15 Easy and Healthy Food Substitutes That Help Effective Weight Loss

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Making a lifestyle change doesn’t mean eating food you dislike, spending a miserable hour exercising every day, or making other changes that you can barely tolerate. In fact, changing your health can be very easy if you just make small swaps in your daily life.

Lunch is an easy area to establish healthy eating habits. Take your healthy lunch to work and your lunch choice will be easy, that is to eat what you’ve already prepared. Get started with these 12 easy lunch swaps.


1. Wild Rice or Quinoa Instead of White Rice

White rice can be a good base for any meal, but it barely has any nutrients. Instead, try wild or brown rice that still contain their germ and bran layers, meaning they still have their nutrients and fiber that is beneficial for your digestive tract health. Quinoa is another superb option and can be cooked like rice and very versatile to be eaten in many ways.


2. Coconut Water Instead of Soda or Juice

If you get through the day with a can of pop or a bottle of sugary juice, grab some coconut water instead. The electrolytes found in coconut water is useful for boosting your energy, and you won’t be taking in nearly as much sugar.


3. Himalayan Salt Instead of Table Salt

Himalayan sea salt is naturally rich in 84 minerals, including magnesium, which many people are lacking.This natural salt has many health benefits that are the opposite of the harmful effects of table salt. Use Himalayan salt to season your lunch instead of table salt.



4. Organic, Local Produce Instead of Conventional Produce

You already know how beneficial it is to eat organic, rather than conventional. Swap out your GMO fruit and veggies for organic and enjoy a quick boost in your health. It may cost a little more, but think of the immense health benefits you you will derive from organic produce. They are not only without pesticides, they are also richer in nutrients than conventional produce.


5. Squash Spaghetti Instead of Spaghetti

With squash spaghetti, you can enjoy the same pasta dishes you love without the empty calories and refined carbohydrates of pasta. Regular pasta contains gluten which may cause gut inflammation with some people. You can also use spiralized zucchini as a substitute.


7. Avocado Instead of Mayonnaise

It should come as no surprise that mayonnaise is hardly a health food. Instead, mash an avocado and use that as a spread on your sandwiches. They can be mixed with some diced onions and tomatoes to make it more nutritious and delicious.


8. Goat’s Milk Instead of Cow’s Milk

The molecule structure of goat’s milk are closest to that of breast milk. Goat’s milk has smaller fat globules as well as higher levels of medium chain fatty acids, compared to cow’s milk. This makes goat’s milk less allergenic, easier to digest, and doesn’t or rarely can cause any lactose intolerance.


9. Dehyrated Sweet Potato Chips Instead of French Fries

French fries are so satisfying, but having it deep-fried in oil makes it a high-fatty food that is harmful especially it is fried in vegetable oil. Slice sweet potato into thin slices or sticks, and make your own dehydrated chips instead. They are just as delightfully crunchy, and you can season them with spices for that extra kick.


10. Raw Honey and Cinnamon Instead of Sugar

Added sugar has no place in your diet as it causes inflammation in your body. Sweeten your beverage with raw honey, or other healthier substitutes. For an added bit of flavor, a sprinkle cinnamon gives your beverage a nice aroma.




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