Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables (PFV) List

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We are often bombarded by the media on discovery of various superfoods. Every time a scientist discovers a fruit or a vegetable that is a powerhouse or one that is rich in antioxidants, or another that reverses a chronic disease, we will hear about it.

Dietary researcher, Jennifer Di Noia, Ph. D., of William Paterson University, did a study of Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables and ranked various fruits and vegetables according to their nutrients-to-calories ratio. The results were published online in Preventing Chronic Disease.

Nutrients, in this case, refers to the essential vitamins and minerals content in these fruits and vegetables, not taking into account the non-essential phytonutrients that are rich in antioxidants like most berries and many other superfoods. That doesn’t mean you should stop eating those superfoods that are high in antioxidants!

Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables List

Here’s the PFV list in all its simplicity, nutrients calculated based on a 100-calorie serving, with their nutrient density score:

  1. Watercress: 100.00
    watercress - powerhouse fruits and vegetables list
  2. Chinese cabbage: 91.99
  3. Chard: 89.27
  4. Beet green: 87.08
  5. Spinach: 86.43
  6. Chicory: 73.36
  7. Leaf lettuce: 70.73
  8. Parsley: 65.59
  9. Romaine lettuce: 63.48
  10. Collard green: 62.49
  11. Turnip green: 62.12
  12. Mustard green: 61.39
  13. Endive: 60.44
  14. Chive: 54.80
  15. Kale: 49.07
  16. Dandelion green: 46.34
  17. Red pepper: 41.26
  18. Arugula: 37.65
  19. Broccoli: 34.89
  20. Pumpkin: 33.82
  21. Brussels sprout: 32.23
  22. Scallion: 27.35
  23. Kohlrabi: 25.92
  24. Cauliflower: 25.13
  25. Cabbage: 24.51
  26. Carrot: 22.60
  27. Tomato: 20.37
  28. Lemon: 18.72
  29. Iceberg lettuce: 18.28
  30. Strawberry: 17.59
  31. Radish: 16.91
  32. Winter squash: 13.89
  33. Orange: 12.91radish-new
  34. Lime: 12.23
  35. Grapefruit (pink and red): 11.64
  36. Rutabaga: 11.58
  37. Turnip: 11.43
  38. Blackberry: 11.39
  39. Leek: 10.69
  40. Sweet potato: 10.51
  41. Grapefruit (white): 10.47

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