Surprising Ways To Use Epsom Salt In Your Garden

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Epsom salt is not only used for aches and pains. Although people usually use Epsom salt in baths to relieve aches and pains due to high magnesium content, it is also a great garden additive that expert gardeners use!

Most commercially-farmed plants are being grown in soil that are severely depleted in magnesium. This is one of the main reasons we as consumers are also deficient in magnesium for eating foods depleted in this mineral that is required for over 300 enzymatic activities in the body.

Epsom salt, when used correctly in your garden, will help produce healthy, bountiful and rich plants due to the rich minerals obtained from the salt.

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How To Use Epsom Salt In Garden

Pre-Planting Plant Preparation:  Stand the root of your new plants in a gallon of water where you have added about half a cup of Epsom salt. During this stage, Epsom salt helps strengthen the roots to withstand the environment, improving the chances of a healthy and green growth.

When Planting Seedlings:  When planting seedlings or new plants, add about 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt with dirt to fill out the hole dug out for your new plant. Epsom salt helps improve chlorophyll production that is beneficial for the plant that helps it to adapt better to its environment.

When Preparing Soil For Planting:  Sprinkle about 1-2 cups of Epsom salt for every 50 square feet of soil. Mix them well into the soil before planting.

During Growing Season:  For every gallon of water, dissolve about half a cup of Epsom salt. Use this magnesium-rich water to water your plants, carefully pour at the base of the plant and allow it to soak into the ground. Repeat throughout the growing season.

Consistently supplying Epsom salt to your plants growth will ensure that they are well-nourished in this very important mineral. Some symptoms of deficiency in plants may be seen in their leaves curling or looking yellow and dull.

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More Reasons To Use Epsom Salt In Your Garden

Here are some surprising reasons why you should use Epsom salt on your plants, according to expert gardeners:


1. Assists The Soil In Absorbing More Key Nutrients

The addition of Epsom salt to the soil helps the plant in absorbing other key nutrients effectively. As plants absorb nutrients more readily, they are able to produce greater yields that are more flavorful. This means a lot of savings on expensive fertilizer.


2. Produces Juicier And Sweeter Fruits

Epsom salt boosts chlorophyll production that in turn provides the plant with more energy. With more energy, plants are able to produce fully nutritious, juicier and sweeter fruits.


3. Prevents Weed And Pests

Epsom salt, although a great additive for plants and beneficial use for human, is an irritant to pests. Sprinkle the salt anywhere you see snails and slugs and they will stay away. Better yet, Epsom salt it not toxic to you nor your plant!

To kill weeds, simply mix: 2 cups of Epsom salt to one gallon of water, 1 cup of vinegar and 1 small capful of liquid dish detergent. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray on to the base of weeds to kill them. Just be careful not to spray this mixture on your plants.


4. Keep Plants Green And Healthy

Just as humans, plants need magnesium for many functions. When plants are deficient, their leaves tend to be lighter green to yellow in color, having a dull appearance. Adding Epsom salt will supply minerals to the plant, enabling it to produce more greener foliage that are healthier and sturdier.

Even the flowers will bloom larger, darker and with deeper, richer colors. They will look more attractive, yet disease-resistant.

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Who knew, that Epsom salt can be so useful in a home garden. Now that you know, start using it and have a beautiful, bountiful, rich harvest this year!



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