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a.k.a. Welles Peoples Press:  The alternative and affordable hydraulic juice press.

If you are impressed with the Norwalk Juicer and trust in the juice quality pressed using the Norwalk Juicer but cannot afford it, you might be happy to know that there is a much cheaper alternative in the Samson Welles Juice Press (a.k.a. the Welles Peoples Press).

However, unlike the Norwalk Juicer, the Welles Juice Press only does pressing and does not have an in-built cutter grinder as in the Stage 1 process required in the Norwalk Press Juicer.

As you can see in the picture below, the Welles Juice Press is really a very simple little machine, nothing fancy. It doesn’t even pretend to look pretty. 🙂 But you’ll be surprised with the strength of the machine (about two-ton pressing capability).

High Juice Quality and Juice Yield

Pulp Is Bone Dry

The feedback I hear from satisfied users about this juice press are very positive. After pressing, the pulp is bone dry. Users are happy with the high juice yield, getting every possible drop from the pulp.

The instruction book that comes with the Welles Juice Press specifically mentioned that this press is to be used in conjunction with another juicer. This is especially so when juicing for Gerson Therapy.

It is possible to press soft fruits without running them through a juicer first, e.g. grapes, pomegranates, tomatoes. I suggest if you want to do this, put them in together with other produce that have been run through a juicer in order to get the most of the press.

High Juice Quality

The method of juice extraction by hydraulic pressing allows almost no mixing of air with the juices. This minimizes oxidation of the juices, preventing it from spoiling quickly. And because all the enzymes and nutrients that make a produce whole, have been extracted into the juice, they all work together to preserve the stability of the juices.

Juices extracted using a press juicer may be kept for up to 3 days, filled to the brim in airtight opaque containers, and stored in the refrigerator.

The quality of the juices, because they are whole and complete, is really outstanding and unequalled. The juice has no foam, highly concentrated, rich in its natural color, tastes very sweet and is highly satisfying. Exactly how fresh juices should be!

How the Welles Juice Press Works

This is a manual juicer that works by placing the pulp of fruits and vegetables ground beforehand using another gear juicer (e.g. a Samson 6-in-1 or a Champion Juicer).


Photos courtesy of Trevor Hinson, a happy juicer.


Use the grind/mince attachment in a gear juicer to grind the fruits and vegetables into pulp. Put a pressing cloth/bag over the pout where the pulp is expelled, to collect the pulp. Two pressing cloths/bags are provided with the purchase of the Welles Juice Press. This process might be a little messy using the Champion, but perhaps it will be a cleaner process if you used a Samson 6-in-1 instead (Samson is also cheaper, easier to use and is a great juicer by itself).

Once all the fruits and vegetables are ground, they are packed in the pressing bag, folded neatly with the folds at the bottom, and placed on the pressing drip tray.

Using the press is easy and FAST. Firstly, tighten the screw at the bottom, then pump the jack handle a few times to raise the drip tray to the press plate.

Once the press plate touch the bag, juice begins to flow and drip into the collecting bowl (not provided) without any effort at all.

Unlike the Norwalk, you may leave the pressure on while you prepare the second batch of pulp for pressing. After 1-2 minutes, you will find that the juice still continues to drip.

When the pulp is removed from the bag, it is a piece of flat, square bone-dry wafer that just breaks off into pieces, hardly any moist. To release the tray, loosen the screw and manually lower the drip tray.

Disadvantages:  Although the actual pressing may not seem difficult due to the strength of the hydraulic press, bear in mind that you will need to repeat the above process several times if you have a lot to juice. You can probably put in two bagfuls of pulps instead of one-by-one. In which case, you’ll need to purchase a few spare press bags. After pressing a while, a little more exertion and effort might be needed.

The pressing surface area is only about 5.5 square inches, the size that your folded filter cloth will be. If you don’t mind the extra work for the sake of superior juice quality, then this is the next best thing for you other than the Norwalk Juicer.

Why a Hydraulic Press?

Your question could be that, if you have a Samson 6-in-1 or a Champion or any gear juicer, why use a hydraulic juice press? Answer is simply because you’re a serious juicer. You want the best quality juice that is totally and wholly complete with all of nature’s original (unspoilt) enzymes and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

Plus, using the pulp ground by other juicers, you get a little more juice pressed out using the Welles Juice Press, compared to:

  • A Juiceman Juicer: 33-55% more
  • An Omega: 15-30% more
  • A Champion: 40-55% more!

So if you juice heavily, especially if doing Gerson Therapy, you get superior juice quality and much higher juice yield—substantial savings in the long-run.


The washing up of this simple hydraulic juicer is easier than the Norwalk Juicer because the Norwalk has the spiral cutter grinder that the Welles Juice Press doesn’t have. Just slide out the tray along with the press plate and rinse both under running water.

However, as you need to use another gear juicer to grind/mince the pulp, you end up having to wash up two machines. Whether you extract a glass of juice or five gallons, the amount of washing would be the same.

Bear in mind, you also have the filter cloth bags to wash. To ensure hygiene, wash it in warm water, keep away in a ziplock bag and store in the freezer until the next use.

What You Get

The Samson Welles Juice Press is a very simple machine. Its frame is built of steel and powder coated in white. The dimension is H14″xW9″xD9″ and weighs about 20 lbs.

It has a carrying handle that makes it portable. The hydraulic pressing capability measures at about 2-ton and uses a manual valve to release pressure, unlike the automated Norwalk.

Purchase of the Welles Juice Press comes with 2 filter cloths/bags. Juice collecting bowl is not provided.

The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty on the hydraulic jack and a 10-year warranty on the frame.


IF … you’re serious about juicing, usually juice in huge quantities for a big family (or for Gerson Therapy where you drink a glass of juice every hour), don’t mind the little extra effort, then this machine will be a worthy investment. It costs only a small fraction of the Norwalk Juicer.

The superior juice quality ensures speedier healing and the ability to juice huge amount of juices that can be stored away (for up to three days in the fridge), also help save a lot of time and money.

When considering the amount of effort you will have to go through, using a gear juicer, then a hydraulic press, you might also want to consider the superior juice extracted using a Green Power Kempo or the totally stainless steel Super Angel Juicers, which also provide high quality juice and very dry pulp, although not as dry as the hydraulic press (but close).

If you’re new to juicing, no matter how enthusiastic you’re feeling, try a slow juicer first to see how you really like juicing every day. Gear juicers are definitely way easier to operate and easy to wash up. If even by that juicing is a chore, then a hydraulic press juicer is definitely not for you.

Appreciation: A fellow juicer, Trevor Hinson, is a happy owner and user of the Welles Juice Press. He has given it a 5-star rating. (Thanks, Trevor, for your contribution to this page!)

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