7 Simple Stretches To Help Beat Sciatica And Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain can make just about any regular activity difficult. Luckily, with the right treatment, back pain is easy to take care of.

A majority of lower back pain actually comes from the hip joint. The hips provide stability, so some of the best ways to deal with lower back pain include simple exercises that involve stretching the hips.

These 7 simple stretches offer the best methods to help you beat sciatica and lower back pain:


1. The High Step

This first stretch will help open up your hips. Place a chair or a high step in front of you.

Place one of your feet on the chair or step. Slowly kneel down, with your other leg.

After kneeling, try to lift your hips and head upwards. As you lift, squeeze the buttock of the leg that you are kneeling on and try not to arch your back.

Repeat this stretch with your other leg.


2. The Cossack

This next stretch is the Cossack, named after the Russian dance.

Stand with your feet apart, about twice the width of your shoulders. Point your toes upward and hold onto a chair—if you need stability.

Perform a lunge, on one side of your body, while keeping your heels pressed to the floor and keeping one leg straight.

Hold the pose for several seconds and then repeat the stretch on the other side.


3. Deep Lunges

Deep lunges are useful for providing more flexibility to your hips. Get into a push-up position and lift one foot off the ground.

Move the foot and place it as close to your hand as possible. Inhale and as you exhale, sink your hips towards the floor. Hold this pose for five seconds and then repeat on your other side.


4. Forward Leg Swings

You can perform this stretch just about anywhere. Stand on one of your legs and hold onto a chair or a table for support. Swing your leg back and forth. Pay attention to the movement, especially as you swing your leg backwards. Try not to arch your back as you perform this stretch. After swinging your leg several times, switch sides.


5. Side Leg Swings

This next simple stretch is similar to the previous stretch. Swing one of your legs across your body. As you swing, kip your toe pointed forward. If you need help with balance, you can hold on to a chair or a table. Perform several swings and then switch legs.


6. Circular Swings

The circular swings are another leg swing that you should consider performing. Stand on one leg and rotate your leg around in circles. Again, you can hold on to a table or chair for support, but you should at least try to do this stretch without any additional support.

Start the stretch with small swings and then slowly build up to larger swings. Swing your leg in a circular motion for sixty seconds before switching to your other leg. You can repeat the process as much as you want.


7. The Dynamic Hip

This simple stretch should help open your hips, strengthen your core, and open up your spine.

Perform the deep lunge, but when placing your foot next to your hand, place the opposite forearm on the floor.

Reach up towards the ceiling with your other arm, opening your upper back. Hold this pose for several seconds and repeat with your other side.


Try using these exercises to get rid of your lower back pain, but start off slowly. Make sure that you understand how to perform the stretch, before you try it. Use a combination of different stretches, to improve the chances of taking care of your back pain.

When performing these stretches, limit yourself to five to seven minutes of stretching; though, you can perform your routine several times per day. Within a day or two, you should be getting some relief from your back pain.




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  1. Helen R. Carter

    My hubby is suffering by sciatica for a long time. Thinking to ask him to try your stretches. Hopefully he will get remedy. Thanks for such an informative post.

  2. Janine Cudney

    With step #7 The Dynamic Hip, it is so difficult for me. But your 7 simple stretches helped me release lower back pain. Now, i try to do it everyday. Thank for sharing useful tips.

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