Does Colloidal Silver Kill Harmful Microbes?

Silver first attacks the cell wall of the infectious microorganism. Upon contact with the surface membrane of the cell wall of the microbe, silver releases what other researchers have referred to as an “oxygen burst” that severely damages the membrane.

This catalytic oxidation results in specific chemical changes to the cell wall of the pathogen that block energy transfer and respiration, preventing the normal life-sustaining chemical processes from continuing, and thus initiating the demise of the pathogen.

Let’s watch this video:

Colloidal Silver Uses For Health

1. Cure a sore throat and similar respiratory infections

Did you know that up to 95% of all cases of sore throat are caused by viruses? And did you know that colloidal silver can fight all of them as well!? After all, it has been proven to be effective against HIV and influenza A virus, so these pesky common cold bugs are not a problem at all.

2. Treat most of food poisoning cases

Some of the most common bacteria that cause food poisoning are the Salmonella typhimurium, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus. Well, guess what? Colloidal silver has been scientifically proven to kill these germs!

3. Kill multidrug-resistant bacteria that are immune to heavy antibiotics

Over the last decades, bacteria have been developing terrifying mechanisms of resistance to conventional antibiotics—but not to silver particles. Numerous studies indicate that the latter effectively kill multi-resistant bacteria, and hundreds of silver users worldwide stated that it helped them deal with MRSA, one of the toughest kinds of bacteria known to mankind.

4. Speed up the healing of wounds and prevent their contamination

For its powerful bactericidal properties, colloidal silver can be used to treat wounds and speed up their regeneration. Rinse fresh injuries with the silver solution or apply a few drops of it on your band-aid before putting it on the wound. Thanks to this approach, sometimes a single day is enough to heal minor wounds!

5. Support the immune system against everyday threats

Have you ever thought about how many viruses or bacteria you encounter on any day? The number is even higher if you work among sick people (in a hospital or clinic), with kids who have weak immune system, or travel in public transportation. What are the chances that you may catch a bug and fall sick? The good news is that colloidal silver strengthens your immunity when taken internally even in small doses.

6. Alleviate allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

Preliminary studies show that colloidal silver significantly improves the symptoms and manifestations of allergic rhinitis. By reducing inflammation, and supporting local immunity, silver could help you avoid the lethargy of antihistamine drugs—the conventional way of dealing with allergies.

7. Disinfect burns and speed up their healing

Before the advent of antibiotics, silver has been the go-to way of treating burns. The substance has been applied to wound dressings, used to rinse the injuries, and even to create silver-containing topical preparations. Users have reported that open wounds heal in one or two days without leaving scars!

8. Put colloidal silver drops into your diffuser to support the respiratory system

Adding just a few drops of colloidal silver into your diffuser to cleanse the air from most kinds of bacteria and viruses we know at the moment. If you have any respiratory conditions, they are very likely to improve (often overnight).

9. Eye infections (conjunctivitis in particular)

Most colloidal silver products come with a handy dropper that’s perfect for applying silver to your eyes and/or ears as needed. Now you know what you should do next time you experience an inexplicable itching, discomfort, or redness in your eye. Read more about using colloidal silver for eye infections.

10. Ear infections (swimmer’s ear, otitis externa, otitis media, etc.)

Given that colloidal silver offers top-class protection against all the spectrum of biological problems (bacteria, viruses, fungi), it’s just natural to use it for an ear infection as well. Using a clear dropper, just put 2-3 drops of the solution into each of your ears—and the results will surely amaze you in just a couple of days. By the way, this applies to children’s ear infections as well—colloidal silver is safe to use on kids!

11. Heal mouth sores and gum disease

Silver may enhance the regeneration of wounds on your body surface but have you ever thought that mouth sores are actually wounds too? As such, they respond exceptionally well to colloidal silver treatment. Put 2-3 drops of colloidal silver in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with this solution three times a day.

12. Treat tooth infections (cavities are bacteria)

It is a known fact that most of the decay to our teeth comes from the acidic (or processed) foods we eat—and the oral bacteria that thrive on it, eventually forming cavities and gum disease. To fight them off, put a few drops of colloidal silver in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with this solution three times a day.

13. Alleviate inflammation

Colloidal silver is effective in calming down all kinds of inflammatory processes in the body, both when used topically AND when ingested in recommended doses. Most likely, this is due to its ability to support the immune system. Put two droppersful of true colloidal silver under your tongue, hold it for 30 seconds and swallow. Do this three times a day.

14. Cure athlete’s foot blisters

Colloidal silver does a great job in healing athlete’s foot blisters, even in those cases when the condition has become quite resistant to conventional therapy. Soak a cotton pad with colloidal silver and hold it on the blisters for 30 seconds. Do this 3-5 times a day.

15. Treat cancer

Health gurus and natural healers have been recommending colloidal silver for the treatment of various types of cancer during the last few decades, and most of them reported fabulous results worldwide. For instance, when nebulizing it, it was reported to even reverse the blood-coughing stage of lung cancer in some cases!

16. Eliminate fungal infections

Colloidal silver is fairly good against such serious threats like Candida. Besides following the Candida cleansing protocol, also take 1 teaspoon (or 2 droppersful) of colloidal silver orally, two times a day. Where there are external fungal infections, apply a cotton pad soaked in colloidal silver on the infections 2-3 times a day.

17. Keep pneumonia at bay

This infection of the lungs is especially common in elder people and little children. To prevent or treat it, just put a few drops of colloidal silver in your diffuser and leave it on for the night.

18. Prevent post-operation catheter infections

Getting surgery soon? Accelerate your post-operation recovery by applying colloidal silver to your catheters, thus preventing their accidental contamination during your treatment.

19. Treat acne and other skin breakouts

The vast majority of skin breakouts including acne are caused by some sort of microscopic agent (often that’s Propionibacterium acnes). In any case, studies indicate that silver particles could be an effective treatment for that! Wash your face, use a cotton pad soaked in silver water and apply them to the acne and hold for a few seconds. Do this at least two times daily and see the acne fade away fast!

20. Resolves sinus infections

There are colloidal silver users who report significant improvement of chronic sinusitis after just a few days of taking colloidal silver. Some of them even managed to cure the condition for good! For this ailment, you can use a few drops of colloidal silver in your neti pot and do rinses twice a day. Taking it orally may also help.

21. Heal stomach and duodenum ulcers

By supporting local immunity and eradicating part of the Helicobacter pylori in your guts, colloidal silver can heal gastrointestinal ulcers without any additional medication in many cases. Take it orally.

22. Can be used to treat dandruff

Users have reported that silver nanoparticles are very effective in the treatment of dandruff. Their effect is based on the purging of local bugs and the calming down of immune cells present in the scalp. Spray colloidal silver into your hair and massage it on the scalp every morning. Use till dandruff is gone.

23. Use as part of the treatment of Lyme disease

Some users report they were able to cure Lyme disease using colloidal silver, but only in those cases when the treatment has been initiated on the first day after the tick bite.

24. Soothe insect bites

Colloidal silver solutions have a wonderful soothing effect on insect bites, so make sure to take a bottle of the stuff with you the next time you go camping into the wild!

25. Calm autoimmune processes like fibromyalgia

Living with a chronic autoimmune condition can be hard, and any real help is always appreciated greatly. Currently, a few large-scale studies are being conducted on the matter of colloidal silver and the course of such diseases as fibromyalgia, dermatomyositis, and lupus. So far, the answers are quite encouraging.

26. Alleviate the course of psoriasis

Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease, meaning your white blood cells control the lion’s share of the process. Colloidal silver shows strong immune-supporting properties and has been found to provide consistent relief to some people suffering from psoriasis.

27. Silence tinnitus

Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears, is an extremely frustrating and exhausting condition with no known cure at the moment. However, many people over the last years have reported that taking a small dose of colloidal silver daily has significantly improved their condition.

28. Treat bronchial asthma

Silver nanoparticles have been proven to be effective in reducing bronchial inflammation and hypersensitivity, two major components of bronchial asthma.

colloidal silver uses

Colloidal Silver Uses Around The House

29. Purify water and keep it fresh from pathogenic microorganisms

In ancient times, Persian kings carried water in silver jars to keep it always fresh and tasty. Fast forward a bunch of thousand years: in Medieval times people used to throw a silver coin in their milk to prevent it from spoiling, and in their wells to keep their water fresh. Today, we have a much more handy way of doing the same: just add a few drops of colloidal silver into any liquid you’d like to cleanse from germs!

30. Ensure the freshness of your fridge

Keep your groceries fresh and tasty by spraying the inside of your fridge with colloidal silver to prevent bacterial overgrowth.

31. Use it as a cleaning spray instead of toxic chemical cleaners

This is a great advice for two reasons: silver kills virtually all the germs on the surfaces of your home AND eliminates unpleasant odors along the way. All of this—without the chemical dangers of the usual cleaning sprays.

32. Put a few drops into each shoe to control odor and prevent athlete’s foot

Simple as that – and your footwear is always fresh and safe. Athlete’s foot is a fungal condition also known as tinea pedis, but hey—colloidal silver fights fungi as well!

33. Wage a silver war on the fruit flies

One of the most unusual uses of colloidal silver is using this solution to keep fruit flies (Drosophila) away. Studies indicate that silver particles are quite toxic to these little insects!

34. Chase cockroaches away

A study published in the International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation journal stated that flooring treated with silver nanoparticles had an antibacterial activity of up to 98.9%—and managed to scare off about 87% of the local cockroaches. Whoa!

Colloidal Silver Uses On Pets

35. Cure pet diseases:

This comes as a surprise for some people out there, so we decided to include it in the list. Colloidal silver is equally effective in humans AND in animals (mammals, at least, but some users report healing their turtles with silver as well), so don’t hesitate to use it in case your little friends are faced with any kind of health issues.

36. Eliminates mange for good

Microscopic enemies aren’t the only thing you can eradicate with the help of colloidal silver. For instance, there have been a whole lot of testimonies that mange can’t tolerate it at all!

37. Eliminates pet urine odor

Do you know why silver particles are incorporated into sportswear, besides for the fact that they fight bacteria? Answer: the smell. Silver is well-known for its ability to neutralize unpleasant odors, and pet urine scent is absolutely one of them.

Recommended TRUE Colloidal Silver

Sovereign Silver True colloidal silver consists of microscopic particles of pure silver suspended in the liquid base.

Due to their tiny size and even distribution throughout the liquid, true colloidal silver is very safe to take and is believed to never cause argyria (blue skin pigmentation).

How can you be sure you’re taking true colloidal silver?

This is a particularly safe brand that we trust and have received positive feedback: Sovereign Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol for Immune Support (10ppm).

Read more about the health benefits of colloidal silver.


Now, have you ever seen something as universal and effective as colloidal silver?

Granted, it’s far from being a cure-all, but perhaps it’s as close as it gets. Which is absolutely great for me!

I keep a bottle of true colloidal silver in every room in my house and carry a small bottle in my bag always.



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