8 Natural Remedies To Heal Every Day Foot Pain Fast

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Foot pain can put a damper on all your daily plans. When you have pain in your foot, it is difficult to walk around and it interferes with work and your daily activities, not to mention the discomfort and pain.

If you have recently experienced foot pain, instead of turning to commercial pain-relievers and other products, find out how natural remedies and simple changes can help heal your pain. For fast foot pain relief, try using these 8 natural remedies.


1. Foot Massage

The first step that you can take to relieve your foot pain is to gently massage your foot. For added relief, use coconut oil. Using your thumbs, massage the oil into your foot. Use circular motions, when massaging, and pay attention to the pain—adding more or less pressure, depending on the amount of pain that you are experiencing.


2. Apply A Warm Compress

Twice per day, apply a warm compress to your foot for about 20 to 25 minutes. You could use a heating pad or a hot water bottle, to apply heat. The warmth should help improve blood circulation around your foot and possibly reduce inflammation.


3. Apply A Cold Compress

Along with applying heat to your foot, you should apply a cold compress to help relieve pain. Place several ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap the bag in a wash cloth or hand towel. Apply the cold compress directly to your foot for at least 15 minutes. The cold compress will help numb your pain.


4. Rest Your Feet

While healing your foot, you should rest. Standing on your feet for hours on end could increase your pain or limit your ability to recover from the foot pain. Try not to walk on hard surfaces and wear comfortable shoes – if you must spend time on your feet. As your foot heals, you should spend as little time as possible walking around.


5. Wear Shoe Inserts

If you need to spend time on your feet, then make sure that you wear comfortable shoes and consider using shoe inserts. Orthopedic inserts can relieve some of the pressure on your feet, while walking around. If you are suffering from heel spurs, then consider using orthotic inserts. Heel cups and insoles can be placed in your shoes.


6. Use Borax Solution

Borax powder can provide both pain relief and help to reduce inflammation. Fill a foot tub with very warm water and add some borax powder. Soak your foot in the tub for at least 30 minutes to gain pain relief and reduce some of the inflammation around your foot.


7. Exercise Your Feet

Stretching and exercising your feet could help your foot heal and could protect you from future foot pain. One exercise is to place your injured foot over the opposite knee. Grab the toes of the injured foot and try pulling them towards you, to stretch your heel and the ligaments along your foot.

If you are experiencing heel pain, then try rotating your ankles, while sitting in a chair. Dangle your injured foot above the ground and rotate your ankle – first in a clockwise direction and then switching to a counter-clockwise direction. Perform ten rotations and then switch directions.


8. Lose Some Weight

Losing weight is not an immediate solution, but it could help prevent future foot pain. By losing a few pounds, you can reduce the impact on your feet, when walking around. Some studies even suggest that losing as little as five pounds can reduce the impact on your feet by 15 percent.

There are many ways to treat foot pain and heel spurs. If you are experiencing any discomfort, then remember these suggestions. Rest your feet, perform some foot exercises, and use natural solutions to relieve your pain and promote healing.




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  1. I’m on my feet 8-12hrs a day. I’ve tried everything in my house in my foot bath, with no luck. Over-the-counter medication, epsom salt foot baths, elevation, rest, massage…. I’ve even put hydrogen peroxide, triple antibiotic ointment, biofreeze (main ingredient menthol & ice foot baths!!!!!! It all helps during foot bath, but getting on my feet again is torture!
    If you by any chance know of any other over-the-counter tricks, please Dear Lord, help me!

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