Why A Himalayan Salt Block Is One Of The Greatest Things You Could Own

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If you frequent kitchen and household stores, you would probably have seen Himalayan salt blocks and the more common one you may have heard, or even own one, is that of the Himalayan salt lamps.

Himalayan salt blocks come in various shapes and sizes—squares, rectangles, bowls, cups, candle holders, even mortar and pestle! They are used for various ways of preparing healthy food—sautéing, grilling, chilling, curing, baking, salting or simply just for beautiful food presentations.

Himalayan salt block cooking is a new way to cook and is fast becoming popular with health-savvy people. However, the pink Himalayan salt itself is nothing new, in fact it is as old as the Himalayas themselves!

himalayan salt block

What Is A Himalayan Salt Block?

If you are already using Himalayan salt for cooking, you will appreciate using these blocks and take your healthy creativity to the next level. It is something of an extraordinary beauty about these blocks that you simply would love to have.

It is a big block of crystalized Himalayan salt that is luminescent and infused with important minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese and the like, that gives it that beautiful pinkish and lively color.

If you get a good, high quality natural solid salt block, you can use it for all purposes—from cutting food, to heating, searing, serving, or popped into the freezer to use as a chilled plate—all the while flavoring your food with the delicious and nutritious pink salt, every step of the way.

Why Do You Need A Himalayan Salt Block?

1. Adds Healthy Minerals To Your Food

One of the first reasons for wanting to use a Himalayan salt block is to impart the incredibly healthy minerals of Himalayan pink salt to your food during food preparation. The minerals help to:

  • Balance and regulate your body’s pH
  • Stabilize hydration levels
  • Provide electrolytes to your body
  • Improve digestive issues
  • Reduce acid reflux
  • Improve your sleep quality

2. Improves The Taste Of Your Food, Healthily

Himalayan salt contains a wide range of minerals and trace minerals that get added to your food during preparation. It gives your food a more complex flavor that is unique and interesting, even without adding any other seasonings. It does not make your food salty, but imparts just the right hint of its flavor into your food—always seasoned to perfection!

3. Naturally Anti-Microbial Surface

Unlike other food-preparation and cooking surfaces, you will never have to worry about microbial proliferation when working on a Himalayan salt block. The low porosity and natural moisture retention of the salt creates a naturally anti-microbial environment. We use salt as a preservative for exactly the same reason!

4. Extreme Temperature Resistance And Holds Temperature For Longer

Salt blocks must not be used in an oven or put into the dishwasher.

To heat it, put it on a gas stove or your induction stove, turning up the temperature gradually—no more than 200oF (90oC) within 15 minutes—in order to prevent it from cracking. It has an extreme temperature resistance with a melting point of over 1500oF (800oC), which makes it capable of high-heat cooking. Its crystalline structure is able to hold temperature (whether hot or cold) for a much longer time than any other cooking surfaces. This keeps your food nicely warm (or cold) while you eat.

5. Provides Even Heat Distribution

Thanks to its crystalline structure, the Himalayan salt block is able to spread heat evenly through the entire block, allowing food to be cooked at the same pace, wherever the food is placed on the block. Likewise when presenting your food chilled. Think sashimi (raw fish) and oysters (yummm!). Raw foods will even begin to cure the longer they are left on the block, making the food taste even more flavorful.

6. Pretty Enough To Be Used As A Serving Platter

These pink salt blocks are so pretty and intriguing and they make wonderful conversation-starters. Get various shapes and sizes and build up your Himalayan salt block collection for your home entertaining.

More information below on how to get your own Himalayan salt block and ensure it’s genuine!

Getting Your Own Himalayan Salt Block

When looking to purchase a Himalayan salt block, you cannot be sure whether it’s a genuine or a fake one.

  • The first thing is to check the return policy. Sellers who sell genuine Himalayan salt blocks are confident enough to provide a “Satisfaction and Return Guarantee”. Don’t buy if they don’t give you that guarantee, chances are they’re fake.
  • If you can have a feel of the block, it should feel a little damp, not dry. They have a natural moisture that is the characteristic of natural salt.
  • Genuine Himalayan salt block tend to be rather fragile. It is not uncommon for your block to be delivered to you damaged due to poor handling in transit. Do not despair if your block comes cracked, it is a sign that it is genuine. This is where the return policy comes handy. Simply send it back until they get it right!

When you purchase a Himalayan salt block, it will usually come with complete instruction on how to use them. Do follow the instruction to get the most out of your block.

Here’s one that I personally use and like.

These stones are thousands (or possibly millions) of years old, each one is carved out from huge blocks in a factory. They are essentially salt, so they could crumble or break, or even disintegrate. Handle them with care and you could have a great friend for life!


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