Eliminate Nasal Congestion And Sinusitis Fast With This Powerful Carrot Juice

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eliminate nasal congestion sinusitis

Eliminate Nasal Congestion, Sinusitis With This Powerful Juice

Nasal congestions brought on by sinusitis can easily be alleviated by drinking targeted fresh juices, and making some diet adjustments.

Reduce: Animal meat products.
Avoid: Dairy, sugar and flour products, processed/refined foods and tobacco.

When my daughter was little, she used to wake up in the morning, crying because of stuffy nose and unable to breathe. Once I learned about what caused the problem, I began to wean her off dairy products. I made for her my special concoction every day and she quickly recovered from her sinus problems. Once the offending foods are removed from the diet, this juice combo kicks-in real quick and helps to drastically reduce nasal congestion.

For very serious sinusitis, supplementing garlic oil capsules and probiotics are great help for improving the condition. Drinking a glass of water with a pinch of Celtic sea salt before going to bed, can also help to reduce stuffy nose in the morning.

Recipe (makes one portion):

Also very good for improving eyesight.

  • 2 carrots
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 green apple
  • A small piece of ginger (optional)

It cannot work if offending foods are not reduced or eliminated. Drink regularly until you see an improvement.

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  1. Hi Juicing-for-health,
    Thank you so much for sharing this informative article. Keep on posting informative articles. Thanks!

  2. Any other recommendations for sinusitis? This recipe starting relieving congestion the second I started sipping on it! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  3. My 9 years old suffers from severe year-round allergy. His nasal passage always seems to be blocked and he has hard time breathing. Your article mentions about eliminating the offending food from the diet. How do we know what food is causing nasal congestion? I have done all that I could to relieve his symptoms but to no avail! Please help!

  4. Hello, I am really anxious to start drinking this juice but is there another option for those of us who don’t have a juicer. Is there any way that the juice can be made in a blender? I am so happy that I stumbled upon this site

    1. Hi Ella, you can make juices using a blender but it depends on the type of blender you have. If it is a really powerful one then it can liquefy the produce making the drink tasty. If not, your drink may be pulpy so you may use a muslin or filter cloth to separate the pulp for a more enjoyable drink. I hope this helps!

  5. I am so excited about this juice. I just would like to know, do I peel the oranges first?

  6. Jacqueline Kuntz

    I don’t have a juicer or a blender. I do have a food processor. Can I make this with what I have? How?

  7. Aileen Edmunds

    Can you make with a blender or do you need a juicer? Do the carrots need to be raw or cooked?

  8. Sangeeta Bakane

    Yr story sounds good & interesting! And so is yr smoothie & juice. Did u filter the smoothie/juice; and did u add just water for juicing?

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