Here’s How A Total Dietary Change Can Make Your Body A Powerful Cancer-Fighter

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Cancer is not a death sentence. Learn how to reverse it with natural healing foods.

cancer is not a death sentence

Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence

Cancer is not something that happens overnight. It takes literally years to feed a potential cancer. Two to three decades are not unusual from the time a single cell got mutated, to the time a tumor appears.  In some cases, it may develop in a few short years.

When we ingest certain chemicals into our body, they “activate” and can initiate certain cancer. The good news is that the healthy foods we eat may interfere with the progress of the cancer. When we eat the right type of foods, we can help block the mutation process.

The abundance of antioxidants that we get from fresh fruits and vegetables can neutralize the destructive work of free radicals and carcinogens. Researches have shown that certain phytonutrients can intervene and stop further growth of the precancerous cells, repair and heal some damaged cells. When you eat the right foods even after cancer is diagnosed, it is possible that your life is prolonged and the pain reduced.

Studies have proven that people who eat fruits and vegetables daily have their cancer risk slashed by about 50 percent. And I’m not talking about eating huge amounts of fruits and vegetables, but just meeting your daily requirement. It could be just having a glass of juice, once or twice a day. Read why your juices should be extracted using a gear juicer.

It is amazing what fresh fruits and vegetables can do, so do not underestimate the power of drinking a glass of juice daily for prevention of cancer. Phytonutrients from the juice can reach every cell in your body to repair the damage, heal and nourish them. For cases of cancer, much more juices are required, together with the right detox methods to help delay the growth of tumors and cancerous cells.

Diet Suggestions/Lifestyle Changes for Prevention of Cancer

Most people ignorantly eat whatever they fancy until a health problem strikes. Only when they are suffering that they began to question what went wrong. Cancer doesn’t “just happen”, nor does it happen because “we’re unlucky”. It develops due to the many years of eating “unhealthy” foods, the lifestyle we live, our polluted environment, etc.

Eliminate from your diet: Commercially processed foods that are bleached, frozen, canned, sugared, preserved, packaged, and laden with chemicals. Is it any wonder that we and our loved ones are sick and malnourished when we consume these commercialized foods?

Animal fats and transfats are known to promote cancer. They act as fuel in promoting tumor growth and stimulate bile acids in the colon that drive cells toward mutation. Instead, take monounsaturated oil and omega-3 fatty acids (from fish, olive oil and flaxseed oil) to deter tumor growth.

Stressed lifestyles, polluted air and water, unhealthy work environments, all choke our once-healthy cells, mutating them and causing them to grow abnormally.

We can control where we work and how we work. We can control our lifestyles, and we can certainly control what we put into our body. We have a choice, so choose wisely and choose healthy.

Green is the color of healing. The greener the better, as it contains the highest dietary sources of chlorophyll. The “lifeblood” of plants is remarkably similar to hemoglobin in human blood, the substance that carries oxygen in our body. Experiments have shown that our body is able to convert chlorophyll into hemoglobin, thereby enriching the blood.

Chlorophyll acts as our internal healer, cleanser, antiseptic, cell stimulator, rejuvenator and red blood cell builder. And the finest source of this proteinous compound is found in spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, wheatgrass, kale, spinach, celery, alfalfa sprouts and all green vegetables.



Collard greens








See more healing vegetables here.

The Beautiful Truth (1:32:18)

Take time to watch this 1h:32m free documentary video about why we get sick. This documentary is eye-opening and will show you where we could have gone wrong. And when we know where we have gone wrong, we can go back and rectify the problem, and put in place the steps towards healing.

There is HOPE when we are determined to be well again. I want you to be well again, and you can. It is the very reason why this website was set up, to help you to the healing path again, simply with what God has provided for us since the world was created—plant foods.

After watching this movie, read more about Gerson Therapy here.

Increase on your green vegetable intake by juicing. Learn how to make tasty green juices.

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