Holistic Nutrition

Here is some simple yet powerful information explaining holistic nutrition. Just by understanding this, it will help you make wiser choices regarding your health.


What is Health?

What is health to you?  To some it means not being sick, some say it’s being able to do what they want to do.  Some equate health with energy, and some say health is long life.  To me, health is not just the absence of diseases, but it should also mean a life full of energy and vitality.

But where does energy or vitality comes from within us?  We learned in school about cells and mitochondria within our cells which are the power source that gives us that energy.  Our body is made up of about 100 trillion cells which need to be treated with care in order for us to always have that energy supply.  We should treat our body as 100 trillion cells and not just as flesh, blood and bones.

Here is how a mitochondrion from our cell looks like.  There are many of these within one single cell.  This is the power source of our energy.

mitochondrionBy knowing this, we now have a choice of how we want to grow old.  We can choose whether to grow to 70 but feel and look like 50;  or we can choose to grow to 50 but feel and look like 70 (assuming you’re not there yet).

Having said that, I want to tell you that there is no such thing as aging.  There is only the degeneration of our cells — either our cells are damaged or they die prematurely because of our ignorance and careless eating.

What we put into our body causes our cells to die.  It could be from the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the food that we eat that are choking and killing our cells.  Even prolonged emotional stress can cause havoc in our body.

Our reckless lifestyle causes our cells to die due to toxins, acidic environment and oxidation.  If only we know how to feed our cells correctly, we can prolong the lifespan of our cells to keep our body looking and feeling young.  How do we do that, you ask?  Read on …


Cells Degeneration

Below is a little graph to show you the stage you are at with your cells degeneration. Most diseases start from a simple inflammation or a discharge that you would ignore (see Stage 1 in chart below).

Then you start feeling fatigue, constipated, have a headache, or lower backache or even simple skin blemishes.  These are all signs of the beginning of your poor health (see Stage 2 in chart below).  If at this stage, you start to realize and take action and start eating and living healthy, there might yet be hope that your problem may be reversed.

When the doctor tells you that you have high-blood pressure or cholesterol, or you have asthma or worse, tumors, you would know that you are at Stage 3 where you chronically encounter very poor and weak health.

Don’t wait till you reach Stage 3 or 4 before you start doing anything.  It might then be too late.  Help is now available.  The answer is by feeding your cells with nutrition.  More on this below …


How Our Cells Die

When we take too much acid-forming (harmful) foods, it creates an acidic environment in our body that causes cells to die.  When the cells die, our body becomes even more acidic and it creates a perfect environment for bacteria and parasites to breed and diseased cells to spread.

Then we fall sick and we see the doctor who prescribes more acid-forming drugs.  The drugs will create other side effects because our body is already acidic.  It becomes a cycle and it goes on and on until our body starts to break down and degenerative diseases set in.

We need to break the cycle by cutting out on the harmful foods as much as possible and feeding our cells with proper nutrients.  Our 100 trillion cells basically need only four very important factors to stay healthy and happy.  If we take the trouble to adhere to these four factors, we can be sure that our happy cells will keep us energetic and generally healthy.

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Back to Basics
1. Waste Elimination

First and foremost, we need to reduce our intake of harmful foods.  If you want to correct a health condition, then you will have to cut out the harmful foods totally.  It is not going to be easy, but you cannot continue to feed your body with junk and expect it to heal.

There is no drug in the world that can heal your condition.  Your body was made to self-heal so you need to give it a chance to heal by itself.   But your body cannot self-heal as long as it is still full of toxins from the harmful foods you have ingested over the years.  This is where detox comes in.

There are many ways to detox, but whatever detox program you choose to do, always ensure that the products are safe and natural.  You can try juice fasting, or just go on total fast for a few days to let your body rest and detox and heal.  When doing a detox program, always drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.

Cleansing the colon is an important part of detoxification. Cleansing with herbal fiber is a gentler approach and requires more patience, but provides a thorough and highly effective colon cleanse. Most fiber cleanses take from 2-3 weeks to reach maximum efficacy; but the wait is often worth the result.

For extreme cases, one has to consider doing a colonics.  A congested colon (constipation is a symptom) may be carrying as much as 10-25 pounds (or more) of dried fecal matter in it.  This is the perfect environment for bacteria to breed and they multiply by the millions every day.  A congested colon leads to an overall unclean blood that is toxic and harmful to your 100 trillion cells which will quickly dwindle in number from damage.


2.  Oxygen

One of the basic needs of our cells is oxygen — clean, fresh air.  Proper detox helps clean up your colon and liver that in turn encourages cleaner blood in circulation.  One of the functions of our blood cells is to carry oxygen, water and nutrients to our entire body.

We have heard this often enough — exercise is so important.  Exercise enables our heart to pump blood and encourages blood circulation throughout our body.  When blood circulates, it stirs up stagnant blood which otherwise would cause a host of health problems.

Deep breathing is also therapeutic.  Take a walk outside, early in the morning when the air is still fresh and do deep breathing exercise.  This alone does wonders and helps provide energy that can last you for hours.


3.  Water

I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking enough water.  Our dehydrated cells can’t talk, but they give signals to our body through pain.  When they are dehydrated, they cause pain and when we give them enough water, most of these pains would just go away.

Don’t just say that you’re drinking plenty of water.  Check if you are drinking enough.  I recommend drinking the purest form of water, distilled water.  Hard water and so-called mineral water will deposit inorganic elements in your body that your body cannot assimilate, thus treated as toxins.  And finally ….


4.  Nutrients

Nutrients is what this site is all about.  Once you have done proper detox and eliminating unhealthy food from your diet, taking sufficient water and exercise everyday, then you feed your cells with proper nutrients from live food.

Our bodies have been deprived of nutrients for most part of our lives because of “modern day diet” that consists of processed foods that are high in fat and low in fiber and nutrition.  I have found that juicing is the most effective and fastest way to get the nutrients to our deprived cells.

When we talk about holistic nutrition, they should include:


We need to ask ourselves, how much of the above do we provide to our 100 trillion cells?  Throughout this website, I will attempt to make the information available to you as much as possible, in order that you may make the right choice from today onwards. Choose to live healthy.