7 Mistakes To AVOID When Diagnosed With Cancer, To Increase Survival Rate

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Mainstream medicine has ways of disguising the fact that their treatments often lead to the demise of cancer patients. It’s easy to claim that the patient simply died of cancer, not chemotherapy poisoning or radiation damage.

Their rate of reversing cancer is dismal, even as they play linguistic and statistical games with their results to continue marketing their methods as the only effective treatments around.

mistakes to avoid when diagnosed with cancer

On the other hand, those who seek alternative methods of dealing with cancer have a much greater chance of surviving cancer with better quality life, without any adverse reactions or side effects. As an old saying went: “With herbal medicine, the disease can kill you; but with allopathic (mainstream) medicine, the treatment can kill you.”

But sometimes the cancer survival rate drops from 80-plus percent with alternative natural means to 50 percent or lower. Here’s why:

Mistakes To Avoid When Diagnosed With Cancer

1. Rushing Into Mainstream Treatments First

When diagnosed with any type of cancer, patients are pressured into starting treatments immediately or face imminent death. The types of cancer that are that threatening, such as pancreatic cancer, are beyond repair within mainstream medicine anyway. So why rush?

The prospects of total recovery with natural methods are reduced considerably by mainstream oncology’s harsh “heroic interventions.” You have time to research what’s best for you. If you’re clueless or confused about what’s out there, try the Cancer Tutor.

2. Not Changing To The “Cancer Diet”

All processed foods and beverages should be shunned completely. Organic plant foods should be the dietary staples. One should also stop eating meat, for the most part, especially red and processed meats. Refined sugar and refined carbohydrates create the perfect food for cancer cells’ survival.

The pancreas delivers proteolytic enzymes that are used to break down animal proteins, and they can also break up cancer cells. Why waste them on animal flesh that’s probably loaded with toxins from factory farm abuse?

3. Going It Alone With Only One Protocol

The Cancer Tutor recommends three protocols (including diet) if one doesn’t go to a clinic that specializes in natural healing, such as the Gerson Clinic, Bio-Medical Clinic, or others in Mexico or Europe. But some manage with only one therapy if they’re on a cancer diet.

4. Not Following The Protocol Exactly

The Budwig Diet prohibits using laetrile, an effective therapy by itself. But it allows the natural source of laetrile, apricot seed kernels. The Budwig Diet guide should be followed.

While in France, Dr. Max Gerson was mystified by the lack of progress with some of his patients. He discovered that an assistant was sneaking pastries to them with lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates that helped cancer cells survive and sabotaged his dietary approach.

Essiac tea was recommended to a friend whose dad had cancer. She said he had tried it and it didn’t work. Of course, he had never changed his diet and he used over-the-counter Essiac tea, which is worthless. Only a few online providers provide the best Rene Caisse-approved herbs for you to brew Essiac yourself, see below:

5. Not Detoxifying Sufficiently

A pure organic, plant-based diet and heavy juicing does help with that. But other methods of detoxification may be necessary for some. The “die-off” from destroyed cancer cells creates toxicity and burdens the liver.

Gerson’s therapy uses coffee enemas to detoxify the liver, and so does Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who uses a slightly refined version of Dr. William Kelley’s successful 1970s protocol.

6. Mixing Protocols With Chemo Or Radiation

Cancer patients who use cannabis oils are often guilty of this. They tend to look at cannabis’ incredible healing powers as a silver bullet and ignore changing their diets, usually continuing to consume junk food with lots of sugar. Then they panic and jump into chemo or radiation in addition to using cannabis oil.

7. Ignoring The Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Aspect Of Healing

Journalists and patients investigating alternative cancer clinics in Mexico are usually amazed at their friendly, relaxed atmospheres. Lightheartedness and humor are helpful. Full morale support from family and friends are utmost important.

Clearing out psychic garbage from losses, emotional shocks, stress and resentments may have contributed to the acidosis that invited cancer in the first place. There are actually cancer treatments that focus on this area.



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  1. Nichole Williams

    I am a cancer survivor because of CBD. I had breast cancer (stage 4) and i don’t know how will I be cured but this friend of mine told me to try the CBD, at first I did not believe because my doctor doesn’t allow me to take some cannabis as a medicine and this is a fake medicinal treatment. But I read that it really helps others that’s why I tried it but I did not tell my doctor about it. So I take this for 11 months and it really helped me a lot. I know that others won’t believe me but trust me it really does.

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