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Comparing three quality gear juicers:


in Malaysia
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Alpha Juicer
Green Power
 Kuvings Wide Mouth
Slow Juicer
LinksAlpha JuicerGreen PowerKuvings Wide Mouth
Warranty on motor20 years 3 years10 years with option
to extend to 20 years
Warranty on parts1 year1 year1 year with option
to extend to 5 years
TypeHorizontalHorizontalVertical with
Wide Mouth
Auger/GearSingleTwin Single
RPM~80~160 ~60
Total net weight6.0 kg 6.2 kg 6.4 kg
ColorRed Wine White or Red Red or Silver
Dimensions (L x W x H in mm)407 x 191 x 318 394 x 191 x 312228 x 208 x 448
Parts made of non-toxic
polycarbonate material
Yes Yes Yes
Ease of assembly and clean-up10/10 9/10 10/10
Self-cleaning functionYes YesYes
Self-feeding functionNo No Yes
Low noise operationYes Yes Yes
Low heat and physical shockYes Yes Yes
Number of assembly steps55
Juice yieldHigh Highest High
(except for very fibrous veggies)
Low Low Low
Ejected pulpDryerDriest Dry
Preservation of nutrients and enzymesHigh Highest High
Minimizes pesticides and chemicalsYesYes Not tested
Minimizes heavy metalsNot tested Yes Not tested
Bacterial proliferationLow Low Low
Juices fruitsYes Yes Yes
Juices vegetablesYes Yes Yes
Juices grass (wheat or barley)Yes with little foam Yes, very well Yes
Soy milk makerYes Yes (optional)Yes
Food millYes Yes (optional)Smoothie Maker
GrinderYes Yes (optional) Ice Cream Maker
Juices storage life (in fridge)Up to 48 hours
Up to 72 hoursUp to 48 hours
Pasta maker nozzles3 (optional)No
Magnetic technologyNo Yes No
Far-infrared technologyNo YesNo
Prices including delivery
(Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei)
Elsewhere please enquire
RM2,086 (WM)
RM2,186 (EM)
S$810 (SG) 
RM3,380 (WM)
RM3,430 (EM)
S$1,290 (SG) 
(EM & WM)



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